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11 June 2014


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"His moderate Republican neighbors were just sick of Cantor in general." I believe I said that. pl


A lot of people aren't familiar with the poison pill that was the 1986 amnesty. Its a doozy.

Make OBP an independent organization. Bring back the anti smuggling units and investigatory arm. You don't need camps - bring back field VRs and kick them at the border like it used to be done before "policy directives".



On Cantor, yes people we just sick of him; which is why he couldn't turn out any real support. I doubt that much of that $5MM was spent on 'gotv' but was probably wasted on tv and consultants.

On the failed states south of the border. Yes it is not just economic immigration. I think we could relatively easily affect a positive change by trying to convince those now resident in the US that they need, deserve might be a better word, to take back thier countries and that we would support them. I certainly wouldn't unleash the NED on those countries but I could sure find a few billion out of thier budget that we could reallocate.


The best parts would include effectiveness, cool sounding titles, and a modern Belisarius.

Medicine Man

Interesting WaPo article for you, TTG: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2014/06/13/im-a-democrat-and-i-helped-the-tea-party-unseat-eric-cantor/

Perhaps there is something to the cross-over theory. Cantor certainly had few friends on either side of the aisle.

different clue

Repealing NAFTA and letting Mexico re-protectionize its own agricultural sector so that the millions of peasants driven off their land by NAFTA-sponsored corporate corn dumping could go back and make an agriculture living again in a Mexican market which was recognized as belonging to the Mexican farmer first.

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