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12 April 2014


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The Twisted Genius

robt william,

IMO what we're seeing now in Ukraine is UW Russian style. Russia denies it, but the signs are there. When this whole mess started, I suggested that Spetznaz GRU was all over Ukraine conducting strategic reconnaissance, gauging the status and leanings of Ukrainian military and police units and preparing for a follow on invasion. I still believe all that is going on. I also think whatever Russian Spetznaz unit(s) responsible for UW are now guiding the already identified military and police units and the civilian groups in eastern Ukraine in a developing armed resistance. The only forces the coup leaders in Kiev can totally trust are the Pravy Sektor and Svoboda armed groups and the CIA controlled SBU.

A video recently showed up on YouTube showing the "polite armed men in green" in action in Crimea. Seeing this video, I revise my initial view that it was mostly local forces with some Spetznaz GRU support and guidance to seeing the Crimean operation as a Spetznaz GRU direct action mission with some local support.


The Twisted Genius


Luckily, I haven't run into any bee swarms. I did see the season's first bumble bee two days ago. A few weeks ago I was surprised to hear the peeper frogs filling the evening air when I walked out on my deck. I think there was still a little snow hiding under the blue spruces when the peepers started peeping.

The Twisted Genius


This Arctic Area Command seems to be a NORAD-like setup involving the Canadian Forces under NORTHCOM. NORTHCOM shares territorial responsibility for the Arctic area with EUCOM, but is assigned the responsibility of advocating for Arctic capabilities.


I don't believe I've seen a honeybee in years.

When I was young, every kid knew not to run barefoot through a yard full of clover because you were sure to get stung by the bees.

Not nowadays.



"POWER: I think there are elections coming up. The leadership in Ukraine have made very clear that they're prepared to have a conversation about autonomy and decentralization. And that's what makes, again, this action so outrageous and so ironic, because just at the very time..." .... "this kind of action takes place." " And it makes you think that they -- that a military solution is what..." Yep, just makes you wonder what Power/Nuland etc wanted in February.

Just what makes the US government think the rank and file members of the Ukrainian armed forces want any part of a civil war brought about by an un-elected right wing government or a war with the Russian Federation?

William R. Cumming

b.! Today's US Navy very vulnerable to the "sea skimmers" IMO!

David Habakkuk


You write:

“When this whole mess started, I suggested that Spetznaz GRU was all over Ukraine conducting strategic reconnaissance, gauging the status and leanings of Ukrainian military and police units and preparing for a follow on invasion. I still believe all that is going on.”

I simply do not think we can be clear as to what is going on.

For one thing, it not certain that the Russians need Spetznaz for ‘gauging the status and leanings of Ukrainian military and police units’, as these are likely to be honeycombed with Russian informants – and double agents – anyhow.

From what the Russians have repeatedly said, they clearly have contingency plans to intervene if the ‘putschists’ in Kiev attempt a crackdown. However, it is also clear both that their preferred objective is regionalisation, rather than annexation, and that they have a good deal to lose if their people are captured and definitively exposed as Spetsnaz.

An interesting ‘take’ comes from the NYU academic Mark Galleoti, who certainly thinks the Russians are stirring things, but is cautious about claims of direct military involvement:

‘When the so-called “little green men” deployed in Crimea, they were very obviously Russian forces, simply without their insignia. They wore Russian uniforms, followed Russian tactics and carried the latest, standard Russian weapons.

‘However, the situation in eastern Ukraine is much less clear. US Secretary of State John Kerry has asserted that it was “clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalyst behind the chaos of the last 24 hours.” However, it is hard to find categorical evidence of this.

‘In the main, press and other pictures of supposed “Russian forces” actually do not stand up to detailed scrutiny. Even where groups of men with similar uniforms are shown, these are typically not in modern Russian camouflage, and there are other details which do not add up. Some may be in beards, for example, or maybe they wear police rather than military issue body armour with military uniforms.

‘Furthermore, many Ukrainian police have defected to the anti-government side, including members of the infamous Berkut public order force. So too probably have local officers of SBU, the Ukrainian Security Service. Berkut and SBU special forces deploy in camouflage and body armor and carry modern assault weapons. They would also be expected to demonstrate the kind of tactical proficiency observed among some of the anti-government forces – and be in a position to transfer weapons to the paramilitary irregulars.’

(http://inmoscowsshadows.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/are-russian-troops-in-eastern-ukraine-some-probably-but-i-dont-think-thats-really-the-point/ )

You will have seen the reports to which robt willman refers that the decision to use force in the Eastern Ukraine was taken by the Kiev authorities – following signs of a more conciliatory approach – as a result of a visit by John Brennan to Kiev under an assumed name on Saturday.

(For another such report, see http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/russian-media-report-cia-director-held-secret-consultations-in-kiev/497954.html )

My principal worry remains that many in the U.S. have no sense of the complexities in the South and East of Ukraine. So it appears that the State Department regards the fact that some of the armed units calling for referendums wear ‘black and orange St. George’s ribbons associated with Russian Victory Day celebrations’ as evidence that they must be ‘Russian agents.’

(See http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2014/04/224759.htm )

If people in Washington really are so stupid that they cannot understand how someone can identify with one of the classic symbols of the Red Army’s destruction of the Wehrmacht, and still prefer to live in an independent Ukraine, then the mind frankly boggles.

It is precisely this kind of stupidity which has led to the disastrous empowerment of the ‘Banderistas’ in Kiev. If one the basis of such stupidity, Brennan is encouraging the West Ukrainians to play with fire, heaven help us.



So the neo-cons have managed to lose yet another war that never had to be started in the first place?


Varroa mites have wrecked the honeybee population and are the likeliest cause of CCD. A lot of it has to do with the over reliance of American apiasts on the Italian strain followed by the use of chemical treatments in order to fight the mites. My understanding is this has been a fifty year problem that only recently came into the open.

Feral honeybees have been fighting the mites on their own for this time, so they've adapted where commercial strains have not. Its only been recently that varroa resistant breeds have come onto the market, in addition to the rising popularity of Russian & Carniolan breeds. My bees are Italians Varroa Resistant, which means they've been bred for those varroa resistant traits.

The Africanization of honeybees is also a blessing, as so called killer bees go after the mites with the same fury they do intruders. So there is hope that the honeybees will return.

William R. Cumming

IMO Northcom will be disbanded by the end of the decade!


Apparently there's still snow up in Apache - Sitgreaves Forest. We are planning an overnight trip to camp in that area, either at Blue Crossing or Hannayan campgrounds.

We have already seen our first hundred degree day. I'm curious how the monsoons will be this year. With the rains comes the arrival of the Sonoran frogs, or as I call them "Friend Fat Toad".

Saw one snake at work, but I've yet to lay eyes on a scorpion or tarantula yet. The flock seems to deal with dangerous pests in short order.


TTG, Sir, et all,

How do y'all Special Forces feel about the capacity of US SF vs Spetznatz in the UW sphere, or has that capacity been degraded by the focus on direct action commando tactics?

The "polite green men" seem to be a total contrast from the ballcap wearing, beard spouting "Operators" that appear to be the public face of US SF.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Zanzibar for the excellent link!

Is this the first time in history a single nation-state's Central Bank, and its influence on multilateral organizations, attempted to manage the world's economy [economies?]?

Charles I

pain and hard work aside, as a zone 5 gardener I am a deadly envious sinner.

Charles I

In this case, the UW is being carried out in what is considered part of the homeland, amongst fellow slavs, so I would think that variable must be figured in when making any comparisons.

John Minnerath

I asked a friend of mine, who runs the honey business his father started right after WWII, about that. He tells me he's seen no real impact on his hives here in Wyoming. Location, weather?, I dunno; but it doesn't seem I find as many wild bee trees around my place as I used to.
However, last spring when my apple trees were in blossom many honey bees were working the flowers.

David Habakkuk


If RT is to be believed, President Turchinov has just signed a decree authorising a ‘special anti-terrorist operation’ in the East of Ukraine, and appointed the acting Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, to oversee the operation.

(See http://rt.com/news/un-ukraine-turchinov-operation-396/ )

From the Wikipedia entry on Parubiy:

‘In 1991 he founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok; the party combined radical nationalism and some neo-Nazi features (by its name and the “Wolfsangel”-like sign). In 1998-2004 Parubiy led the paramilitary organization of SNPU, the Patriots of Ukraine…

‘In February 2010 Parubiy asked the European Parliament to reconsider its negative reaction to former Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko's decision to award Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the title of Hero of Ukraine.’

(See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andriy_Parubiy )

Whether the claims made about Parubiy by the former SBU head Oleksandr Yakimenko in the interview he gave to RT on 13 March are or are not disinformation is an interesting question.

If however Turchinov’s walking back from Yatsenyuk’s earlier apparent willingness to discuss federalisation seriously has anything to do with a visit by John Brennan to Kiev on Saturday, then the grounds for dismissing Yakimenko’s claims as disinformation become weaker.

(See http://rt.com/op-edge/mercenaries-at-maidan-ukraine-558/ )


Well right now the issue is keeping things alive until they "establish" and hoping the sun doesn't crush them. Can't even begin to tell you how many seedlings I've lost even with shade cloth. Its a game with the sun, at least until the monsoons hit. If it makes you feel better tomatoes are miserly work to grow out here.

Is squash the kind of plant where the more you harvest the more it grows?

David Habakkuk


Given that it is now possible that events in Donetsk may spiral out of control, and particularly in the context of the ongoing discussion of Scottish independence, some comments on the links of my father’s native Wales to that city may be relevant.

The most significant Western reporting on the ‘Holodmor’, which was done by the Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, is now available on the net.

(See http://www.garethjones.org/ )

His interest in Ukraine was unsurprising, because what is now Donetsk was originally Yuzhovka – the city, together with the Russian iron and steel industry, had been founded by the Welsh engineer John Hughes in the 1870s. In the 1890s the mother of Gareth Jones, Annie Gwen Jones, had tutored the grandchildren of John Hughes.

In October 1941, the Germans took the city, then called Stalino. In September 1943, the Red Army took it back.

(For a contemporary American report, see http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=950&dat=19430908&id=mr5RAAAAIBAJ&sjid=I1UDAAAAIBAJ&pg=1732,241317 )

By then, Gareth Jones was long dead – he had taken one risk too many in trying to find out what was hapening in Manchukuo in 1935, and been murdered.

That December, his mother gave a broadcast on the BBC, talking about the memories the Russian recapture of the city had brought back.

(See http://www.margaretcolley.co.uk/pages/annie/gwen-jones.htm )

Is there any of this history that John Brennan, or Jen Psaki, are capable of understanding?

William R. Cumming

ALL: Over 500 species in the Order Hymenoptera--bees and hornets. The danger of analaphtic shock from a sting is different with each version!


William R. Cumming

The Welsh are following Scottish devolution closely! I was almost named OWEN!


That's excellent news. Iirc cold weather slams the mites as well, so I imagine location and good husbandry play equal roles.

It seems likes the mites are most prevalent where it is easiest to raise bees, while tough places with challenges makes for tougher bees. "Life will find a way" etc.


Mr. Habakkuk,

I am currently forced by circumstance to watch headline news. The trending news involves Oscar Pistorious, a girl sending a tweet to American Airlines, a teacher fondling her students, and repeating the clip of the Kansas shooter yelling "Hall Bitler!" while trying to be more shocked than the other anchors.

Oh and Obama's tax return. This is considered news today. Idiot prole culture has infected our masses, and they've believed their own propaganda thinking that making some vague statements about freedom will make everything better.

To answer your question, no they don't. However, the future belongs to me.

robt willmann

Well, now, the White House has confirmed that CIA director John Brennan was indeed in Kiev in Ukraine over the weekend "as part of a trip to Europe"! The confirmation was made in part because of the "false claims being leveled by the Russians at the CIA". This would all be quite funny if it was not so serious.



Concerning the three killed by the crazed gunman in Kansas outside the Jewish Center and Jewish Rest Home: the grandfather and grandson killed were Methodists and the woman killed at the rest home was Jewish. The shooter probably thought he was killing Jews but the MSM reporting makes it seem like all the victims were Jewish. And of course the Ziocons are using this as justification for their paranoid fantasies that excuse their oppression of Palestinians.


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