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09 May 2014


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Fascinating. Much more convoluted and delicate a circumstance there than I had contemplated.

A while back, I had a client who had been posted to rural Yemen, when he was in the Peace Corps. He had some interesting, simple stories of his time in a little village there, but no larger insights to share besides his presentation dagger.


The rebels do their bit to ensure their defeat. It's not just the combat losses but probably more important the need for extra garrisons to keep an eye on each other. Reducing the effective manpower facing the Syrian army.




It will not be surprising that Jube is my favorite WBS gent. He gets a big run from me in DPH. He liked to call the "Laurel Brigade" cavalry a "running vine." pl


I'll have to read a bit more about him then. I'll see if I can't take along a good bio on my next trip to the valley.



You will have a hard find finding anything fair about Early. In the intra-Confederate "war," Early was the leader of the Lee bloc. The Longstreet people hated him . Shaara was among them. His depiction of Early on the 1st day at Gettysburg is wrong. In fact, Early had arrived late on the battlefield and immediately counseled Ewell to attack and take Cemetery Hill. He would not and Lee arrived at the 2nd corps CP just after that. pl



The various depictions of the actions taken on the first day of Gettysburg always seemed out of character for many of the main leaders present that day. It seems the further removed one is the more superficial the treatment. On my last visit there I had the pleasure, while having lunch in a local restaurant, of listening to a professor at Gettysburg College tell the very superficial version - 'the North was opposed to slavery and all the Southerners supported it' to a couple of enraptured British tourists. I think they heard me laughing as they quickly moved on to talking about wineries and organic farming. The best part was that the coffee and meal were both excellent.

Would you have a recommendation?



I have never found anywhere to eat in Gettysburg that was worth the trouble and in any event I do not want to put money in the pockets of the local vultures. I try to go up there on a market day at the Farmer's Market in Carlisle (40 miles away). I buy "Hoagies" from the Mennonite farmers in the market house and sit out in the woods at Gettysburg to eat. pl


"the local vultures" That, sadly, is the feeling I had for most of the places in town. While I was born there my years living elsewhere make living there an impossibility. There seems to be a callousness there now that is deeper and harsher than what one often finds in touristy places. I've had the same feeling in other parts of Pennsylvania and New York state too.

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