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12 June 2014


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Sadly watched 5 minutes of Charlie Rose on PBs, first guest up - Richard Haas. Of course now I "know" that Syria is a safe sanctuary for ISIS and the Caliphate is a reality - with tacit Russian backing! Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri? Who's that guy, Richard sure didn't mention him, the Syrian's actually winning that war or any other semblance of reality. Five minutes was all I could take. Charlie has really sold out.



Rose was never anything but a Zionist tool. pl

alba etie

Col Lang
.. repeating old behaviors expecting better outcomes is always the road to insanity , ..

alba etie

correction 'repeating old self deluded & self destructive behavior expecting better outcomes is always the road to insanity "

alba etie

My bet is that the Iranian IC community is already putting together real time target sets - that have already been forwarded to the US military . Iirc the Iranians nearly went to war with al Qaida/Taliban in Afghanistan the year before 911. I also recall seeing MSM reports that the Iranians were providing the US military with actionable intelligence in Afghanistan shortly after 911. Furthermore I remember seeing CNN report one time live from Lop Nor - a USAF C-130 being refueled for further operations in Afghanistan .The PRC lost citizens in the Twin Towers attack too . Everybody it seems wanted UBL 's head . Really tragic & really stupid that we pissed away all that international solidarity & good will by engaging in the Bushcheney's Iraq misadventure .


I think you can look forward a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia (though the Saudis will supply coin/arms and not men).

Anyone listen to Ryan Crocker on Fareed's show this morning? Good grief.

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