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11 June 2014


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What do you think about the content of the video?


Because LBJ's War on Poverty is such a success versus the status quo for 2000 plus years.


Edward Amame

I know you have a tough time with this thought but there are other people who think he is just fine and they are his constituents. pl



He still has to get elected in November. He would have a hard time such an elimination of public education enacted at the federal level. I think he would wind up a one term congressman if he tried.

Larry Kart

"So because Ingraham, Levin, and the rest supported Brat (and because they take money from outside groups) this means...what exactly? How do radio personality bucking the establishment somehow takes away from Brat being a legitimate down from the ground candidate."

It suggests to me that Brat is at once a candidate who legitimately appealed on the issues to enough voters in his district to defeat Cantor and a candidate who was backed by prominent radio personalties who were being bankrolled by FreedomWorks and similar groups because those groups thought that Brat was, or would be, serving their interests. If the interests of the voters of the 7th District and the interests of those groups are more or less identical, no problem -- it was a grass roots victory in which Brat had some significant outside support. OK?


One has to admire the wordsmithing from all sides. It is what leaders do. They take vague words that, if really defined would be meaningless, and bind them together to communicate an idea that otherwise could never be communicated. The wordsmithing makes a "reality" banner that moves whole groups into the struggle, all of the followers thinking they are thinking the same thing. In watching this race, "we need to keep all options on the table" and "we do not rule out anything" so that the Others "can't get a foothold" In the end, such words can cure or kill. It is all interesting to watch the process unfold.


Yep! It is always the myth words that do it.

Myth words are always a form of magical thinking. Modern incantations that create reality in the hearers minds. It is the myth words that formed the connection between Brat and the constituents that brought him to victory. As a result of his oratory, his supporters learned to trust him. No politician ever gets to be elected unless he or she can spin the words. Watch the video. Then, go an watch Bill Clinton. He is the real wordsmith champ of our era.

The turns of phrase are the only tools out there for a politician to use. Nobody ever knows what they really think and less what they will do when elected.

We, as citizens, seem to have a responsibility to be aware of how the game works so that we do not fall for false gods and only follow the genuine ones.


I am not knowledgeable about his politics, but the democratic nominee, Jack Trammell, has an interesting Virginia background and interests---

"His family ancestry dates back to the American colonial period, when Thomas Trammell immigrated to Virginia in 1671, arriving at the port of Alexandria as an indentured servant.[4]

Trammell is a prolific writer, author of more than 20 books, both fact and fiction, including a children's book,[6] in many diverse areas ranging from education to history. He is a Civil War buff, and has written a number of columns on that topic for the Washington Times.[7] His latest book, The Richmond Slave Trade: The Economic Backbone of The Old Dominion, was published in 2012. He is currently the president of the Blue Ridge chapter of the Virginia Writers Club.[1]"



Enforce immigration laws like they do drug laws with mandatory minimums for corporate heads who have knowledge of hiring illegals.


But of course.


The Republicans are trying to push that in order to pretend that Cantor's immigration stance didn't doom him.

I know I sound like a broken record but the willful delusion of the MSM on all fronts is amazing to see. Its Pravda like.

Medicine Man

Yeah, well, it is not surprising that the Washington media are going to find some reason for Cantor's defenestration that doesn't offend orthodoxy in the capital. They're just sick that "one of theirs" got it, when the fact that he is "one of theirs" was a large part of the problem.

Local media probably has a much more accurate take.


How about enforcing them against everyone instead?

Edward Amame

Col Lang

I'm probably not the only one in America having a tough time with that thought.


Why do you ask, did you help write the speech? Too much has been made of the "What's the matter with Kansas?" routine and the fetishization Lakoff and Luntz. Everyone went home after the meeting and talked about the guy for days afterwards. They already knew what Cantor would - or would not - do for them. They had twelve years to figure that out. This isn't some impulse buy of cookies by the cash register after all.



Yes, but what matters is the opinion of the citizens of the 7th District of Virginia, not yours. pl


JC Joan,

It is going to happen a lot quicker than 2030.


If Cantor had spouted 'mythical' bull S*&$ he'd still be in office? I think you underestimate people. What you are trying to describe is not myth, but 'glamour' in the sense that Virginia Postrel writes about. Brat is not precisely a blank slate for people to project their own ideals onto. That was candidate Obama in 2008. Clinton, Cantor and Obama all have a record of performance. Their 'glamour' wore off. Clinton retains some charisma, which is entirely different. Being a slick lawyer Cantor may have had some of the latter, too. But it didn't work to get 35,000 people to vote for him our of more than 500,000 registered voters.

There's still a general election to come. Then there is the fact of being a junior member of congress; which is a different job entirely.


I think the col. described it as the worst aspects Byzantine empire.

The Twisted Genius

Fred and Tyler,

I'm surprised Graham won his primary. He was a coauthor of the "amnesty treason" bill that Cantor was pushing and is a strong advocate for immigration reform wanting amnesty for adults as way as children. Maybe he just wasn't as much of a dick to his district as Cantor was. I think they both deserve to sent packing.

What do you reckon it would take to seal that border? A while back, I suggested a transfer of a good chunk of the DOD to a border guard. Is that what it needs? Would anybody support the creation of another big Federal program?


That's fine as well.

I just think the deterrence effect would be greater by enacting such penalties against corporate heads who hire thousands of illegals, such as in the hotel or construction industries. An individual who hires an illegal gardener should be fined as well.

But I think any effective nationwide ban on hiring illegals depends more on deterrence against large employers rather than individuals.


How about instead we go after everyone instead of riding one particular hobby horse into the sunset of idiocy?

There's a melon farmer out here who hires only illegals. He's no big shot but he's obviously breaking the law. Let's crush him along with all the big meat packers and butcheries. The law is the law, and we're all equal under it or we got more DACA and sanctuary cities nonsense.


He won the primary because he had a $6m war chest and six primary opponents, as well as it was a state wide race. I'm not going to say that some of them were funded specifically to knock down the chance of him facing a runoff, but there were a few (the female officer or something sticks out) who were Christine O'Donnell like in their idiocy. Everyone thought they were the best, ergo none were the best.

What would seal the border? You make the interior as hostile as possible! If you treat the border as a finish line (as it was under that idiot David Aguilar with Gatekeeper and Hold the Line), then once they make it past they know they're home free.

You bring back interior enforcement, workplace raids, you repeal the anti-enforcement provisions of the 1986 Simpson-Mazolli Amnesty (It is ILLEGAL for any immigration agent to enforce immigration law on a farm during picking season!). You enforce the provisions denying illegal aliens federal welfare and aid programs. You hammer sanctuary cities and arrest enablers, you make it so that being an illegal alien is exactly as it should be: being hunted, a fugitive.

You don't need another big Federal program with plenty of GS-12 diversity coordinators, you only need to enforce the laws on the books.



Six primary opponents split up opposing votes.

Sealing the border? Enforce the laws as Tyler says. Then address the failed state of Mexico. (Why the hell are we bailing out Ukraine - it isn't on our border?)Start going after Carlos Slim’s businesses. He is a Mexican national and the richest man on the planet. Surely he’s and they are not as pure as the driven snow. Let him(and other rich Mexican citizens who won’t pay taxes in Mexico) pay the bill for all the social services the US provides to Mexican nationals here illegally.

The Twisted Genius

Tyler and Fred,

I agree that the six primary opponents splitting the vote was key. I'm not so sure on Graham's six million dollar war chest. Cantor had five plus million in his war chest. We have a reporter in our local paper who grew up poor in Culpeper and continues to live there as a farmer. In today's paper he noted that the conservative Republicans he spoke to cited immigration as a key issue in dumping Cantor. His moderate Republican neighbors were just sick of Cantor in general.

Tyler, that bit about it being illegal for any immigration agent to enforce immigration law on a farm during picking season is a shocker. It reinforces my belief that serious enforcement of any immigration laws that would affect the bottom line of "job creators" will not happen any time soon. Any serious Federal attempt to enforce those laws would be spun as an assault on free enterprise and states rights. It will take a seriously anti big business government to make this happen... bring back Teddy Roosevelt.

Even if an interior crackdown on illegal aliens becomes possible, the internment/deportation camps necessary to handle say a million illegals would become a big Federal program.

Addressing the failed states south of our border is a smart approach IMHO. It's a lot smarter than bailing out Ukraine as you said, Fred. It's not just economic migrants moving north now. Things are so bad down there now that a substantial number of the illegal immigrants are bonafide refugees. I don't know what the right combination of carrot and stick would be, but it would be a much better use of our money than the foreign investments we are pissing away our money on now.

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