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15 May 2014


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Think the VA is a gold standard of medical care?
You'll love Obamacare.
Medicine from the DMV.



" I guess someone saved themselves a few bucks."

Exactly. As the host said "Like many routinized Washington bureacracies it is inhabited by minimally qualified people who hide behind rules and regulations to avoid as much work as possible."

I'm glad you found the right group of people who'll actually help. BTW you know where to find me if you need any other help.


I understand the quality of VA hospitals tends to vary widely around the country. Which is true of private hospitals as well, who are also subject to scandals of this kind. Still, a horrible story.

My father uses the two VA hospitals in our area. Both nice clean hospitals with good service. Dad is fortunate to have in addition Medicare and some private insurance, but the VA hospitals have saved him a lot of money on his prescriptions, preventive care, and hearing aids. I can't address how they treat veterans of our latest wars, which of course is a completely different matter.

Finley Schaef

Dear No one: I'm very sorry about the treatment your son has received. I hope you succeed i getting better care for him. I am also curious why you want to avoid the ACA.


Of course. And likewise. Thank you, Fred.

William R. Cumming

PL! Agree with this comment! Also believe the WWI "bonus" marchers chased with sabers off the mall by General McCarthur leading the way were actually veterans owed small stipends for service during WWI that were reduced or eliminated to lower federal expenditures in the Depression.

I once lectured a room full of active duty field-grade officers on how they might end up in a VA hospital. Several came up to me afterwards stating they wished that information provided previously to them before planning to career.

no one

Finley, Thanks for the kind words.

I am loath to utilize the ACA as a matter of morality. I am adverse to accepting welfare and I am definitely opposed to stealing. Signing up for the ACA when I know there's going to be claims well in excess of the premium I'm paying would be like stealing from some private insurance company; analogous to this - you call your home owner's insurance company and purchase a flood rider after your house is floating down the river. That's not insurance, it's theft.

Going the Medicaid route is a poor option b/c it won't cover the amount or type of services needed in this case (aside from the welfare aspect).

On principle, the DoD should be responsible.



"I once lectured a room full of active duty field-grade officers on how they might end up in a VA hospital." Were these people likely to leave active duty before retirement? That's the only way I can imagine that. My dad who was a 34 year's service retired USAR officer was cared for in his last illness as an inpatient in the base hospital at Vandenberg AFB. I could be similarly treated in any military hspital or now in a civilian hospital under Tricare and Medicare. pl


no one

I will say again that IMO your son should have been medically retired. pl

no one

PL, I read you loud and clear. The medical status was what I believed to be correct from even before his DC and I wanted him to get JAG involved. He was too spaced out to follow through. At any rate, I appreciate and respect your opinion. I am amending my correspondence to my Congressional rep to be focused on a revision of DC status to medically retired. I believe we have sufficient supporting evidence to justify this request. Thank you, again.

What's sad is that there are many who have received the same treatment as of late.

The Twisted Genius

no one,

In addition to your Congressman, remember that your Senators may also be of assistance. Of those three, you should be able to find at least one honorable man or woman who will go to the barricades with you for your son.

One of my men suffered permanent eye injuries when his M-60 blew up during a live fire exercise on the Big Island of Hawaii. I went with him to one of his appointments at Tripler AMC to personally get his doctor's assessment before pushing for a medical discharge. I eventually supported his writing his Congressman and caught holy hell for my efforts, but suffered absolutely no retribution or punishment. The Army was different back then. My machine gunner got his medical retirement largely due to that letter to his Congressman.

I wish you well in your efforts to get your son what he deserves. Don't ever give up.

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