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31 May 2014


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nick b


My point exactly.


You're referring to the Turner Drill. 21 feet is the minimum distance you need generally to be able to get a shot off. Not wound, not kill, just to get a shot off. This can be modified heavily depending on circumstances such as light, elevation, cover and concealment, multiple subjects, etc.


Which continent you grow up in matters:
An interesting essay about the role of culture and mental illness in violence: or "Why are voices tell schizophrenics to clean the house in India but massacre in U.S. of A".


R. Morris

It doesn't matter if he killed 3 or 30 people with a knife. One is still vastly more deadly than the other- that is why most battles these days are fought with firearms, not knives. How one connects the superiority of firearms to PC eludes me.

I do not advocate banning of firearms, but I do advocate rational arguments rather than irrational ones which really do become PC- just on the other side of the issue!

I suspect that, were I to raise this with local law enforcement, they would laugh in response. It really isn't even close.

We have so many other good arguments against those who would defy the SCOTUS, I'm amazed that this one is even considered.

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