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22 May 2014


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Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Brad Sherman have introduced bills allowing Israelis to come into America without a passport check.

This is misguided for three reasons:

1. The powers-that-be in Israel have a habit of using assassination and terrorism as a means of forwarding statecraft. From Yitzhak Rabin to the JDL, the Jewish Underground, thousands of civilians killed by drone strikes and WMD in Operation Cast Lead, as well as scientists assassinated in Iran, a few extreme Israelis maintain the right to kill people whom they feel are inconvenient. With an entire population trained to use guns, including long-distance sniper fire, this is a problem.
Unlimited travel would raise probabilities for Israeli extremist-group terrorism and assassination in America.

2. Israel has a history of egregious spying on America, stealing industrial and nuclear secrets. Eg:
Unlimited travel would encourage the growth of sleeper cells and further targeting of American concerns.

3. Israel mafia figures have owned most of the Ecstasy market in the United States,
using elderly Israelis and religious students as mules to get drugs into the country.
(Ecstasy kills abusers by raising body temperature above 106, literally cooking their brains.)
Unlimited travel would promote such trade.
Ironically, Brad Sherman's San Fernando Valley would end up suffering substantially from such a mistake.

Please call your Congressman and tell them that allowing unlimited travel for Israelis would help promote assassination, spying, and drug running in America.

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