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16 April 2014


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William R. Cumming

Agree! And having gained and secured vast wealth Putin is trying on the mantle of Saviour of Russia and securing its place in history. And his of course.

My guess is the Eastern Ukraine will "vote" to become part of Russia after the mid-term US elections.

The levers of official power in the USA much more in doubt than in Russia. IMO of course.


I traveled to Kyiv and Odessa in 1992 as part of a University delegation that met with cultural institutions to discuss financial survival in a mixed economy. Making a long story short, while Ukrainians in North America were busy celebrating Ukrainian independence, many in Ukraine were selling anything and everything (literally) to survive. The cultural "industries" were among the hardest hit.

Trying to have a practical conversation with the diaspora upon return was exceptionally difficult. They didn't want to know about the lawlessness and suffering that was actual, and found it simplest to blame the Soviets for everything.

This is part of the enduring situation. For some, there is no problem which can't be laid at the foot of the 'Soviets" (read either Russians or 'traitors'), and for others, the social and economic breakdown came with 'independence'.

The gulf between these groups has only widened, and in terms of 'nation building', Ukraine is a disaster. Much more could be said about that, but let's leave it there for the moment.

The point is this, in 1992 there was an openness in the middle of the general euphoria/despair to listen to "the west". By my return in 2000, that had dissipated to the point of invisibility. Again I spent time in Kyiv and Odessa, and the social fault lines in the country were, if anything, more pronounced than before.

In Ukraine there are nationalist movements which honour Jabotinsky (one of the key founders of Israeli 'hard' Zionism), seeing him as an analyst of the failures of both Soviet and Liberal thought, and a realist in the creation of ethnic national states. Such thought is much more widespread than I think most people realize, and is also found among many in the Ukrainian diaspora. In other words, there is a natural link between the American neocons and the nationalist right in Ukraine, actively mediated by the diaspora.

William R. Cumming

Castello! Thanks for your insights from several trips to the Ukraine!

G. Hazeltine

Yes. I am surprised that he was not taken up on that.

"In Ukraine there are nationalist movements which honour Jabotinsky (one of the key founders of Israeli 'hard' Zionism), seeing him as an analyst of the failures of both Soviet and Liberal thought, and a realist in the creation of ethnic national states. Such thought is much more widespread than I think most people realize, and is also found among many in the Ukrainian diaspora."

Seems deserving of more engagement.


How many of them were Jewish?

William R. Cumming

Anonymous! NONE!

Patrick Bahzad

I know i'm being very late with my personal contribution to this topic, so not sure if and wether there's gonna be any reply to it. but even though i have neither the will nor the ability to unmask anybody, i wonder why the Saker is posting from within or very nearby a joint US civil-military installation ? Is he just being cheeky and clever about hiding his actual whereabouts or am I missing something here ?



Your hyperlink appears to be a virus site. You note sounds like BS. How do you know where 'Saker' is posting from?

Patrick Bahzad

My hyperlink a virus site ? Don't worry, nothing of the sort and your computer hasn't been infected ! you may think what you like about my question, but dismissing it out of hand (and not knowing that you can easily find out the IP address of a server, i.e. being able to say where this server is physically located) probably disqualifies you from answering the question, no offence.
However, you're right to point out that I don't actually know where the Saker posts his updates from, I was just talking about the location of his site's web server. So I agree, there's a difference, but I stand by my basic statement (and question).


Ah, I'm disqualified because I didn't track the server id, which of course can be faked. Nice to know. Yes, you are missing something and you should re-read the post above from others with actual expertise in both military affairs, intellegence and IT issues. But thanks for the dismissal.

Patrick Bahzad

Fred, I wasn't dismissing you, just your comment which I thought was a bit rude. If I misread the situation, apologies ...
As for my expertise in the areas you mention, i'm certainly no IT wizzard but i'm "fluent" enough to check wether a proxy site or a form of "onion router" is being used. This is not the case here.


Patrick, Saker has occasionally mentioned that he lives in Florida.

Military Bases in Florida http://militarybases.com/florida/

Does this fit with what you've observed?



If Saker is an active duty officer or civilian employee at one of the major headquarters located in Florida he/she will be severely punished if caught in the act. pl

Patrick Bahzad


For all I know he might be located next door to you and connect to a server hundreds of miles away, which he probably does, because as everybody knows, you don't sh*t where you eat.
It's just that the location of the server did strike me as odd, but I'm not familiar enough with US government facilities to judge wether private subcontractors might be allowed to operate their servers from federal property. So I'll just leave it at that. Failing official authorisation by his superior, for reasons i could only second guess at best, I don't see the possibility of this being a legit thing to do.
Personally I had to ask for written approval just to be allowed to post on Col. Lang's blog, in a way that doesn't reflect my identity or the organisation I work for (and I'm not even in the military). So imagine what the security clauses/provisions could be regarding creation of a blog on ongoing conflicts where the US have an interest in.
But as Saker says himself, revelation of his identity will be a major pain in the ass for him, so guess he knows what he's doing.


PL, based on all of the info I discovered about his history from his own posts, which I posted links to above (as others did) when this post first came out, it's make no sense that he could possibly be an active duty officer in the US army.

He certainly could be a civilian employee. He has mentioned having a day job that takes up some of this time. If he was a civilian employee, what is it that he would be punished for?

Patrick Bahzad mentioned that it is the location of the Saker's site's web server that is "within or very nearby a joint US civil-military installation." Is it possible that the web hosting company that Saker subscribes to is indeed legitimately located in such a place?

I would think that if Saker was doing something that flouted official rules, he would have been caught by now. His site is no secret, nor is it hard to find. And he seems technically astute, and of a lawful personality. He is also working on his master's degree in theology, which I believe based on some of his posts on the topic. I find it hard to believe he is acting in an illegal, immoral or uncautious manner in his choices regarding his website. Of course, I could be wrong in my assessment.



I re-read my comments. My appologies, that was rude on my part.



A civilian employee of the United States takes exactly the same oath and accepts the same strictures on his/her public expressions as does an active military officer. that obligation is in no way rendered moot by Snowden or that other creature now in prison. The implicit violation of security inherent in publication of such a blog by someone with high clearance and access would be severe. pl



It appears that you and Saker are mystery men, both hiding your identities for "good reasons" ;)

I welcome knowledge and useful insights wherever they come from.



Thanks PL for the info on civilian employee strictures. I'm curious... do maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, or other low level employees at such bases take this oath too?



Only people with access to classified information. pl

mistah charley, ph.d.

In reply to Patrick Bahzad

You write, "But as Saker says himself, revelation of his identity will be a major pain in the ass for him, so guess he knows what he's doing."

One supposes, given the level of surveillance of communications in the 21st century, that the Saker's identity is known by some people in the security apparatus. They could disclose it, but don't. Why not? It's not worth the trouble, apparently. Maybe a calculation has been made that the website does more good (by providing a venue for data or at least allegations, and analysis) than harm - if it indeed does any harm at all. It could be that the Saker has high-placed patrons.

I don't wish to pry, but if you would be willing to discuss it, I'm interested in knowing more about the fact that you had to ask for written approval to post here, and that you received it.

Patrick Bahzad

Valissa, I'm afraid I'm no mystery man ... I wish I was, but it's not the case LOL.
I just follow rules of procedure regarding use on Internet resources in my current job.
Don't want to make any mystery of it, as it would give the wrong impression: my posts are just the expression of my personal opinion, which I am allowed to do, as long as it does not engage the responsibility of my employer. So I'm posting as a private citizen who's interested in the issues treated in Col. Lang's blog.
As a side note, I also use this excellent blog (thx again Colonel) for OSINT purposes ;-)) ... just kidding

Patrick Bahzad

MC, I suppose you're right in your assumption regarding the Saker's website. I won't engage in any more conjectures about it, plenty of possible scenarios, even the most exotic ones, however unlikely they are. Most probably, as DH pointed out to me, Saker is who he claims to be.
As for me, it's not very complicated: When you're employed somewhere, what you say could be construed by some as reflecting the official view of the organisation you work for. As I just express personal opinions, I had to inform "my boss" that I would like to post on here, and waited for authorization to do so. Col. Lang knows who I work for and I can assure you, there's nothing fancy about it.
As for the reasons i was granted permission: a) it's my right as a citizen (freedom of speech, within the limits of my job duties) and b) SST is an excellent OSINT source ... no secret about that ;-))


PB is one of many government officials who read here. some, like he, comment as well, often with permission. I want them to do that. pl


What server/website are you talking about? His blog is on Google's Blogspot, where location of server has nothing to do with a location of a subscriber.

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