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18 April 2014


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The Twisted Genius

I was not aware of this work. Rough men speaking volumes about death and life in very few words. Thanks for posting this.

Charles I

Nor I, nicely staged. What a richly cultured guy you are.

The women stood by him. Thank heavens for them.

JL Campos

Thank you.


I find myself so often caught up in the mundane...I forget what really counts, and who did what, and for whom.



A lot of ideas and character development in one short scene. A true master. I enjoyed it and thanks for sharing it with us.



Yes, rough men like us and the other brothers here. A silly priest once tried to say I was like Longinus. I told him that he had no idea... pl

William R. Cumming

The persistence of memory! Thanks PL

SAC Brat

Pulled it up and watched it yesterday with the kids. Thanks for posting this again. I always like to think about the facts of Holy Week.

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