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21 May 2014


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b I'll have start addressing you as oberleutnant b. I am not a pacifist but am generally not in favor of interfering in other people's countries unless they severely provoke us. I would consider the murder of a serving ambassador (no matter what you think of him) would be sufficient cause for a sizeable expedition to occupy the Benghazi area while apprehending/killing the jihadis. BHD is not an apt analogy. TF Ranger was a small force, poorly employed against much of the population of the city in an area solidly loyal to Farah Aideed. In another part of the city was a brigade of the 10th Mountain Division that was assigned to UN duties. That brigade was never committed during the action to support of TF Ranger. Idiocy! I am saying that what should have happened in Benghazi was a JTF run by 18th Airborne Corps, 15 or 20 thousand soldiers, and appropriate air and intelligence components cleaning up the jihadis over a period of several months. The CIA could have collected all the guns they wanted in that period. If you think the citizenry of Benghazi would have been solidly against that, I think you are wrong. In any event the WH did nothing on that fateful day to enable any sizable effort. pl


Well said "b" -- including especially point one. Heard this from inside sources soon thereafter, to whom I asked, "please tell us there was real intel to back up the claim the President made on TV, about an impending genocide." The person responded, point blank, "There was none -- and I wrote memos at the time arguing that we shouldn't use that justification for intervention." He was... ignored. The President and those neocons (in both parties) pushing for the intervention got away with it at the time because it was presumed that well, "of course, Q is capable" of such dastardly doing.


A failure of security policy would be Frankfurt Airport in March 2011, but no one talks of that, only Benghazi 6 months later. 2 Airmen killed by a jihadi. Benghazi is selective outrage, but COL Lang's point about WH paralysis is true.



Whichever Will you are, pls start using only one address here. "Well said "b" -- including especially point one" Well, well, if this means that you were willing to leave Qathafi in place because he kept the jihadi crazies down, then tell us if you felt the same way about Mubarak, Saddam, the Assads, Salih, the Tunisians, etc. I did. I just happen to have a particular "thing" for Qathafi. Libya will sort itself out and is doing so. Are you going to back the retired general who is intent on killing jihadis? I will. pl



Everyone in the defense of Germany against GSFG was expected to die in a few days in the event of Soviet attack. Brits, Amis, you Germans, the French, the Dutch and Belgians, everyone. After that the expectation was that the war would go nuclear. A terrible prospect but your worst personal problem was a bad schnitzel in the local gasthaus. BTW were you anywhere near Selb? pl


For me, this is just another reason to hate the US Republican party forever. As Allen Thompson & oofda have observed above, that was not really a "Consulate" (where tourists go to resolve bureaucratic snafus) but a CIA Base. Scoring political points off this falls somewhere between stupid & treasonous.

There is good reason to find & fix the inter-departmental communication failures, but that's NOT what the House Committee is going to do. This is a pure witchhunt - with Hillary Clinton cast as the Witch.

BTW, I'm not a fan of HC. She voted for the invasion of Iraq, so I'll never vote for her.

Seems a shame that Pelosi appointed serious Democrats to the committee. It would have been much more fun to watch Alan Grayson run amok (sure, he's a jerk, but he would have been just the right jerk for the job).



1- She and/or her staff missed the boat on fortifying the ambassador's cottage. 2- I want to know what she told BHO while the event was underway. pl

Will Reks



There's really no cost to Paul saying this because the WH hasn't been very clear on it's decision-making process.

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