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13 April 2014


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William R. Cumming

ALL: Can anyone produce a good map displaying [1] the modern border between England and Scotland; [2] Hadrians Wall; [3] the areas subject to the Danelaw in Scotland and England?

Perhaps overlapping?

Should modern Scotland be considered part of modern Scandinavia?


I very much agree with Alex Salmond in calling Robertson's comments apocalyptic nonsense.

The Post article also just states as a fact that "Russia is waging a stiff challenge to western authority". This is also nonsense. It's fearsome to think people believe this stuff.


NATO isn't being threatened by Russia. Ukraine is not in NATO.

Any war between a NATO member and Russia would probably escalate to a nuclear war which would annihilate most of humankind.

The war NATO fought in Libya was an abomination. Clearly, most NATO members spend too much on defense if they feel comfortable wasting military power for no good reason, and at great risk of future reprisals of a terroristic nature.

What you spend on defense, you can't spend on other things. Things that might reduce the risk of conflict in the first place, for instance.


I can understand the Scottish desire for independence. It's very similar to many other groups and areas desire to govern themselves and emphasize their culture. Much as the Basques and Catalans in Spain feel. Or Quebec in Canada. Or the Welsh. Or the Irish, for that matter.

But Scotland has it's own Parliament now, and Devolution has provided a remarkable amount of autonomy. Scotland these days is remarkably Labor oriented, while the South of England seems solidly Tory, and Whitehall is busily dismantling the welfare state, with no change on the horizon.

The Scots' assumption that Britain won't extract a price for the value of its assets and improvements seems optimistic. So does the assumption that Scotland will inherit North Sea petroleum resources, and that England will be a ready market at top price for any and all wind and other renewable energy exports. The Scots may not wind up nearly as affluent as they think they deserve to be.

I don't see a barrier or downside to Scotland joining the EU, with or without its own currency. The EU would rather have the Scots in than out.



So lots of people are imployed in overbudgeted military weapsons programs that are also heavily subsidized by the US taxpayer? So what. All those highly skilled people can put thier skills to work in some other economic endeavor. A war will mean many Americans dead and injured. For what - Ukraine? No thanks.

john stack

A balance sheet can not be used to decide Scottish Independence. The most important things in our life have no scientific measure or monetary value. Pride, patriotism, Freedom, love, loyalty, trust, feeling, friendship, joy, peace,
If you prefer to be a pampered poodle instead of a proud crowing cock you are not fit to vote real Scots into English control. Eyes must be raised from the trough to a National identity and destiny. Being born in Scotland does not make you a proud true Scot. It is choice of loyalty not accident of birth. Do you have a passionate desire for Scottish independence ? Are you a Scot ?. Same answer.
When Scots see their National Flag fly around the world they will never give it back. What value Pride? What price a Scottish soul. Good Proud Englishmen would die for ENGLAND. Scots have the same love for SCOTLAND.
If England thinks they can be stronger with Scotland behind them then how much stronger will they be as free nations standing shoulder to shoulder as free people.
The media are largely anti Scottish independence. The English are experienced, manipulative, colonisers. They have been on the case for a long time, know all the tricks, and it would be amazing if they had not succeeded. They will threaten, ridicule, divide, separate, control the media, and dangerously flatter.
If Scottish spirit is buried it will be buried alive. Artists, Poets, thinkers, Leaders and people like Alex Salmond and brave people will think the unthinkable with renewed vigour. Seeds must be sown and nourished. Only a few patriots are needed to keep the flame alive. Treat them well for they hold your dreams.
Hopefully the Scots have not been fully, shamefully, pacified and domesticated
There are unconquered Scots with an unbreakable strength, gallant courage, unshakable purpose as belonged to Wallace and his MEN. The seed of freedom again ripen in young mens hearts .
People in Scotland are overwhelmingly against trident and the only way to get rid of it is Scottish independence.
North Sea oil production is going into a period of decline but with care and new technology Scotland, with one tenth the needs of the UK, will with absolute certainty remain an oil exporter for decades to come. Redraw the territorial line horizontally from Scotland to include the Oil/Gas in Scotland. If England exits the EU, staying in would be a good strategy for Scotland.
The fear of Masonic, Protestant, Scottish Nationalist control could drive many minorities to feel safer in Governance with outside control. The compromise necessary will have to be a comfortable, better, place for ¾ million Catholics and Muslims, Colonists, Immigrants, Fearful people, and to remove the racism and bigotery that is there.
You totally misunderstand Scottish patriotism. It is not about hatred of England. There is very much to admire about them. Just step back and look. The more you step back the better they look. Step back 300 miles (London to Edinburgh) and roll back 300 years of assimilation and they look perfect


I don't disagree with your points at all.

I was characterizing the impediments to changing or abolishing Nato, together with the "benefits" that accrue to certain sectors beyond the inequity of particular nations' dollars and cents spent.

I wasn't celebrating Nato or its expanded role at all.


William R. Cumming--

You will be interested in this article:



I'm speaking more in a general sense. Catalonia comes to mind as another "rebellious" province, along with the other countries tired of participating in the grand secular experiment of the EU.


You had me until you started talking about a safe place for immigrants and joining the EU.

Why vote for independence just to hand your country over to Pakis and gypsies or lay down and grovel for privilege of Brussels' boot on your neck?


In Quebec you have a large segment of people (the English speakers etc.) that would want a re-unification with Canada after the split. There is not such a group in Scotland. The question of Scottish independence is much more a question of money and power. The Scottish people would have more power being an independent part of the EU than a being part of the British EU. Then there is money but it is rare for people to see them self as the leaches and i don't even think that that is the case in Scotland.

ps. Saying besides the oil Scotland lives of subsidies is like saying Silicon Valley lives of subsidies outside the high tech industry.


Having lived a number of years in Independent Ireland, no-sole that I met ever hoisted a pint to rejoin the UK.

A good argument would be made that if Scotland's currency depreciated (Scotland, be wise, dont join the EU and adopt a Germany optimized economic policy!!!), and it offered favorable terms for investment, quite a few of the new industries would relocate.

john stack, right on, somethings cannot be priced.



I wonder how many Scottish Muslim's the world will have to worry about:


William R. Cumming

Many thanks! Few in the USA understand the political implications of the opening of the Arctic. It drives the Chinese leadership crazy that they may have to go to the moon and seize control to offset the perks provided by the opening of the Arctic. They have, however, been given observer status at their request on key Arctic Commissions and organization.

BTW icebreakers will still be essential in the Arctic the next four decades. The US Congress has declined to build a third icebreaker. The other two need major repairs and servicing.

William R. Cumming

Tyler! Perhaps like Israel the Scots will create a "right to return" for the Scottish diaspora!


Catalonia and the Basque don't want to leave the EU


actually, we have a massive revolution in A.I. teed up for about four years into the future, spearheaded by IBM's Watson, but Google will help as well. IBM is taking on doctors; this is humanity's last/best hope to cut the price of medical care / the Medicare entitlement in half, and save America's national debt. I don't see effective real-life autonomous humanoid Terminators until around nine-to-seventeen years in the future. Coupled with the current venality and moral collapse in our political system, this latter will cause huge destabilization (large-scale invasions, etc). I honestly don't know how people will make livings. Sweden just cut back to a six-hour day; most people spend their life's time watching TV, doing Facebook, surfing the Internet, or chatting. (Scotland will follow Ireland as a successful tax haven in the near term, but people still have to do SOMEthing.) The A.I. revolution will continue, exponentially, for the next couple of decades. It's a critical question--how will people bring valuable good to the universe [= get paid] five or ten years into the future?


My bagpipe teacher was for Free Scotland in 1975. Some things are a long time coming. Freedom does seem to have more intangibles for the Scots than people realize.


As an independent nation, it will be free to make those decisions on its own, as it should be.

Lord Curzon

Hahahaha! Indeed.

Lord Curzon

Charly, Osborne is not joking about this. It has nothing to do with trying to change people's minds, but everything to do with hard economic reality. The markets would look at a small country trying to forge a currency union with England and the speculation on the first day alone would be on the scale of Soros busting the Bank of England on Black Wednesday. Walking away from the UK's debt, as Salmon is threatening to do, would then insure international lenders imposing draconian interest rates which would then impact the Scottish economy severely. At which point, the money will start to move south...

Charles I

I just don't know. I've got no kids, at 55 I'm just gonna hide out in the boonies gardening and fishing and blowing snow til I die.

Charles I

Always great to control one's currency til somebody takes a run at it til the IMF pops in to privatize things in order to socialize the losses.

Charles I

Our own ice breaker and arctic naval, port and other manly defense expansion plans, all loudly announced with yearly frosty foto-ops for a decade now, have all been quietly shelved, put on hold, funding envelope indefinitely extended(my favorite.)

The actual procurement of each bit of kit announced by our posturing Conservatives be it helicopters, rescue helicopters, naval ships of all types, army trucks, JF 35's have each and every one so far produced only scandals, lies, fiascoes, resets and Bart Simpsonesque choruses of "I didn't do it" from our so far irresponsible government.

Completion of our first "gravel highway" to our Arctic coast by 2017 was giddily announced by Dear Leader hisself earlier this year.


William R. Cumming

Thanks Charles I! As the first generation CUMMING in my line born in the states I follow Canadian history and events closely. I even like some Canadian TV series [I don't have a TV. I found the series INTELLIGENCE of particular interest.

Wonder if the story of Canada closing the border in WWI to prevent draft evaders from fleeing to the USA written up anywhere?

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