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23 June 2014


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http://www.rferl.org/content/iraqs-kurdish-leader-says-its-time-for-self-determination/25432870.html Kurds think the time for self determination is now.



Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Here we go, Tyler's original post:

"Mr. Ali,

For what its worth, my opinion has been that this is largely an alliance of convenience, with ISIS routed in Syria and needing a somewhere to operate. The Baathist Army (for lack of a better term) doesn't have to worry about guarding its rear and gets a meat shield for the actually trained troops.

Iraq is relatively modern in the cities, even after years of war and sanctions. Afghanistan was like the moon compared to it. Let the ISIS types alienate the population via beard measuring and executions over discrepancies over verses in the Koran. When the Baathists deal with Maliki they will be welcomed with open arms by the populace if they turn on ISIS, and likely acknowledged by the rest of the ME as "people we can work with" versus insane Salafist cannibals."

I think that meat shield is a clever play of words with heat shield but both do protect important things and more importantly, people, in this case, the Ba'athists by allowing the ISIS nuts to get themselves killed in their fanaticism instead of the Ba'athists. They would be able to inherent the success achieved while getting rid of a dangerous rival.

This is a damn good construct that Tyler has come up with; I catch his drift completely.

Lord Curzon

ISIS' next targets would appear to be Balad and Taji airbases...

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