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08 May 2014


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This is good news, now stop the aid


I love it! Congressional staffers don't stand for re-election, so they are not subject to the same kinds of pressures as Congressmen. And there are enough of them to assure some level of anonymity.

The Newsweek angle is intriguing. Newsweek is now owned by International Business Times, which has possible ties to the Moonies.


It would appear that they are a loose cannon in the fundamentalist Christian movement, at least insofar as fervent support of Israel is concerned.

The beaver


Don't they also own Washingtontimes?

Alba Etie

I believe we are witnessing a long time in coming reset of American foreign policy that aligns our interest with our interest , and not our interest with Israeli interest ,. Perhaps this started with BHO refusing to bomb Nantanz ( lot of us here at SST thought some eighteen months ago that was going to happen,,, ) - and making sure that BiBi did not either ..Am I really being naive to think that there might actually be a long game involved in current US foreign policy - ie Kerry is meeting with the Syrian Opposition but in more kabuki says yes we will not arm you & yes we will recognize you all but will not give you the Assad Syrian assets here in these United States .We Shall See,,,

nick b

The Rev Sung Myung Moon and a some former Wash Times editors bought it from News World Communications in 2010. News World Communications is sort of the media ownership arm of the Unification Church. I couldn't really tell you what the difference is. News World Communications owns some media outlets globally including UPI.


I don't think BHO refused to bomb Nantanz as much as he was presented with the choice between listening to his Jewish handlers or watching his senior military command resign en masse.


Dear Colonel,

IS CI a typo for "IC" types (Intelligence Community)? Otherwise, not familiar.

Thanks for the clarification.

Certainly there is more and more daylight between US and Israeli interests.

The beaver


Correct- now I remember that's was the reason that Helen Thomas stopped working for UPI.



Counter-intelligence. pl


Another Newsweek piece on Israeli spying on the U.S.


Nice campaign :-)

Alba Etie

I respect your opinion having served as you did . I am wondering though if we are still not seeing a shift in foreign policy away from all Israel all the time ? Perhaps this shift is being led by senior military command - either way its a good outcome that we are-IMO- witnessing this shift .
By the way Sen Rand Paul is looking better & better for the 2016 GOP run for POTUS.



The Newsweek article has to be more than a coincidence, as are the brittle for a Democrat administration relations between the US and Israel.

I see signs that Israel is beginning to search for future options in regard to powerful patrons other than the United States.

What is going on? Has some sort of tipping point been reached?



I think the Izzies have overplayed their hand badly in pushing for policy options that favor them and not us. This idea has soaked in a bit. And, Obama does not have the kind of personality that easily accepts condescension to him and the racist attitudes of many Zionists have offended him Whether or not this shift is permanent I cannot tell as yet. pl


There are enough Israeli-minded high level workers in the US government that a divergent "best interests" of Israeli can develop, and now has developed.

In short, Bibi can no longer control a unified Jewish community, partially because he played his hand as a supporter of the Republican Party. The Jewish Democrats are still aligned with Israel, but not necessarily with Bibi. They believe they can maintain Israel's interests while continuing in power in Washington.

So it's not so much that Washington is distancing itself from Israeli interests, as that it is interpreting Israeli interests differently than the current Israeli government.

In fact, it could be said there are two governments of Israel, one over there and one in Washington, both with Israel's interests at heart, but defining those interests somewhat differently.

I think it will be a long while before America has a chance to actually rethink and reset its own foreign affairs priorities beyond the competing interests which define Israel's well being.

The crisis that Truman and the foreign affairs professionals foresaw in establishing and promoting a belligerently sectarian state during the late 40's has matured, and the defense of that action continues to define American foreign relations.

Margaret Steinfels

Powerful patrons? How about Russia once Avigador Lieberman, now foreign minister, becomes prime minister. He is a Russian from Moldova, another troubled spot in the New Russia agenda.


I think its finally gotten to the point where dancing to Israel's tune is finally going to affect domestic politics in an overwhelmingly negative fashion no matter how much money the court jewry in AIPAC pumps into election coffers.

Not a fan of Paul's immigration stance at all. If I had to throw my money behind anyone, it'd be Cruz.



Upwards of a quarter of Israel's current population emigrated from Russia after Israel passed on the material stolen by Pollard. To equate Israel's state conduct in the past decades with Russia controlling the later is a bit of stretch.

steve g

Didn't Ted Cruz call for Kerry's
resignation over using the "Apartheid"
comment? Sounds like he is looking for
some Adelson cash if he decides to run.
Will his "go slow on amnesty" hurt his
hispanic base, if there is one. Am not
a Kerry fan either.


I'm hoping Cruz is simply 'playing the game' and looking to get in a few blows while the other person is down. Honestly he's the best we have right now, and that's saying something.

What Hispanic base? The DC consultant class has convinced the Beltway idiots that amnesty is some giant issue for Hispanics, but ignore how it kills their support among whites. 5% of a voting group so that 25% of your main voting group doesn't show up.

Ladies and gentlemen, the geniuses behind the Republican Party.

Alba Etie

To paraphrase Pogo ' We have met the enemy and he is us ".

Alba Etie

I believe I saw that even Tom Friedman is saying now that the US must look after it own interest first . I also believe the American Likud & BiBi have badly misjudged how much the American Public is tired of wars in the ME . Look at how much money Mr Sheldon ( Cash Cow in Macau ) Adelsen spent in the last election cycle -fat lot of good it did the GOP ..

Alba Etie

Ted Cruz shutting down the government was helpful to the conservative cause exactly how ?

Alba Etie

Whatever became of the PRC trying to further the peace process with the Israelis & Abu Mazen ?

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Given the poor showing the American Likud had with Romney - I think the balance has tipped .What did Adelsen get for his huge amount of money he spent first on Gingrich then Romney ? The American Electorate is paying attention - when Adelsen had all that loose talk about setting off a hydrogen bomb in the "Iranian desert " if Tehran did not fall in line hurt Romney a lot . We shall see.


"What is going on?"

The floodgates are creaking.

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