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27 May 2014


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By chance I just watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels this weekend.

So were our top political leaders taken in (playing the role of the wealthy gullible heiress's)

or just cynically playing for publicity points?

And if the latter, were they warned that eventually, the gig would be revealed? did they care? And were they counting on media amnesia tame as with everything?

Perhaps intel intercepts released by our new friends in Russia might evaporate the political score points (as if anyone will care when the elections roll around).


Reminds of the time I was teaching in New Orleans and a kid asked me if I would be willing to become a slave in exchange for $2,000,000 per year.

I explained to him what he had just described was in actuality just a very, very good, yet demanding, job.

Medicine Man

I'm not sure what you're driving at, Col. I agree that the primary purpose of a business is to make money. Protecting the brand name of a marketed product, such as a sports franchise, is clearly part of that. Most of the real pressure on Sterling is coming from his fellow owners in the NBA and their motives are obviously monetary (as you say).



My point is simple. Business is about transactions that yield profits and perhaps salary for the equity holders. Business is not about product. Product is produced and sold, brand reputation is protected, overhead expenses are paid for the sole purpose of protecting the source of wealth for the equity holders. Players in an NBA basketball company are part of the cost structure of the company. It is amusing for the owners to make money in the midst of a circus like an NBA game but it is only that. Companies that come to believe that they exist to produce some particular set of things or perform some particular service are doomed in the long run because demand changes while these older companies retain business practices and organizational structures that are cost centers rather than profit centers. the idea that seems to exist that the player/employees have "rights" in the company outside their contracts is just silly. pl


How come no one ever talks about the NBA needing to be more diverse but the NYT Goldmans and Steinmans are always kvetching about diversity in rodeo or computer science?



And furthermore, government is nothing like the model I described. From the business point of view, government is all cost centers and no profit centers. Now, if a company lives by government contracts, then that part of the company that manages the government income to the company is a profit center to the extend that income from that contract exceeds cost. I learned all this the hard way after leaving government. Former career government employees automatically assume that money is free. Why would they not? It has been free to their former organizations for all their careers. They also inclined to build elaborate staffs and organizations. These are pretty much always cost centers. I hated business but prospered in it. pl

dan bradburd


It was 'diverse' in the manner you suggest. So was big time college ball. Why not now? Probably pretty close to a meritocracy.


Okay when its 90% black its "diverse" and a meritocracy but when its 90% white men its "problematic" and systematic racism.


Bill H

I was serving on the board of our HOA and as we were preparing the budget for the upcoming year the board member who was overseeing the maintenance person informed us that he had instructed the maintenance man to buy up a lot of spare parts because the maintenance budget had not been used up and he didn't want to finish the year with unspent money in the budget. Oddly, I was the only member of the board to object to that insanity, and the only one who had ever served in the military or worked for government. I had to explain why that made no sense to our enterprise, that the unspent money could be transferred to our reserve account, and it was amazingly difficult to get that point across.


Now in addition to more diversity there is the call to action for, finally, (again) reparations!


Coates is your typical sham "intellectual", stringing together thoughts with no rhyme or reason beyond a call for more gimmedats and giving white liberals in gated communities another reason to pat themselves on their back about their "tolerance".

We had reparations already, its called the Great Society and the War on Poverty. Its wrecked the black community, and he wants ANOTHER shot in the arm of that stuff?

Will Reks

How far back do you have to go to when the NBA was 90% white men? Dan's right but yours is an emotional argument.

There are fewer black players in the MLB these days but no one can argue that there wasn't systematic racism and exclusion pre-Jackie Robinson. Is there now? No.

The NHL is more than 90% white. That's not due to systematic racism and no is complaining about it.


What the hell are you even talking about? I'm pointing out the hypocrisy of how diversity is a club used solely by the left to beat whites. No one complains about diversity in Hollywood or investment banking, no one complains about diversity in rap music, no one complains about diversity in runningback or wide receiver positions in football.

No, its all about diversity and intervention when its mainly white gentile men. There's nothing emotional about that argument ffs when its all around you?

The only reason no one mentions the NHL is because no one cares. Meanwhile you've got the DOJ threatening to sue schools if there isn't racial "equality" in discipline, but you're stammering "t-t-the NHL!"


my comment was actually for the nigerian thread.... Here it is quite non-sequitur


He's the son of a Black Panther repeating the victimization routine but more articulately. A few of my liberal friends are outraged that I didn't jump on the bandwagon.


Apparently "stirring" and "powerful" are the two adjectives in vogue among the liberals regarding that trite nonsense.

The hilarity of Coates is that for all his rah rah fight da powah adolescent nonsense he only exists where he is because of the white liberals that use him as a totem. He's not particularly articulate or even clever, and could never fill this particular niche among whites.

I don't know of any black published & edited magazines that put out the standard navel gazing Leftist bs like The Atlantic. Speaks a lot of good about black people.

Nancy K

I think there needs to be more diversity in working in the fields also. Every time I see someone picking tomatoes, strawberries etc. they are brown. Where are all the white people who are being discriminated against and not hired to work in the fields.

Will Reks

No one complains about those fields because there are no grounds for complaint.

You read my NHL comment wrong. No one is complaining because it isn't an issue of racism. Nice try though.


Tyler, I just point the liberals to the last three decades of leadership in Detroit. That generally shuts them up.


You are being purposefully disingenuous. This is the kind of NYT/lefty hypocrisy I am talking about here that you are bleating about not existing.



Farmer would have to start paying a living wage instead of cutting corners by paying indio peasants $2/hr when they're not crying to the NYT about "crops rotting in the fields"


My liberals are much more dedicated to the big lie.

Apparently evil whites moved away from Detroit after Coleman Young because they couldn't STAND having a Powerful Black Man(tm) in charge, and took their tax base with them because of RACISM and that's why Detroit is why it is today.

That is literally what they think. As I told Mr. Habakkuk, these people are insane.

dan bradburd


Can you please identify the arenas in which white men are suffering systematic discrimination? I do not feel that the world I see/know is the same as your world, and I would like to know whether we are seeing the same thing differently, or looking at different things.


The people




Elite education



The children and society





Anonymous laid it out, and of course there is the unrelenting violence of blacks against whites as laid out on WWW.stuffblackpeopledontlike.com and WWW.whitegirlbleedalot.com.

But hey slavery! Saint MLK!

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