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28 June 2014


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Babak and kao_hsien_chih,
I'll get into the role of the European governments in a future post. But I'm not done pondering yet.

Babak Makkinejad

In this interview:


Gelb states that the principal funders of jihadists are allies of the United States: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE - the last one's population went into days of jubilations immediately after 09/11/2001 attacks on US.

Yet, it is the Shia and the Alawite Syria that are now official enemies of US and European Union.

I am sure it makes sense to someone....


I'm with you 100%.

The impromptu nature of Obama's red line threat doesn't excuse it in any sense.

I can see two explanations. First, it was extemporaneous, GWB-like blathering intended to make BO look tough. "Bring 'em on," essentially. His mouth may have been moving faster than what his cerebrum could keep up with and he didn't realize that he was inviting a false-flag attack.

Or . . . the Machiavellian explanation is that he made the threat knowing the insurgents would jack up an attack and blame Assad, and that would be his ticket to take down Assad. A "Remember the Maine!" and Gulf of Tonkin approach.

So it's the ole' 2-option explanation that comes up over and over in politics: dumb as dirt or dishonest as the Devil.

Also agree w/ you on Kerry's attacks on Assad and Kerry's misinformation program. He actually said in public that anyone who didn't agree with his assessment that Ghouta Massacre was a CW attack by Assad "needs to check their moral compass."

It was then I realized the country was probably better off electing Bush in 2004.


'Cuba is a case in point'

Cuba is truly such a clear example of the Dr Strangelove policies of the cold war era.

Nearly 60 years of counterproductive policy does not even serve as proof of the dismal failure that is our stance on Cuba and the Castro Marxist Leninist model imposed on the island nation.

Lobbies are there for a reason...they create conditions for safer investments, and they drift along at a glacially slow pace.
They do not relinquish their stranglehold on policy willingly. To use a quote from another famous lobby, you'll have "to pry it from their cold dead hands"


"If Global warming had a mustache, we'd have conquered it by now"
- somebody semi-famous, a decade ago



I always understood Obama's August 2012 "redline" as a shrewd assurance to the Israel lobby that they would get the war on Syria as they wanted it, and therefore they didn't need to try harder to undercut Obama's reelection bid in 2012. Turkey's government seemed very convinced that Obama would lauch the attack on Syria after his reelection, too. When Obama didn't attack Syria in 2013 after the CW false flag, it looked to me as if the Israel lobby feeled like Obama double-crossed them.

Of course, the Israel lobby is well informed on the technic of false flags. Have a look at WINEP's Patrick Clawson explaining his audience the hard work of crisis initialisation:



I look forward to it. Thanks.

What I'd really like to see is an article on how we get out of this national, political stranglehold. Lol.

Yes, of course, easier said than done.

Thanks again.

Babak Makkinejad


Interesting Interview with UN Envoy to Syria:





"I don’t like much Gvosdev – I think him a highly intelligent man, without much guts and self-respect."

Indeed. I don't recall him participating in the discussions on his blog at all, especially when the topic was how US policy towards Russia was so sterile and uselessly hostile. And even in his present article he takes great pains to treat our Russia-hostile policy as a possibly useful means of obtaining some valuable objective, when in fact Ukraine is such an economic basket case that if the West 'wins' the present tug-of-war, the 'prize' will be either an endless pit for subsidies, or a seething mass of outraged humanity when they discover the true meaning of 'economic reform' 'Aquis Communitaire' and 'IMF conditionality'.

The only way this cannot end is well.


Nice article.
1) This tendency of conflating a country with its leader then demonizing the leader is not a new thing. Hitler, Castro, the Kims etc.
2) This is another example for what passes for political discourse in this country. Our leaders try to reduce things to simple symbols and phrases to get the message across (think "axis of evil" and "death panels"), mistakenly believing the general population cannot evaluate complex ideas
3) The media pushes this mode of thinking (chattering class in DC on talk shows), and all semblance of nuance is lost
4) By and large we don't question our political leadership, or the media
5) Things are worse since we've had 24 hour news, as media outlets need a 'differentiator' which makes them stand out; this has led to an escalation of the most extreme viewpoints

Sic transit gloria...



Excellent post.

The US foreign policy is going gay. The taxpayers will be spreading 11 million dollars around the world to promote pro-LGBT rights. The money will fund NGOs and LGBT activists in various countries to enlighten their peoples' and leaders' prejudicial religious beliefs into the twenty-first century. USAID will fund LGBT start-ups and ICE will include sexual discrimination in deciding refugee status. Pussy Riot will make great American citizens.

Obama isn't content to socially engineer only American citizens but change the rest of the world into a liberal utopia. He won't stop until we see Putin riding shirtless in a Moscow Gay Pride Parade. What's to come of this? economic sanctions and military invasions of LGBT unfriendly regimes? This is the outer fringes of liberal imperialism and there is no way it will stop here.

A gay female activist in a middle east country said the US pushing this agenda in her country would make her life more dangerous because of the ultimate push back. She wants us to leave her alone so she can work for her rights at her own pace. The liberal imperialists and neocons create only chaos and suffering to the people they say they are trying to help because they both see people only as abstract prisoners of unevolved ideologies.




".... leave her alone so she can work for her rights at her own pace."

Why that is the reason we can't possibly stop, she and her countryman might make up their own minds on what kind of society they are going to have.

Quoting your linked article "“I don’t care what your culture is,” Biden told about 100 guests at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential mansion."

I can hear the response now, but Joe, don't blame us "we were born this way".



Yeah, that guy Clawson is right as far as US history up to about 1980 or so. The meme that America only attacks those who attack her went on the shelf permanently beginning with the Reagan/Bush unprovoked attacks on Granada and Panama. Nobody in America much noticed or cared, so Bush saw that as a green light to attack Saddam in '91. I think is was Rumsfeld who said that b/c nobody complained over that action, the door was wide open for the 2003 invasion.

IOW, America's elected representatives are, first idiots, second on the take from the war industry, and third bought and paid for by Israel. Ultimately, its the US Constitution that is the problem.

So Clawson's point that Americans need to be attacked before they let their country attack others is outdated. Americans bought into the Israeli position that all that is needed to justify an attack is some idiot politician or influential neocon arguing that it is in the best interests of the country to attack. Screw the Geneva Accords.

I think this is sort of a backdoor agreement with your point re: GoI. Dissect them carefully and I think one would have to conclude that all of the worst military adventures of the USG in the last 60 years have benefited GoI. I don't think that's a coincidence.



The Revolutionary War soldiers fought for the right to self-govern. Today, we deny that right to countries we deem undemocratic' Our government's drive for global dominance has weakened us economically and socially, and will eventually shatter us into small pieces.

How do you stop a speeding freight train from plowing off the end of the track when the crew doesn't see the red signal? Our leaders are color blind.


I don't think there is any particular foreign policy interest in gay issues other than as a tool--gaywashing is the term--for enlisting liberal domestic US support for foreign policy.

As long as Putin is characterized as anti-gay, then he's a bad guy deserving of scorn. The same mentality is used to justify our presence in Afghanistan--we fight there so young girls can go to school.

Israel uses that sort of p.r. all the time vis a vis the Palestinians.



I think it is also for domestic consumption. I've noticed an increase on the radio of US gay activists railing against overseas anti-gay thought crimes, mostly against Russia. With their successes in the US, gay activists have expanded into nationalist. If this movement follows the usual program, gay activists will demonstrate in their countries, have their heads bashed and we will use that as an excuse seek regime change. R2P.

Dr. Bischara EGAL

confusedpndere congratulation for the excellent and timely article on us foreign policy credo cum- "regime chnage" .
here in in the horn of africa and somalia, sudan, eriteria in particularly we are suffering from the after facts of what retired gen. w. clark said " the planing and coordination of regime changes on 7 (islamic) countries in 5 yrs by the zionist , fascist , racist neocons in america"
since the us "humanitarian intervention" by the name "restore hope" 1991- 2012 we have 1600 american/british/australian/french black water 7 other private mercis in somalia . the balcanization and disintegration of somalia as a nation-state just what obaama is planned for iraq, iran, lebano9n, libya, sudan,syria, and massive "democracy" budget via u said, ned, soros foundations looting, pi lagging, and expropriation of all somali state assets build since the african and scientific socialism in the early '70s.
i think it is time the the rest of the free world fight against these warmongering, arsonist, regime changers in washington,usa.

Edit: Converted to lower case.

alba etie

Mr Habakkuk
Exhibit former PM Tony Blair , and still active neo con mouthpiece,

David Habakkuk

Alba Etie,

On Blair, I have just had an e-mail from a very old friend which commented on his recent statements about Iraq, and concluded:

“And it is good, too, to be reminded that Blair was indeed even worse than Mr Cameron rather as Jimmy Saville seems to have been worse than Mr Harris.”

Saville and Rolf Harris were ‘cuddly’ television presenters. It emerged only recently that both were paedophiles. Saville had had a decades long career of abusing minors, which was only discovered after his death. Harris has just been convicted, and is awaiting sentence.

I would not say Blair is ‘cuddly.’ But I do think that with him, as with many others – including both Obama and ‘Amazons’ like Samantha Power – a rigid division of the world into the forces of good and the forces of evil allows them to give some of the more unpleasant human impulses free rein, without acknowledging to themselves that they are doing so.

When Obama suggested that Americans were ‘exceptional’, because he was prepared to destroy the Assad regime in response to what always looked like a ‘false flag’ operation, blithely ignoring the dangers of empowering the likes of ISIS, this did, I think, suggest that he may be fundamentally depraved: as I think Blair clearly is.

This is not a ‘party political’ issue, either in your country or in mine.

Charles Dekle

Thank you for an insightful post. As I have admitted before, this is not my field but I learn much here.

Our congressional confederacy of dunces is not unique nor are they the first. Charles Babbage had his own challenges with the English Parliament in the mid 19th century:

“On two occasions I have been asked,\\\"Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?\\\" In one case a member of the Upper, and in the other a member of the Lower, House put this question. I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.”
Charles Babbage


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