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07 May 2014


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For the amount of money being wasted on the "Free" Syrian Army one would at least expect to get a better quality of liars.


"Miosis is the most basic and reliable indicator of nerve gas poisoning, according to chemical weapons literature and specialists who analysed the report."

The instructor during NBC training had us memorise a line on nerve agents, roughly: "as the pupil narrows, the anus widens" hinting to another symptom to be expected.

Alba Etie

More BHO long ball in the ME ? The Syrian CW transfer out of their country seems to be going apace,& we do not see much more sophisticated weapons going to the liver eaters - Indeed as Col Lang noted Homs is now under the control of Assad forces.
I still wonder if BHO did not go to the Congresscritters for the Syrian AUMF - knowing it would fail . And this was after PM Cameron had is neocon a--ss handing to him by all the MP's . Is it too naive to hope that we are seeing a BHO course correction at least in the ME ? We Shall See...


Alba Etie,

Course correct out of Syria to Ukraine? That's making a very bad situation even worse.

Alba Etie

Its looks like confrontation with Putin over "Banderstan" may be winding down . Russian leadership has asked for a new Geneva conference to try to reinstate the cease fire between the Ukranian authorities and Russian separatist . We have not seen the Sector sanctions against Russia imposed by BHO after all .Most telling to me is that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine proper - At one point it looked like the Russian military would be driving West to the Polish border. I am trying to be counter intuitive to the SST consensus
that seems to say we are still carrying out the neocon agenda with no push back from the Administration . I hope that I am right , we shall see.

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