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31 May 2014


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Who was exchanged for him? pl

Laura Wilson

Can the Qatari's be trusted to "supervise?" What does that mean exactly?

I was kind of troubled that the 5 guys exchanged seemed to have been pretty high up the Taliban food chain. I wish we had tried them in civilian courts years ago and shown them what American justice looks like.

Colonel--what is the history for this kind of an exchange?

Richard Armstrong


On 31 May 2014 the US government was reported to have swapped 5 detainees - Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Norullah Nori, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mohammed Nabi and Mohammed Fazi in return for captured US soldier Sergeant Bowe.


The Twisted Genius

It is good news and a clear sign that we are leaving Afghanistan to the Afghanis, including the Taliban. A clearer sign than all the proclamations coming out of Washington.


Yes this is good news, a good day and a wonderful outcome for Bergdahl, his family, friends, fellow servicemen and the America people. An American POW is enroute home. We should celebrate.

The cost of this return will be debated for days to come. Whether the USA negotiated with the Enemy (Taliban) or Terrorists it will be painted in many ways but it stinks to the high heavens and five scumbags will have to be dealt with again. The real question in my mind is what happens at the end of 2014 when the US pulls out except for a small force, if permitted. What do we do with the individuals in Gitmo. We call them detainees but in reality they are POWs unless criminally prosecuted and found guilty.

Bergdahl's capture will also be debated and that is a cross he will have to bear over time. This is an American Soldier brought home from captivity. We not only bring home hero's but also screw ups, misfits, CO's, etc., etc. as they are Americans. I celebrate the return of Sgt. Bergdahl.


How was he captured? Was he indeed AWOL?

I appreciate that we're leaving but it seems like a steep price.

- Eliot



Thanks, but not a name I was looking for. pl


Bergdahl was from my old unit, the 1/501st. He showed up well after "my time" there. My understanding from people on the ground was that he was an odd cat and there were some questions about what exactly happened with him that got swept under the rug due to OER considerations.

Regardless, five years in Afghanistan ain't Disneyland. Hopefully he'll readjust and recover.

Babak Makkinejad

I do not find the news of release of Mullah Mohammad Fazl good in any sense.


We could have used this as an excuse to release the dozens of nobodies that we will never be able to prosecute either because they didn't do anything wrong, or no usable evidence exists they did anything wrong. But since they aren't of any value to anybody, we are stuck with them.

Our rationale for holding people at Gitmo is they are too dangerous to release, and then we release people who are quite obviously important figures and have proven very dangerous indeed.

Gitmo is a stain on our history.


Is there any doubt here, with the exception, perhaps, of one prisoners, that these dudes were/are POW? Just curious.

Babak Makkinejad

They are not "nobodies"; they are thugs and criminals with blood on their hands.

Richard Armstrong

Mr. Makkinejad,

I agree with you, however those Taliban that are in Guantanamo or released from Guantanamo didn't become a threat to American interests until America decided to stay in Afghanistan and play at nation building.

Originally the Taliban were a problem for the United States because they refused to give up bin Laden claiming their culture prevented giving a guest up to belligerents.

Had the United States pulled out of Afghanistan after losing bin Laden in the mountains I don't think the Taliban would have amounted to a hill of beans to American interests.

I believe that our scheduled pull out of Afghanistan leaving Hamid Karzai on his own demonstrates how little America now considers the Taliban to be a threat to American interests and how little America considers Afghanistan to be an American interest.


Bob Bergdahl interview:


Laura Wilson

We could have tried them in our courts…we have good courts and a decent legal system and a crappy Congress. The last 13 years have been a stain on our history.

Charile Wilson

A better swap would be to send this guy to Gitmo. He let us down, just like McCain.


Well there went 11 minutes of my life. Bob didn't let his son know that the army existed to inflict violence and destruction in the service of the state? Thanks dad! Why the heck did his son enlist? The Guardian finally gets around to Bob's comments that there were others in harms way along with his son. How many of them wound up dead trying to get Bergdahl back? Well, the Guardian couldn't ask that, why that wouldn't be quite so anti-war anti-American now would it.

Next up the million dollar book deal, to be followed by the movie.


I should have been more clear. I do believe these individuals and many others at Guantanamo are murderers, terrorist leaders, and/or associates. That is why they have value in trade. I was referring to the actual "nobodies" who we have cleared and "can't release". They have no trade value, so they will rot. The big fish swim free, the little fish remain behind as propaganda fodder for our enemies.


Six men died looking for Bergdahl.

SAC Brat

A dumb question from the dumb guy in the back of the classroom.

As long as the US does not issue a visa or the FBI does not interact with them, what threat are the Club Gitmo folks to the US? Were any of the September 11 2001 attackers or others able to reach the US without approved paperwork? (Ok, the Underwear bomber had someone grease him through in Amsterdam.)

Sorry to be obtuse, but I see so many medicine shows on tv nowadays. It is hard to believe anything.



These guys are clearly POWs.

I wouldn't treat a dog the way W.Bush and America have treated these prisoners. Sen. Feinstein rightly called Gitmo an "abomination".

The 6th Amendment does not say anything about applying only to citizens. It sets forth how decent people conduct trials and imprisonment.

America is acting clearly against the Geneva Convention. "The wheels of God's justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine." The reason we have laws/SOPs/the 6th Amendment is not to protect them but to protect us. This includes the next time that Americans get caught as POWs; to keep us from turning into slime that believe in the rule of tyranny, trumping the rule of law; and to keep the rest of the world from eventually rising up en masse against America as World Tyrant. All things that we all want.

Gitmo stands as a flaming beacon of injustice--Bush & Cheney are thus still inspiring more hatred towards America than Bin Laden ever did. What can be done to make this situation better?



"What can be done to make this situation better? "

You could try getting Obama - the professor of constitutional law - to order the AG to charge Bush, Cheney or any of the other prior administration's officials. Of course he should include himself and the AG for thier own constitutional violations.


Maybe not wrong to think that the release led to greater freedom of action against international terorrist in Pakistan.

After the killings of Sangin Zadran, Nasiruddin Haqqani and Ahmed Jan Wazir of the HQN in November 2013, suddenly a pause had set in.

Now in June 2014 drone strikes resume.



Please note that these guys have been in Gitmo for a decade. They are out of date in both what's going on, and all personal ties. In addition, from what I've heard, anybody who's been held by the USA for any length of time is suspect by the Taliban and others.


"Whether the USA negotiated with the Enemy (Taliban) or Terrorists it will be painted in many ways..."

Do you not understand that the government of the USA (a) negotiates with 'the Enemy' whenever it seems helpful and (b) negotiates with 'Terrorists'? Heck, the US government has given weapons to people declared to be terrorists.

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