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23 April 2014


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Alba Etie

We need to listen very carefully to the debate in the GOP primary - the libertarian wing therein may be our best bet at clipping the wings of Ms Nuland and her other cohorts. Sen Rand Paul appears to be an abler politician then I first thought. Not only did he call out Cheney et al on the Iraq cluster f--ck , he also wants to audit the federal reserve .


What was the line from Joyce "It is sometimes as painful to be awoken from a vision as it is to be born"? Well we are hearing the howls of anguish from the R2P/neocon elites as they are awakening from their bliss filled dream. Meanwhile that thing that was slouching towards Bethlehem to be born - well it has some siblings - in Baghdad, Homs and Kiev.

The beaver


Have you seen the latest from the R2P mother?
"Putin may believe, as Western powers have repeatedly told their own citizens, that NATO forces will never risk the possibility of nuclear war by deploying in Ukraine. Perhaps not. But the Russian forces destabilizing eastern Ukraine wear no insignia. Mystery soldiers can fight on both sides."


What a depressing story. The Bush II administration was so desperate to find a solution that they put Allawi into office despite his past, and the Obama administration was in such a hurry to get out of Iraq that they cemented his grip on power.

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