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17 April 2014


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different clue

I wish someday an officeseeker would run without wearing an American flag lapel pin. Maybe his opponent would "question" his patriotism based on absence of an American flag lapel pin. That would give the pinless officeseeker a chance to say: " Any scoundrel can wear an American flag lapel pin. . . . I see you've got yours on."

William R. Cumming

Anna-Marina! Agree!


In reply to William R. Cumming 18 April 2014 at 02:08 PM:

I'm reminded of the story about Zhou Enlai's comment on the impact of the French revolution:

“Too early to say.”

In fact it's a misunderstanding he was talking about the 1968 Student Riots but the principle is a good one. (There's a short article about Zhou Enlai's comment at the Financial Times here:

http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/74916db6-938d-11e0-922e-00144feab49a.html#axzz2zJbb6u5d )

A pause for reflection. Before historians and pundits are allowed pontificate seems to me to be an altogether good notion. What shall we call this hiatus? I vote for "pre-pontification pause period" but am open to suggestions if you don't like the alliteration.

Far more importantly how should historians and pundits who break this rule be punished? As it's Easter I liked the idea of them being tied to a post and pelted with rotten eggs, then my wife suggested that they be wedged headfirst in the nearest rabbit hole.

I'm torn.

Perhaps our host would consider putting it to the vote?



Victory and Freedom in Iraq are only another Friedman unit away.

William R. Cumming

Like the Chinese, for the Vietnamese the USA is the country of choice to live in and raise their children and grandchildren.


David Habakkuk


A Polish journal has published an article supporting, with what purports to be detailed information, Putin's claim about Maidan activists being trained in Poland -- supposedly, among other things, in use of sniper rifles.,

Article is at http://nie.com.pl/13-2014/tajemnica-stanu-tajemnica-majdanu

Google Translate version at http://www.nie.com.pl/13-2014/tajemnica-stanu-tajemnica-majdanu

A discussion from a journal called 'Oriental Review' is at http://orientalreview.org/2014/04/17/proof-of-polands-participation-in-the-ukrainian-pandemonium/.

As I do not know either journal, my ability to evaluate the information is limited. In view of the explosive nature of the claims, I would be most interested in the views of others on their credibility.


Putin seems to want to create a legacy as the modern Peter the Great, or perhaps Ivan the Terrible. Step by step, he is piecing back parts of Russia and the USSR that wandered off with the dissolution of the USSR. And he's building up some of his extractive industries and improving balance of payments, which affords him greater scope. But he is no liberalizer, rather the opposite.

The US acting outside of the norms or war and diplomacy help to provide Putin with justifications, and to deflect criticism of his violations. He can now deploy tools he might have felt constrained to use previously. Sauce for the goose, etc.

US response to the Ukraine has been remarkably slow and flat footed. It makes you wonder what the State Department spends its days doing? Was no one monitoring Russian policy statements, diplomatic contacts or military movements? And US responses and statements have been more provocative and amateurish than can be justified. If the IMF had offered fairer terms, the Ukraine government would still be standing, the Ukraine would be more directly linked with Europe, and Russia would have had no pretext.

Instead, the US is making ultimatums (not quite, but) that there is no hope of enforcing. That can only goad Russia to further adventurism. And we have seen Russia making a point this past week in the eastern Ukraine with 'local uprisings of ethnic russians.' Meanwhile the Ukraine government, which had been very careful to try not to provoke Russia, has behaved like Keystone Kops when they tried to show some power and regain a few government buildings. This can only embolden Russia further.



"US response to the Ukraine has been remarkably slow and flat footed. It makes you wonder what the State Department spends its days doing?"

It seems pretty apparent that the NED, with congressional funding, has been active in Ukraine since at least 1995. Congress should have spent that money on infrastructure in the United States.


OMG that is pretty crazy,and the reverse inference that could be posited from this nuttiness is that we could go to war because our conventional weapons are superior. . .


Fred, I don't have objections to NED activities, and other Open Society like projects, so long as all of their activities are transparent, they work within existing host country legal mechanisms, and do not agitate for coups or violence. Those monies are trivial compared to US infrastructure needs, and it requires Congressional action to reallocate funds. Done well, there are immense advantages to the US if other countries are somewhat/much more democratic and open.


This article from Reuters (which I just came across) speaks directly to my text that Fred quoted above.

Advisors who presented Obama with these policy objectives and actions should not be working in foreign affairs.

Although Bush made several grievous errors in dealing with Russia, many initiative and opportunities presented themselves. Obama has also benefitted greatly from some aspects of our dealings with Russia, and much remains to work with. Priorities need reexamination and recalibration. There are also some areas where the US and Russia will find agreement, and those should be clarified calmly.

Babak Makkinejad


Where does Putin come from?


He loves his country - Russia - and will do all in his power to enhance her Power & Glory.

As any leader worth his salt would do anywhere else in the world.



Then you wouldn't mind a other countries funding similar NGOs inside to US to help make it more democratic, open and transparent.



I agree.

On the other hand, Obama is an internationalist who will do all in his power to enhance his own power and glory.

Yours Truly

Mr. R. K. Chatel,

[You were born a yr. after my Ol' Lady.]

I pray that our offspring will never have to witness Colossal Entities (i.e. nuclear-armed countries) go mano-a-mano...

I have great fear of... individuals & groups trying to [re]shape the world in accord to their own aspirations with little regard for History or (Practickal/Genuine) Insight into what is going on the Other Side of the Hill...

Karel Dolejsi

David Habakkuk,

main editor of NIE.com.pl is Jerzy Urban, former speaker of Polish communist president Wojciech Jaruzelski.

"Oriental Review" appears to be part of conspiratory "Voltaire Network" - see http://www.voltairenet.org/auteur125416.html?lang=en

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