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17 April 2014


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This looks like Bandar's phoneline to Jordan has gone dead.


The plot thickens...

Jordan's ambassador to Libya is kidnapped in Tripoli http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/15/world/meast/libya-ambassador-kidnapped/

Alba Etie

Col Lang
The Jordanian air force bombing jihadis on the way to fight in Syria ? More evidence of the Realist pushing back on the jacobins et al ?
Now Al Jezeera is covering a live news conference with Lavrov, Kerry , & Her Ladyship Ashton saying a peace deal has been brokered that would send in the OSCE into Eastern Ukraine rather then Leader Putin's tanks . Could this be further evidence that the Realist are pushing back on the jacobins and their world dominion agenda ? I still have that optimistic hypothesis that President Obama is however belatedly doing his level best to push back the embedded jacobins in our National Government Structure . And thankfully even VP Biden seems to have for the moment shut up ,, We shall see.


According to that last article liked to it looks like there was more than one "Oops":

"First, an apparently accidental explosion wiped out a number of rebel leaders."

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

The Kings of Jordan would have been well advised to exercise their duty in caring for the Al Haram Al Sharif and assert their custodial rights and obligations in that regard.

To wit: the current King could have endeavored to be present and lead a delegation of Arab Muslims on every single religious occasion comprehended by the Muslim religious calendar.

This would have fortified his religious credentials, discomfited Israelis, and helped position him as a defender of the Faith.

A road not taken....

Peter C

How long can the propellant and warhead in a TOW remain in shooting shape? Are these up to date TOW's?

Good way to clear out the old stuff from storage.



the Hashemites have long been deprived of their function as keepers of the two shrines. The Saudis took that from them on the battlefield. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Not for the Al Haram Al Sharif in Al Quds Al Arabi - they are still Custodians - as far as I know.


Babak No. The king of Jordan has continued to pay the expenses of the Jerusalem waqf to the present day. pl

Alba Etie

Pay back for Camp Chapman ?


I doubt it, that was complete CIA incompetence.

William R. Cumming

Is my understanding correct that Jordan still houses many refugees from Iraq and other areas of MENA? Is there an accurate census of Jordan as to its citizens and residents?

Alba Etie

Yes but as I recollect there were Jordanians killed in that suicide blast too .But who knows ..


Actually Fred, I think the root cause of that little massacre was political correctness.

The on going feminization of the CIA requires that more middle aged women from the analytical side, be given real operational jobs out in the hot spots. Even if they really don't have a clue.

I mean if the girls are going to take over the executive floor, they got to have some cojones type of experience on their company resume. If it gets 10 or 12 people blown to hell from time to time. So what? As future commander in chief Clinton would say. Does it really matter now?

All of this is part and parcel of the systematic degradation of the Legions, which will eventually take America to its own August 9, 378 AD moment.

Probably a little sooner, than I would personally like to think about.



I think you are correct. Just reading the latest puff piece on Chelsea in Fast Company made me want to throw up. Then the poor Marine Corps victim of the war on women who was set up to fail because they didn't force her to get into proper shape prior to trying to go through OCS. Just in time to launch a war against the Russian Federation for no damn reason.

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