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14 April 2014


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William R. Cumming

Thanks PL!

Babak Makkinejad

"The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England!"


I like Laophroig.

My favorite memory is drinking some with my wife 2 years ago in May at a campsite on the coast of Newfoundland overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence at sunset.

john stack

Black Bush single malt


Sure, Samuel Johnson, whom you are quoting, was an Englishman and a Tory.

I lived in England and I spent a lot of time in Ireland and Scotland. I loved England, and unlike some, I am fond of the English people. That, however, doesnt change the basic facts of the situation. The Scots are a distinct people, with a distinct history. They should have a right to determine their own destiny and their own future.

Getting off the bus in Cricklewood, north London, years ago, I saw the street signs were in Arabic and the store fronts advertised halal meat and other items in Arabic as well.

Again, poetic justice. In parts of England, one almost never hears English spoken. Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and other languages are the flavour of the day and have been for 40 years. England, the coloniser is now the colonised. Unlike in India, Africa and the Middle East, these colonisers are there to stay and England is better for it.

Medicine Man

Lagavulin -- Brian Cox's favorite too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HgTPs2_ut8



There are approximately 100 malt distilleries left in operation through out Scotland(by our Gringo standards they are all fairly small). Each one has a unique signature in the taste of its product.

I was introduced to the stuff,shortly after I was taken off of mother's milk. It has proven to be a more than adequate substitute.

About 30 or 40 years ago in order to survive,the industry discovered modern marketing with all of the attendant bullshit.

A good portion of the native Scots,prefer the more full bodied malts (read:peat fire in your mouth).

In my case I prefer two down market malts, Jura and Bunnahabhain(due to a family connection going back about 600 years). In short it all rides on the tongue of the consumer. But it is all nectar of the gods.

Babak Makkinejad

You are not looking at it the right way.

No one "deserves" a state or country of their own - and some people - such as Sikhs and Kurds - are incapable of achieving it.

As for Urdu, Arabic etc. signs; that all will disappear in a few generations.

There is no signs in any Slavic language in Swabia.

Lord Curzon


William R. Cumming

Thanks all for the recommendations and goodby to blends and Sir John Walker red or black!

William R. Cumming

So the survival of an independent Scotland could ride on or even be assured by its single malts?

B. D. Warbucks

Gentle Correspondents,

Macallan 18 is luxuriously sweet. But real men drink and savor the salty smoky peaty loveliness of Talisker.

By the way, this conversation string has been most entertaining to this German/Irish/Norwegian/Dutch American.


I love Black Bush, but it’s technically not a single malt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Bush .

IMO, the best Irish whiskey is Redbreast 15, which is described as “Single Irish Pot Still” which is not exactly the same as single malt (I don't care since it's delicious!). http://thecasks.com/2011/03/17/redbreast-15-year-old-review/ The 12 year is also excellent, and more affordable.

My absolutely favorite scotch is Balvenie 21 Portwood, and my favorite more affordable scotch is Aberlour 16.

But there are so many great small batch bourbons and ryes on market today (due to the Craft Distillery/Microdistillery Movement), that my husband and I have been drinking more of those. It’s great to be able to buy American and save money (over pricy imported whiskies).

john stack

Thanks to the contributors who made my point by saying Scotland cannot afford independence.
The value you give to Independence, Pride, patriotism, Freedom, loyalty, joy, peace is crucial and depends on whether your spirit is already dead or alive.
If fear has gripped your heart and you see no value in these you should, in all decency, step aside and take your cold hand off the exciting opportunity and new dawn that will allow Scotlands unique contribution to flourish. What an exciting prospect.
You are in the delivery room. Do not try to strangle it at birth. Independence and Freedom are very powerful ideas that if not given may be taken by impatient patriotic people .
It is very important to set the idealistic base for the materialistic arguments that we can show are in Scotlands favour. The Scots are a Nation. Their flag must fly independently and proudly.


If they vote themselves into a state, they certainly do deserve it. As to the reference to Schwaben, being German born and of German ancestry, I am not sure that your reference means. Schwaben has been "German" for 2,000 years, and remained so when it was incorporated into Frankish Empire in 496. It has never been anything but German during recorded memory. The example hardly applies here.

My examples still stands. The English have lost their empire and are now colonised by the people it once enslaved and colonized. Whether or not there are street signs in Arabic in Cricklewood in 50 years is irrelevent. The impact of non-white, former colonised peoples, to England will never go away. England has been changed forever.

Back to Scotland, the peoples currently there have been there, like Schwaben, since the begining of recorded history. The Scots are a distinct people, with a distint history, and their own language. You might not like it, but that is irrelevant. Continue quoting racist and prejudice quotes by Englishman, again, that is irrelevant.


Back in the day it was said that Catholics did not drink Bushmills because it is a Protestant drink. I dont know if people still think this way, but Bushmills, the town, still is a Protestant town. Last time I was there the first thing you saw driving into the town was a sign from the UDA (Ulster Defense Assocation), the local loyalist paramilitary group.

The prefered drink was Jameson's.



While I admire your attitude and enthusiasm for the cause of Scottish Independence, I have personally found life to be disturbingly complicated.

For instance at the end of the day after you take your independence, you may well find. You have only traded the vapid hand of Westminster for the chain mailed hand of the German central bank. Ask the Greeks how that is working out.

MY guess (without having seen any internal polling) is your movement will succeed. And I will wish independent Scotland the very best.

But this time, don't go signing up with some French fop of a leader like Bonnie Prince Charlie, and make another Quixotic charge on London. I am sure such an event, would seriously disturb single malt production.

Mark Kolmar

Ledaig, paint thinner and axle grease, in a good way.

William R. Cumming

N.B The German military has deep respect for the "Ladies From Hell"!


You are mighty right Laddie.

Ledaig,Like the magic mists of Mull. Hard,Steel gray and cool, but it still warms the heart.

Drink enough of the stuff and it is "Death to Sassenachs".

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