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22 May 2014


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Jewish control of the American financial system is near total for all practical purposes.

Google the last 20 years of Federal Reserve chairmen, and Secretaries of the Treasury. Gentiles are a growing rarity in these key posts.Then start looking at the controlling principals of the to big to fail banks. Jewish financial control is not a myth, it is a reality. Yes there are still plenty of big gentile players, but they don't run the show anymore.

Is this good or bad for the country and in the long run America's Jews? I would say the jury is still out. But if they don't get the economy back together in the near future, there is one hell of a possible backlash against them. It is already gaining steam on the far left for what ever weird ass reason. If it spreads to the middle and right,it won't be pretty.

Can you say "Man on a White Horse"....1932.

Unfortunately,the Jews in charge seem to have a tin ear for these type of issues. As did,it seems, the Jews who were in charge of the Wiemar Republic's ill fated economy.

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