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26 April 2014


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You may not be able to laugh at the stupidity at the State Dept., but you can laugh at this:




Thank you, I needed that.


RE: I find her obvious self love and pomposity to be quite a "turn-off". She always has a smug little smile and seems to me to suffer from always having been one of the pretty AND smart girls in the class, school, sorority, etc. A lot of young men and a good many older ones as well cannot resist such creatures

Thru-out her existence on this Rock, she had the enormous Fortune to avoid chancing upon Demons the likes of yours truly or Col. Lang...


"It is of course true that saddam is a tyrant (his model, by the way, is obviously stalin, not hitler).

So what?

Mesopotamia has been ruled by tyrants since before history began, and it will be ruled by tyrants long after North America is once again tribal territories.

The last President who tried to export democracy on American bayonets was woodrow wilson.

That's one of the reasons he counts as America's worst President, ever.

Very few people, in America or the rest of the world, wish to see us revive the practice."

Bill Lind

Jan. 28th '03

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