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06 April 2014


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Sadly you are right. Obama has gone over to the dark side.


It is important to remember when trying to cope with Narcissists that the first thing to do is understand which audience they are currently trying to impress and how they propose to do so.

It is clear that Obama seeks a world audience. It is also clear that his sole means of impressing them is a demonstration of his military power.

Babak Makkinejad

As have the leaders of EU, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia.



There appears to be three ideologies at play in Washington DC today; Neo-Conservative, Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and Realist. Also, in the mix are war profiteers who are always pushing to keep the contract money flowing. When all agree, the American Empire goes to war.

If only two groups are for intervention, the outcome is half-assed support for the Syrian Jihadists but no air support. The gas attack on civilians was intended to get NATO involved. But, Russia deployed ships off of Syria’s coast. If Russia passed the word that American bombers raiding Syria over its ships or its port would be shot down, this would have been a Russian “Nyet” that prompted the President to hesitate along with the last minute caution from the American officers. The UK Parliament and American people’s rejection of the war has stopped the Syrian intervention for now,

Ukraine has dropped to the sixteenth page of the Washington Post with a report that federalization was rejected by Kiev. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) prevented a military intervention while Russia annexed Crimea. We will see if the need to subvert Russia is so powerful politically that the western provinces of Ukraine are integrated into NATO and if the Russian majority provinces are destabilized. If so, this will result in an inevitable Russian invasion of Ukraine and the possibility of a nuclear war.

Lars Moller-Rasmussen

How very convenient that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is supervising the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenal, is Ahmet Üzümcü, a Turkish career diplomat.


Thank god for the Brits. Their strong, practical culture may one day save us all.

I think it goes a bit too far to say Obama has gone to the dark side. He listened to reason in the end, didn't he? Obama is troubled by venal interests in his own administration.

The most interesting story will be more information concerning the source of the Sarin. Hersh has some intriguing ideas.

robt willmann

Perhaps he was there all along.

different clue

I remember reading some years ago in a thread where Clifford Kiracofe raised doubts about whether someone as modestly talented as Obama could have made it to the Presidency on his own . . . or whether he was backed, sponsored, groomed and assisted from step to step for years.
I hope our Canadian fellow commenters will forgive my attempt to use "curling" as a source of metaphors. Who launched Obama onto the ice and who has kept sweeping ahead of Obama to guide him into the Presidency? Whose curling stone is Obama?

There were people who considered Obama a dark-sider from before the 2008 nomination process. I must admit to not having known enough to be one of those people.


People on Capitol Hill say that as they got ready to vote on war with Syria - Gen. Dempsey made clear that was what was at issue in hearings - calls against involvement outnumbered calls in favor by vast numbers. They were relieved not to have to vote. After all, these were pretty much the same people who had given Netanyahu joint-session standing ovations a few years earlier.

During the run-up to what would have been our Syrian War, Obama had people giving him good and bad information and ideas. I'm not sure he knows how to sort them out. I think he is reluctant to start a war, but he has people around him who are eager for it and they are able to freelance more than they would if Obama ran a reasonably tight Executive Branch. I think that in this as in most matters presidential, Obama is in over his head.


Maybe this isn't so off topic, given the metaphor of the "dark side". Certainly, its relevant to the emerging big picture and the role and status of America in the world. It's an article called "America's Jewish Mainstream Goes Rogue", posted on April 02, 2014.

Here's a quote: "The key point is that these figures are mounting an assault not on J Street or liberal Zionism but on liberalism itself. They drip with sarcasm at the very suggestion that all men are created equal."



If Obama genuinely wanted a war then his decision to go to Congress, the Congress that had at that point voted to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time, was the act of an out of touch lunatic. It may be so, but it doesn't really gel for me. Rather Obama seems like someone who got yanked one way by the people trying to topple Syria, then got yanked back by the the defense people who showed him that the Turks were playing the US for suckers, and everything he's been doing have just been desperate improvisations depending on how he's being pulled. While the capacity to change direction when new information comes to light is never a bad thing; it'd probably better if Obama had the ability to pick people who give you the right information in the first place.

Also from the article:

"Erdoğan had sought the meeting to demonstrate to Obama that the red line had been crossed, and had brought Fidan along to state the case. When Erdoğan tried to draw Fidan into the conversation, and Fidan began speaking, Obama cut him off and said: ‘We know.’ Erdoğan tried to bring Fidan in a second time, and Obama again cut him off and said: ‘We know.’ At that point, an exasperated Erdoğan said, ‘But your red line has been crossed!’ and, the expert told me, ‘Donilon said Erdoğan “fucking waved his finger at the president inside the White House”.’ Obama then pointed at Fidan and said: ‘We know what you’re doing with the radicals in Syria.’"

If some of the people on this board are correct about Obama being a narcissist, it does not bode well for those pushing Syrian intervention. My understanding is that narcissists do not generally forgive people who publicly humiliate them the way the climb down over Syria did to Obama, and certainly would not forgive a lecture like that in their own house.


Sy Hersh will be on DemocracyNow this morning in about a half hour (8am Eastern). Can be streamed on their web site or watched there or on Youtube afterward. I doubt we'll see inteviews with him on any of the mainstream media.


I just discovered the article and was about to paste it here for you all. Colonel Lang beat me to it, as it is very important and revealing.


@ D
" ... Obama is in over his head."

It's pretty clear to me now that foreign policy experience is a prerequisite for a competent showing as president, and not the 'how do I serve Israel best' kind accrued by some. Our system is simply not consistently ensuring that the president gets accurate and timely information, analysis, and policy recommendations in spite of the staggering amount of money ostensibly spent to ensure that he does. An ignorant man like Pres. Obama (in foreign policy, history, military affairs, etc ... all of us are ignorant about most things) just has circles run around him by his underlings.

His first mistake was not insuring a purge of neocons from the executive branch. The second was letting their Democratic-Party-flavored brethren the neolibs join them in government. I don't think he really cared that much because for many in our political class having loyalties other than to America simply isn't that big a deal.



The article is picking up some traction in the Turkish press. I am sure RTE and his staff already started the spin operation, and in the aftermath of the local elections, their hubris will be reaching unimaginable heights.

It seems like RTE has been railroaded for carrying the bucket, but I will not be surprised if he did a little bit railroading himself now. And of course, mess it all up with his smug Minister of Foreign affairs and the "Lack of Intelligence" chief.

Babak Makkinejad

No, they have drunk the Cool-Aide as well.

David Habakkuk


Thanks for the reference. At the end of last month, Philip Weiss published a note from a British Jew on his ‘Mondoweiss’ site. Three excerpts:

‘How do you describe the feeling that your life has been a lie? I think that the reason Jews are so reluctant to acknowledge what is clearly in front of them, is that shifting from "Israel is never wrong" to "we have created a monster" is such a terrifying realisation, self delusion is the easier path…

‘My concern is not a reduction in support for Israel, but a vitriolic backlash from the American people, towards Israel, the Jews, the Adelsons of this world, AIPAC, etc. Support for Israel won’t go from 51% to 49%, it will fall off a cliff, with massive implications…

‘I apologise for what seems like a rambling, paranoid, overly personal article, but as I said, shifting positions on Israel is so hard and scary, there needs to be a bridge. Create the safe place today that says; Israel is moments away from International condemnation, an irreversible decline in its standing with the American public and pariah status, for Israel, Israelis and Jews.’

(See http://mondoweiss.net/2014/03/rapidly-shifting-opinion.html )

But I suspect that, like me, the author of the note is not really that familiar with the United States, and it may well be that he misreads American opinion.

On how traumatic it can be for Jews everywhere to face up to the reality of what Israel has become, however, I think he is both right and illuminating.


Ever since I saw first the Hersh article at Moon of Alabama yesterday I have been searching at Google News to see which media outlets are reporting on it. I have tried various combinations of the keywords: Hersh, Obama, Syria, Erdogan, and sarin. So far not one of the main stream media online newspapers has posted any story related to this (also searched these keywords at Google and that showed all the blogs and other minor news sources that carried the story). If there was ever any doubt about there being media gatekeepers that quash important stories and that there is no longer a "free press" (if there ever was one), this example should make that clear.


I checked the NY Times and WaPo websites for mentions of the Hersh story. Nothing on the main page!

These two national "newspapers of record" were eager to trumpet the lies. But now, when the truth comes out, they suddenly get cold feet. Both should be thoroughly shamed and embarrassed.

If ever there was proof that leading media organs are thoroughly embedded with the government, this is it. They are little more than abject servants and propagandists.

Thank goodness for alternative site like this one!


My own research indicates that Obama was groomed by several people, mainly Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker and fellow billionaire George Soros. One big question is, how did he get such a plum speaking spot at the 2004 DNC convention when he was still a completely unknown Illinois state senator?

After hunting though my research notes I found these relevant articles:

George Soros Interview: A Very Good Crisis http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/business/story/0,28124,25211027-5018057,00.html
[NOTE: this excerpt is from my own archives, as the original article is no longer available at The Australian]
Soros held a fundraiser for Obama at his New York home and donated the maximum legal amount in June – June 2004, that is, before Obama had even been elected to the US Senate. Two years later he urged Obama to run for president, and when he did become a candidate Soros organised a meeting with other financiers in Soros’s own Wall Street office. The result is that after being a political outcast under the Bush administration and having little influence under Bill Clinton, Soros is confident that “at least I will get a hearing” in Washington. And he will use it to advocate radical regulatory and financial reform to rein in financiers like himself.

Here is Donna Brazile at Slate basically admitting the Obama plan was born early on… note that this article was written in Nov 2004, so Obama had already captured the hearts of many with his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue, Tapping into the “Obama” factor. http://www.slate.com/id/2109328/
This is a new moment to identify and recruit better messengers. Perhaps it’s time to tap into the “Obama” factor: Scour statehouses for young, energetic, inspiring, and emerging leaders with the ability to connect the head and heart.

More on Soros from 4/16/07 Money Chooses Sides http://nymag.com/news/politics/30634/

Penny Pritzker was an early wealthy sugar mama for Obama… On Penny Pritzker’s connections http://www.muckety.com/Penny-S-Pritzker/5970.muckety

Pritzker was rewarded for her efforts when she was nominated to be Commerce Chief.

Laura Wilson

DC, I think you have it right. Thank goodness for science and the British and thank goodness Obama (and it must be noted his generals) listened to them and changed course. This couldn't BE more different than the Bush Administration's approach to science-based information that challenged their road map.

I think we can be cynical about politicians and policy without lumping them all together…there are differences and those should be assessed.


it's all the Col's fault- really, no shxt. haha



Sibel Edmonds has a piece up, that says that the intercepted Turkish phone call about a false flag bombing of Aleppo is a fabrication from several, highly edited phone calls, and that it shows signs of it's assembly and a lack of characteristic features. http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2014/04/02/the-eyeopener-report-sibel-edmonds-examines-the-turkish-false-flag-leak/
She thinks that it is likely to be the work of the Guhlen organization, meant to discredit the government ahead of elections. In the past week I have learned that I have much to learn about modern Turkey.

Otherwise, Hersh's piece seems spot on, and of immense value. We owe Porton Down a debt of gratitude on this one. I had not thought that Turkey would be so deeply, or directly, involved in a false flag CW operation. This would seem to require a reexamination of US relations with Turkey.

As to Obama, I think he has performed admirably relative to Syria, despite poor information and advice on several sides. No one would have blinked, if he had launched some Tomohawks at Damascus, or had started to provide arms to the rebels directly. In fact, it was a shock that he delayed action, and sent the matter to Congress, which permitted reconsideration, and the opportunity for diplomacy and the Russians to provide an out. Would Hillary have handled this better? I doubt it, even though I think she was an above-average SoS. How would McCain have done, or Palin? Those were our choices, and here, I think we have the best set of hands.

Mark Logan


Obama's career is exceptional in the weakness of his opponents. Bill Clinton had a very colorful metaphor for it.

Babak Makkinejad

"...the best set of hands." and no doubt we are all living in the best of all possible worlds.

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