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12 April 2014


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I came across them swarming a wasp yesterday, and was glad I read your bit of info before I worried about them going to war.


My personal observation is that the hotter it gets, the less intense the monsoons around the Phoenix Metro Area due to the heat bubble. I've seen blue skies over Phoenix while storms rage on the periphery. However a few evening monsoons can pop the bubble, but it comes down to a matter of timing. Hopefully a good wet monsoon leads to a powerful pollen bloom and all that honey waiting for my knife ahahaha.

I am selling the bull calf this weekend, after two false starts with buyers bailing at the last moment because they're ridiculous. I'll need to get another cow next month, because a lonely cow is trouble. Maybe a Corrientes or Jersey steer.

Good to see you back Alba. Hope you've been well.


Fair enough. I imagine an analogous situation would be if US SF operated in an environment like one where the Soviets came through the Fulda Gap.


Young Bucky, isn't he?


up here, both the spring and fall unfrozen cool seasons are getting shorter so its timing and work with some of the cool crops, but you'll never get me to grow more zucchini, just too fecund a producer. Fortunately, I have some different exposures so if I plan carefully I can time and plan for some shaded period, but the conditions don't last as long as I take yours do in the desert. I do also have to rotate heavy/light feeders and givers which limits my flexibility tho when I moved I made bigger beds to facilitate this.

Complete learning experience every year.


I was thinking of answering the Colonel's question in terms of 1914 Europe, per Ukraine discussion.


So we are on WWII, while PL I read asked about WWI, that's where I was confused.

Medicine Man

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about them too much. They can handle most of their insect rivals. They are really fascinating creatures though. Did you know that some species actually kill enemy insects by piling on and overheating the intruder?


Beware industrious and unassuming insects.

William R. Cumming

MM! Some members of the Order can repeatedly sting humans. That is also why those who argue they have never had a serious reaction to bee stings just might not have met some of the scarier members of the order. It took a great deal to get rid of them but two summers ago I had 4 inch long hornets invade the outer shell of my concrete block home!

At first I thought I was surrounded by drones! Thankfully not. But took NO chances with those formidable critters.


Bucky indeed. Got offered a free horse today as well.


I remember seeing that on a similar documentary and being impressed by that AND the fact the Japanese share their island with mutant death hornets who spit acid as you.

Medicine Man

I keep reading from people inside the beltway that centrist democrats are just as on board with the notion that Social Security must inevitably be "reformed" as their colleagues on the right. It is apparently the conventional wisdom in Washington.

Alba Etie

Thanks I have been having to grieve our Dad's passage from March 25 . Plus our busy season has hit here early for ground transportation - seems I have been 'adopted " by the local bachelorette party planners- they say they like the 'married old guy with the 2006 E 350 who does not care about wet seats from boat rental bikini outings " . It is a charter service van & not a limousine ...Praying for rain- the more water we have in lake Travis the better the revenue this summer for the service industry .

Medicine Man

Well whaddya goin to do? If you abandon the island, the mutant death hornets win. I bet there's a line in Hagakure somewhere about stoicism in the face of freaking terrifying insects.


Meanwhile back home - terrorist's in the US. And it's not even Sarah Palin making that statement this time:


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