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16 April 2014


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I can read his IP address and it is in the Canadian Ministry of Defense. pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

The Canadian Ministry of Defence!

I hope bth sees this post so that he realises that it is not the Russian SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service) that is subverting North America through the Saker, but good old Canada.

I am greatly impressed; who'd have thought the solid, straight-shooting Canucks could be that devious?

I hope bth does not work for the Pentagon, otherwise we may soon see the 101st Airborne descend on Ottawa.


FB Ali

Surely an individual taking advantage of his government e-mail account. pl



I tried letting GAW back in and he responded with personal insults directed at me. He is gone. pl

John Sumner

You: "...It may be worth a read to gleam what "the other side of the hill" might be thinking and how they are arriving at their conclusions, but not something to be relied on for "real" information value...."

Yes, of course you´re right. "REAL" information should better be obtained by truly objective media like CNN,FOX,BBC, NBC and others.
Without those Western media I never would have learnt, that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, that Ukraine had been invaded by thousands of Russian tanks and millions of Russian soldiers, that America is the source of all that´s decent and good in this world and that Russians are pure evil by nature. Thanks to "REAL" facts I would nrver have learnt Orwellian "Newspeak" (Aggression and invasions are "humanitarian missions" or >"no-flight-zones", Nazis are "democrats", high treason is called "revolution", allied jihadi terrorists are labeled "moderate muslims" etc...)
Through Western media I learnt Orwellian "Doublethink" (Fascism = Liberalism, Terrorists are "freedom fighters", genocide is "anti-terror-operation" and so on.)
Yes, you´re right - never rely on anything that isn´t approved by USA/EU and NATO.
You might end up knowing the "TRUTH", a knowledge that might turn you into a terrorist or Russian...


If that's the crap western media you read, then it's your own stupidity for wasting your time. Try reaching out to trustworthy news sources (not gov't influenced/controlled agencies like those, or anything from Russia or China).


Dear Gamer, I think that John was sarcastic.


what a stupid thing to say


I believe you can find his name on the FrontPage of his blog if you look closely enough.


"East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet."

Yet Russians are the progeny of East and West. I know. I am one, and I am (sometimes painfully) aware that I embody both.


So much speculation, so little facts!


No shoot, Robert.


Who is the Saker?


Bimbo Plumpe

Hello Jo,

I just posted a comment on cirilizovano... mentioning among other things that the answer to this question had been found already, here.


Neil Thomas

Well said!!

Pinky & The Brain

It is my gut instinct that the Saker is controlled opposition (pretends to be in opposition of the Anglo-Zionists) but in fact misdirects people while protecting those who he is suppose to be against. He has blamed the Novorossiyans for the assassination of Arsen Pavlov instead of the actual perpetrators and protects the ‘Jews’ from any real criticism. He also goes on about 5th columnists writing comments on his blog which I believe is a deflection of who he might be, I have read these comments and in no way were they anti-Eurasian so he is at least reaching. Take him with some salt and prove for yourself.


Stumbled upon this discussion. Pardon my ESL. Saker is and was Putin' (Goebbels')huge machine, a huge misleading factory of so-called Olgino'trolles, who at the same huge is the army of paid false nicks on facebook and twitter, for example, one of those is very known on facebook as nick "Lev Myshkin (Kremlin)" . In Olgino (Moscow suburb)there are about 700+ of them, not to count those working from home. If you look NOW how large became Saker- larger than life- on 25 languages! But still the clones of same Saker' media holding (quite a $ to open such net). It IS antisemitic, proPutin, leftist and is on a list of so-called "false info" or false news. I am not a politician, it is only my opinion without research, since am not going to spend any time for reading of that political lying media.

Rebekah Baharestan

Driving in US today, listening to the car radio 94.1 out of Berkeley,CA , I came upon an interview I found initially interesting but quickly became more strange, definitely counter to anything typical on US news radio programming.Take with grain of salt in that the KPFA /KPFB 94.1 CA radio broadcast show " Guns and Butter" broadcasts/podcasts leave me personally completely perplexed and usually irritated with concerns that disinfo may be playing rampant ? (Based on a few other odd yet fascinating -mostly odd) programs there that Ive come across on this person's show . But in the case that you all here chatting ( who obvioulsy or apparently seem to know more than I do -or atleast have expressed their clear opinions here ..and the in case that you may not have yet heard this recent one-

Current day 1/10/2018 interview with this Saker fellow on Guns and Butter is linked . I have no more opinions that I wish to publicly express on the matter as I know nothing on it , although I would be interested in reading your perspectives on this particular radio show programming and Sakers talk points since I was perpelexed enough after listening to feel the need to go look up anything online as to who this guy is (or might be)
He makes many statements about US politics and policy of the day. Worthy of some analysis?
I do have one question that comes up when I accidentally come across this particular show (and "flashpoints"as well) this year: do we have to endure propoganda at every turn? What is the point of not having analysts and counter perspectives as additional follow up perspectives /interviews after such a broadcast?


Rebekah Baharestan

Perhaps you do not know that the man is not part of the conversation on SST. In general I do not want to see SST used as a bulletin board for writers on other blogs. pl


He's put an interview on Youtube, mostly about religion.


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