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24 May 2014


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The main thing with that development is that the Syrian army is now positioned to completely cut off all insurgents' supply lines to Aleppo.

See Martin Chulov:

Battle for Aleppo could prove final reckoning in Syria's war

Pro-Assad forces are poised to cut off rebel supply lines and end nearly two years of insurrection in the ruined city


Martin Chulov gets in his article some points wrong, but in one major point he is right - if the Syrian Army decides so, they can cut insurgent supply lines now. See a map:


Going from the prison southwest towards the northeast of Aleppo, the Syrian army would have almost all blank territory to go through, no densely populated urban territory.

Though, I don't know, whether the Syrian army wants to do it at all. Maybe the army prefers to leave a small corridor open for insurgents, and position on the sidelines of the corridor to target insurgent movements in such a narrow transit corridor. From my point of view, such a situation might be more preferable in many ways for the Syrian army than a complete encirclement and siege.

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