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23 May 2014


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Nobody uses words like "redneck," "cracker, or "jethro" around me unless he wants a fight or is one himself. pl


BURDEN MY BUTT! Since when did speaking hard truth become a burden?

TODAY...the supreme Ayatollah of Iran (excuse me but isn't that a major ISLAMIC NATION of 80 million or so? Where just last week the government publicly beat the hell out of a group of women for the sin of "ACTING MODERN")"Oh well, they are Muslims, and they shouldn't be held accountable. We are only going to hold the mean old Israelis "Jew boys" accountable".

But I digress, the Supreme Ayatollah announced ,"the Jihad against America will continue until America is no more". He went on to say "jihad and battle is endless".

Excuse me Colonel, but isn't that the same UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you spent your entire career honorably defending? Does his statement not somehow bother you? Just a little teenie weenie bit?

Jihad is war on about 95% of you folks reading this. And smugly thinking about,"what an awful fellow old Highlander is for saying such harsh things,about a religion of peace and love like Islam". I bet,if I said the same words about Christianity, approximately 75% of you would be cheering me on,and applauding my lucid thoughts.

Christianity is the main cultural bedrock of what remains of western civilization, that is includes most of you reading this. Many of you not only reject Christianity, but you pagan bastards would like to help destroy it. And that is a major indicator,the Ayatollah isn't going to have to wait too terribly long for his American Jihad to come to a successful conclusion.

I guess you Dhimmis will be breaking out the champagne, when the Ayatollah sends over his replacement for "Hope and Change", Barack Hussien Obama.

OOPISIE!! I forgot your new Muslim masters won't allow you bitches to do any drinking of alcohol.

Yes Colonel, I know,I am BANNED! And you are the only one who will read this post. That's okay too.

Hell,I didn't even get into the 200 or so Nigerian teenage girls, those wonderful Islamic freedom fighters just sold into sexual slavery. But after all,the victims were only females, and what's the matter with a little mass misogyny, when the Islamic boys are feeling a little frisky?



I haven't banned you. I banned the "word," "pali" because I don't like it. pl


Yea, that must be why every southern city and town has about 10 streets named with some form of Dr king's name, and more or less zero towns have an Ella Baker street.

The Twisted Genius


Pagan bastards! Bitches! Is this what you really think of us or was this just a fit of irrational histrionics? This is way past the quaint behavior of a cantankerous curmudgeon. I expect an explanation and an apology.

Charile Wilson

Highlander, your biggest sin may be that you are an idiot. Alas it may not be entirely your fault as it is likely due in large part to genetic inferiority and for that I feel truly sad for you.


Well Charlie, You brute, how could you be such a meanie?


Real-life Red Rascal war-porn fiction writer and self-declared CIA agent "Reza Kahlili" has released a news article that the Ayatollah Khamenei has declared jihad on America. The tsunami is washing over the front pages as we speak.

"Kahlili" loves drama; he appears in public wearing wraparound shades, baseball cap, and surgical mask, with an electronic voice distorter, and bodyguards, in order to "avoid assassination attempts". He has been widely discredited when he reported news of a massive explosion in Iran's Fordow reactor a year ago, and both the United States and Iran took the unusual steps of denouncing the "news".
His last book rolled out at the AIPAC convention, where he's a favorite speaker.

"Kahlili" is published by Mary Matalin / Threshold Editions, who also handles Dick Cheney and Glen Beck.

Ayatollah Khamenei's official website so far does not say anything about declaring jihad on America, nor declaring nuclear negotiators as traitors.

David Habakkuk

Imagine, Highlander, All,

According to the ‘Mail Online', one of the outlets to recycle the report:

‘The Daily Caller’s translation of a Fars News Agency report is by a reporter pseudonymously bylined Reza Khalili, who claims to be a former CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guard.’

(See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2639812/Jihad-end-society-rid-America-Irans-supreme-leader-Ayatollah-Khamenei-chilling-threat-U-S.html .)

I checked with the English language version of the Fars New Agency, whose translation is as follows:

‘Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated the necessity for continued resistance and fighting against the arrogant powers, and said, “The emphasis placed on continued struggling is not because of the Islamic Republic's warmongering, but because when anyone wants to go through an area where there are too many pirates, he is required by common sense and wisdom to equip himself and find the ability and motivation to defend himself.”

‘He warned that the today world is full of looters who have equipped themselves with scientific and financial resources and power and are very easily committing crimes under some seemingly humanitarian causes, and said that under such conditions, there is no other way but non-stop fighting.

‘Ayatollah Khamenei said struggling will end when the human community can get rid of the world arrogance, headed by the US.’

(See http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13930304001106 .)

Perhaps someone who knows Iranian can identify the original text of the speech, and clarify the question of which translation is the more accurate.



You are quite correct, and I do apologize to one and all for my use of bastards and bitches.

My instincts for pugilistic behavior is a life long Celtic cross to bear.

I actually hold you,the Colonel's merry band of correspondents in high regard. You are as a group, highly intelligent, highly educated, highly experienced in life, and in general a highly decent group of well meaning people.

I spent 10 years as a Marine officer, that was at times,a quite severe, no nonsense, even sometimes brutal environment. Occasionally, I slip up and forget, the civilian world does not understand or appreciate such things,and nor should you have to.

In addition to actually living through Dr Kings, non violent political revolution, I spent a couple of semesters at major universities studying the dynamics on non violent revolutionary political activity. Then,I went to South Africa and watched it work there. Over several glasses of wine with a guy named Andrew Young (one of Dr Kings young officers, and his political heir, and a UN ambassador done in by the Jewish lobby), we discussed this exact topic. He agrees with the Colonel and me, non violent political action is the only practical option the PALESTINIANS have.

I believe,if you analyze the essence of what I have said here. It is the PALESTINIANS have tried major violence multiple times against the Israelis, and have been decisively defeated each and every time.

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. I called the PALESTINIANS terminally stupid for doing exactly that. I could have just as easily called them terminally insane for doing it. I also pointed to the dynamics of Islam and its proclivity for violent jihad,as a possible limiting factor on the PALESTINIAN psyche,and their ability to use non violence as a tactic.

That to me sounds like a pretty rational counter point argument. It has been awhile,since I was on and actual debate team, but I believe point counterpoint is what debate is all about, and not just echoing one another.

Best Regards Gentlemen, and once again my apologies

The Twisted Genius


Apology gladly accepted. That was a class answer. I've lived with Marines all my life. My father is a former Marine. In the 25th Division, we always aggressed against each other. It made exercises more interesting with the occasional real hand to hand combat... especially with my platoon usually tasked with the DLIC mission. We also did a lot of amphibious exercises together in Hawaii and in the Philippines. And I always had a lot Marines go through my RECONDO School. I understand Marines about as well as any non-Marine can.

I agree with your point about nonviolent political action being the only viable action left for the Palestinians. I'd like to see an aggressive, well thought out info ops/publicity campaign as part of any Palestinian political action. You're right. Continued violent struggle against the Israelis is not a effective option. I knew a very talented Palestinian hacker that once wonder whether he should join in the armed struggle. All his friends advised him not to do it. He would just end up with two broken legs and a bullet in his chest. They advised him to stay alive and use his IT talents to help build a future Palestinian society. His friends were right.

The Lithuanians were in a similar situation fighting the Soviet NKVD divisions after WWII. They decided to demobilize the Lithuanian Freedom Army in the 50's before they all ended up dead or in Siberia. They continued a nonviolent struggle to preserve their society and it eventually worked out for them.

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