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10 May 2014


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Is Dubhaltach a gaelic word? If so what does it mean?


In reply to Highlander 12 May 2014 at 10:45 AM

In a word yes, to get slightly more informative it's Irish (Gaeilge) rather than Gaelic. (Gaelic being the very closely related language spoken in parts of Scotland as with a name like "Highlander" I'm sure you know)

Dubh → "Black" & Altach "haired" thus "black-haired".

It's a family name, but something of a misdescription in my case as I take after my blonde and blue-eyed Danish mother. Most of my siblings and one of my own sons have the typical Irish/Scottish black hair and blue eyes 'though.



I saw that too. Looks like Jocelyn "We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus..." Elders needs an election year gig. Good to see that Senator Gillibrand is concerned about opinions of former in the closet USCG admirals - who served in the health care arm. Combat effectiveness obviously needs to be a secondary concern to 'equal opportunity'.



I don't know, those Norsemen were merrily raiding away in Ireland and Scotland a thousand years or so ago. That Danish influence may have occurred a lot longer ago than you think.

Thanks for the reply.


They're closing the Riverside Border Patrol Station because they claim there's no illegal alien traffic in the area.

The truth is that they're terrified of the La Rasa Hispanics picketing them everywhere they go. Pathetic.


In Michigan the fine leaders of the University of Michigan have decided that illegal immigrants should pay the same tuition rates as veterans. To the great acclaim of the local liberal establishment. That would also be one of the universities called out for the 20% sexual assault rate on female students, not that anyone is going to get fired over that statistic mind you.


I love the dichotomy there. Illegal aliens are the new "born without sin" darlings of the left. This country gets more insane everyday.

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