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04 June 2014


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Example? Headlines like these: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101727475

President Obama apparently enjoys telling Iran how much oil they should be exporting.

Paging Icarus.


oofda: You might want to read Rashid Khalidi's book, "Brokers of Deceit."


Some are suspicious that we might be behind another slap in the face/wallet from Angela Merkel:

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was surprised last week when he received a private letter from German Chancellor Angele Merkel. In her letter she explained that despite an earlier agreement, her country was going to charge Israel full price for battleships being constructed for the Israel Navy.

According to Maariv correspondent Ben Caspit, Israel believes the US may be behind the action, persuading Germany to punish Israel for the breakdown in talks with the PA (Palestinian Authority).

The letter arrived in Jerusalem on Israel’s 66th Independence Day, referring to three special ships being constructed to permit the Israel Navy to protect three gas rigs in what is being referred to as the “economic waters” in the Mediterranean. The report adds that the same vessels can be manufactured in other countries too, including S. Korea, Italy and the United States."


Patrick D


I don't think the way you use the term "moral courage" jives with its meaning.


Based on the meaning above, we've had way too much of it in the White House and, therefore, as you say, "We be broke."

What kind of "morally courageous" calculations do you think were involved in the apparent long-standing expectation (likely pre-Bush II) that Russia would just shrug as the U.S. destabilized a country that is not only a neighbor but also home to the its Black Sea fleet?


Barry Oshry cites a new emotion called "righteously screwed", a more fine-tuned version of resentment, which drives most conflicts and court cases. Righteously screwed people do not back down, because they firmly believe God and justice are on their side. Victimization gives license for unlimited cruelty, cf. Israel. Holy revenge without end. When both sides feel righteously screwed, only meta-communication and transcendence can prevent pending conflict. "Righteously screwed" is so basic in primates that pre-verbal monkeys feel this emotion.


Patrick D

Left over from my old days, I do happen to know a couple of people very highly placed in the Obama government.

From what I am told, POTUS didn't make any calculations one way or the other(moral or otherwise),regarding the spookies destabilization operations in the Ukraine. He is basically sleep walking and golfing through his second term, and is quite content to let the inmates run the asylum.

The next 30 months will be some of the most perilous in all of our lifetimes. Essentially,in a crunch,there is nobody at the helm. And Putin and the Chinese are fully aware that is the case.


Ah, wonderful. I have always disliked that, while we shrink our own Navy, pay for Israel's ships.

As for the report, it's quite inaccurate and poorly written. This is not about battleships, but warships, frigates. Background:

"Future Option: Germany, Overall?

In February 2009, Israel switched its interest to ThyssenKrupp Marine Systsems’ MEKO family, which comes in sizes ranging from A100 corvettes to full-size A200 frigates. MEKOs are customized to their destination country, so a German K130 Braunschweig Class is very different than Malaysia’s Kedah Class, even though both begin with the A100 base. As part of that customization, the radar would have been IAI’s Elta’s EL/M-2248 MF-STAR, and many of the other technologies requested for the LCS-I would have applied as well.

Reports are split between a buy of 4 A100 base corvettes to put more ships on station, vs. a purchase of 2 high-end frigates that would be able to focus on advanced anti-submarine and wide-area anti-air warfare.

There was even some talk of making Israel the launch customer for the MEKO CSL external link, which would have given Israel some of the modularity found in the USA’s LCS class. The Meko CSL is only slightly smaller than the American LCS Freedom Class, at 108m/ 354 ft. long, with a beam of 21 meters and full-load displacement of 2,750 tonnes. Propulsion is by a combined diesel-and-gas (CODAG) water-jet system that cruises at 15 knots and reaches 40. Cruising speed range at would be about is 3,500 nautical miles, with 21 days endurance. The MEKO CSL variant adds improved stealth shapes and measures refined on Sweden’s Visby Class corvettes, and has several modular sections for faster swap-outs. An Israeli MEKO CSL would also contain a lot of local content, including IAI Elta’s MF-STAR, the new Barak-8 medium range air defense missile, and Israeli electronic countermeasures systems, among others. The CSL also has a rear mission bay, and could serve as a hub for Israel’s advanced UAVs and robotic naval USV/UUVs.

German negotiations stalled after Germany agreed to provide subsidies for more Dolphin Class submarines, but not for frigates. 2013 Reports indicate that negotiations have resumed."


Does seem to me that all that changed is that Merkel's letter dispelled Israeli delusions of getting yet another ship subsidised, reiterating the old position that that would not happen. Antisemitism, obviously.

And 'the same vessels' can clearly not be 'manufactured in other countries too, including S. Korea, Italy and the United States'. Yes, Israel could go there, but it would get different vessels at a higher price.

The MEKO designs sell well for a reason. What these countries can build is vessels of a similar size, role and class, but certainly not these ships, in particular not something like the MEKO CSL (think a cheaper LCS with a bigger punch and completely modular equipment and armament).

And, on a related note, the IDF apparently just got the Small Diameter Bomb operational.

"The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) is a 110-kilogram (250 lb) precision-guided glide bomb that is intended to provide aircraft with the ability to carry a higher number of bombs. Most US Air Force aircraft will be able to carry (using the BRU-61/A rack) a pack of four SDBs in place of a single 907 kilograms (2,000 lb) bomb."

So they announced that 'Israeli airforce capabilities just increaded 400%'.



Babak Makkinejad

Look, if Iran can withstand US sanctions so can EU.



So Germany is getting tired of subsidizing the navy of a country whose foreign policy isn't in Germany's national interst? Good for Ms. Merkel.They can sell all that palestinean natural gas and pay for the navy to protect those platforms from whomever. Not that 3 frigates and 3 submarines will actually acomplish that mission.


"So Germany is getting tired of subsidizing the navy of a country whose foreign policy isn't in Germany's national interst"

One hopes.

Lick Wilmerding

Zionists are a cancer and Israel is doomed. Doomed by their own hate and Aprtheid policies.


CP. Yes, that Yeshiva World article is fairly lousy on technical details but it was meant to be political whining and as such, the details are irrelevant.

This is such a sensitive subject between the parties; was there any information in the German press about this "breach"?

I am curious if the Israelis had been aiming to acquire the Meko CSL model rather than the Meko A-100. The former platform would appear (to my inexperienced eyes) to be more suitable for offensive actions than required for the expressed mission of protecting the off shore oil rigs.

As to your Ynet linked article about the IAF's current abilities to destroy Hezbollah, it appears to be a bit of an increased tempo of psyops proclamations of Israeli superiority over their most formidable adversary. Another aspect to that article is the repetition of their mantra about unavoidable killing of Lebanese civilians. Today's issue of Ynet has another bit about UAVs acting as "scouts" for IDF ground forces.There was another recent publication of a dire warning that HA may be planning to invade Israel at some point in the future.

Obviously, these articles are officially sanctioned by the GOI. I would hope that the uptick in the public demonstrations of Israeli bravado is not indicative of laying the ground for a "preemptive" Israeli attack on Lebanon. As well they should be, the Israelis are worried about the vastly improved capabilities of HA operating in conjunction with the SAA.

alba etie

You forget perhaps that its deep in the Russian DNA not to let the Near Abroad fall into the wrong hands - in this case the neo fascist in Kiev . I actually think that Putin has been pretty restrained when it comes to the Nuland agitators trying to stir up a sh--t storm in Crimea and Ukraine .( Many here at SST in the early days of this latest Ukraine crisis thought we would see the Russian Army roll right up to the Polish border ) Please define moral courage and which POTUS in your opinion best exemplifies the moral courage you speak of ..


re: the CSL
The A-100 would be more economical, and since it is modular, the Izzies could have put on it whatever they please (a chopper, 7,6 or 12,7cm guns, SSM, Barak, Israeli radar and whatnot). But that would be a vessel very well suited for a patrol role. The MEKO technlogy is proven and flexible.

The CSL on the other hand is an equally modular offensive weapon platform far more potent than the A-100 and anything Israel got so far. The Izzies, aggressive buggers that they are, probably prefer the latter.

I think the main point is that the Izzies wanted it also because of it being subsidised, which significantly sweetens the deal.

It's like the US giving money to other countries with the condition that they spend it on US manufactured arms. The idea in this deal was to give money to Israel, and in doing so improve German-Israeli relations while subsidiszing German shipyards. Poiont is, that it is still German taxpayer money.

The CSL is also is attractive insofar as for instance the US LCS doesn't carry enough arms for Israeli tastes who. Because of favourable Mediterranian weather conditions, the Izzies can afford to pretty much overload their vessels with arms. If you put a Israeli fast attack boat in the north sea in winter it would probably have a very rough ride.

The American LCS(es) (median for both classes ~120m/2600t)) would come subsidiesed also, but for a Patrol vessel it is over sized and for a frigate (it would be called a frigate in any other navy - the old Perry class was about just as large - 136m/4100t) it is undergunned.

The Bahrainis have in their Baynunah class a corvette that packs a heavier punch than the LCS at a third of its displacement. Interesting vessel by the way.




re: "400% increase"
"As to your Ynet linked article about the IAF's current abilities to destroy Hezbollah, it appears to be a bit of an increased tempo of psyops proclamations of Israeli superiority over their most formidable adversary"

Obviously it is propaganda, and crude propaganda at that. With the capability to target so many targets in one go the Izzies will do just that and go down their prepared target lists, just because they can.

It is hardly so that in the past the Izzies have had trouble because there so many targets they didn't get to bomb because they couldn't generate enough sorties. What this will do is that Israel will have a greater initial impact against preregistered targets.

It's like the allied forces in WW-II bombing so far untouched (because of lack of any military value?) cities in late 44 largely because they had to keep the bomber force busy and had run out of juicier targets.

An ill omen for Lebanon, where the Izzies will again go on and target the civilian infrastructure as a collectuve punitive measure.


Alba etie,

I am sorry, I didn't see this before. One of my business enterprises involves catering to the very rich, and occurs mostly on the weekends.

I agree with your assessment of Mr Putin actions in the Ukraine. He has shown remarkable restraint in the face or our corporate MSM and political elites saying some quite insulting and demeaning things about him. I personally don't think it is a good idea to pee on the foot of a man controlling several thousand nuclear warheads.

Perhaps I should have been using the term MORAL WILL. Which I define as having the certainty of the rightness and necessity of your cause. Which in turn gives you the internal energy and drive to successfully execute a plan of action to accomplish the goal you have set.

Two examples of Presidents in my lifetime with moral will are Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan .

alba etie

I too work weekends in my passenger van service - when its busy days do run together . I would agree with you that moral will is a better metric for good leadership . What would you think of Senator /Former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb running for President 2016 ? Its my hope that he does run , and I wish to believe he would have the moral will we both admire in leadership .


Former senator Webb would make a superb reformist President of the United States.

It isn't going to happen in my opinion for several reasons.( And I do have direct experience in several presidential campaigns )

1. Mr Webb appears to be a reasonably sane man, who doesn't have the abnormal personality needs of most candidates for the presidency.

2. The game is now more or less rigged, and the corporatist powers, who control the presidential process,and the country, would be terrified of a Webb candidacy much less presidency.

3. He would have to run as a democrat, and the left of center controls that party. They would never,ever,ever, accept a former Marine war veteran, and GOP Secretary of the Navy as their standard bearer.

4. He is essentially a white Southern male, demographically and politically speaking they are dead men walking in presidential races.

5. Mr Webb probably knows all of this better than I do.

Sorry, I wish I thought,he has a chance.


I have read your post. I must say that everyone have own opinion about this Israel and Zionists problem. But it was very interesting to read your article. I get to see more informative posts from you in future as well. Please keep me updated!

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