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02 April 2014


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How 'bout they return those years John Crossman spent in the slammer for being a "traitor"/whistle-blower.



Hey whats a few fudged test amoung "major allies"?


Nice...you just raised my blood pressure a couple more points.

Thanks for the info.


Great. I wonder how many aircraft losses were due to this sabotage?
"... Carmel Forge Ltd. in Israel, changed test results for more than 40,000 forged disks over 15 years"

Charles I

He really had at Israel for most of the show before Oren's segment in a fairly energetic emperor-has-no-clothes manner, quite a sight.


I expect the traitor's release during the Weakling In Chief's knee crawl to the Zionist Entity. And how come is it that I think this? Why, it'll be as a reward to The Lobby for not - you know - going completely nuts to derail the Hagel nomination. Chicago horse trading at its finest.

Would you like another example of said unprincipled horse trading? Yours but to ask...


So much for defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic, eh?


Thanks for the link. I work in that industry, and, yes, people get fired quick for fudging Quality data - sometimes.

Not sure this happened because the subsidiary is (based in?) Israel, but it may have been a factor. Pressure to produce more/faster/cheaper is global, and normal in modern corporations. It takes Managers with a moral center and/or a long-term view to resist that pressure to make the numbers look good today.

Judging by the results of their elections, it's easy to imagine that leaders with a moral center and long-term view might be hard to find there.

To be fair, the same could be said about the USA.


I wonder how many american airmen were either hurt or killed? But what the hell! 40,000 forged disks or the USS Liberty. Its only an oversight, an accident, no one knew it was american don't ya know? No one will be prosecuted for this either....


It certainly happens here. I used to work in the nuclear industry. Lack of quality controls forced a longterm shutdown of a nuclear plant, costing the rate payers millions:


Of course the management screw up that closed Crystal River unit 3 was worse, but don't worry the CEO who got fired is walking away with 44million. The thousand or so people who are losing their jobs won't have such a nice payout.


Well boys and girls looks like the fix is in... Who wants odds Pollard gets released?





Yes it happens here. But we normally prosecute. The question remains will we prosecute in this case?

William R. Cumming

Still no governing coalition in Israel?

William R. Cumming

When if ever was Bibi an American citizen and has he renounced that citizenship?


We now send whistleblowers to prison, and release individuals within our government that spy for foreign governments?

Ken Halliwell

Based on conversations with two retired Navy JAG Corps officers, they would love to see the USS Liberty attack reinvestigated. If for no other reason than to demonstrate that Navy JAG Corps can perform an objective and robust investigation when free to do so.

Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, some key witnesses are now dead and others have corroded memories of events. But as I have demonstrated with my research, there is much that can be discovered simply by reviewing and analyzing evidence presented during the original inquiry.

Edward Amame

How about this for a possible deal # 4?

“Immediately and without preconditions cease the settlement activity and to initiate a process of withdrawal from the settlements” and Pollard goes free.


IIRC Bush tried something similar with loan guarantees. Israel would say yes, and hold up their end of the bargain exactly as long as it took to get what they wanted, then go back to business as usual.


I think that Col. Lang's proposal is a wise one. I have one added recommendation: That he be appointed to be the chief investigator into the Liberty probe. I would also like to see more of the Pollard file declassified, especially the aspects dealing with Israel's double-dealing with the Soviets, using Pollard's stolen documents as trading material for Soviet agreement to allow Soviet Jews to migrate to Israel. I recall that then-Secretary of Defense Weinberger did a sealed affidavit to the Court in the Pollard sentencing process, in which he made clear the level of Israeli-Soviet collusion, which is why everyone inside the U.S. intelligence community who was privy to the Pollard file is adament that he should rot in an American jail until his dying day.


These words should be send in affirmative to all members of the Senate. Let's see what the big-mouth patriots' real allegiance is, to the US or the state of Israel...


It appears that the author of the Jewishpress story is yet another American who served in a army of a foreign country because he puts their interests ahead of those of the United States. Why are people who serve in foreign armies allowed to keep US citizenship?

Larry Kart

Let me ask a probably dumb question. What is the driving interest Netanyahu has in freeing Pollard? Is it to placate elements in the Mossad, and if so, what could be afoot/at issue there after all this time has passed? Are significant elements in Israel's body politic consumed by the issue of Pollard's fate? Are there things that Pollard could do or say that would be of great use to Israel if he were released? What am I missing here?



Effective espionage groups place a high premium on retrieving their people from situations like this. the word gets around if they don't and the work is more difficult. Any thought that the Mossad or IDF GS intelligence did not run Pollard behind a cut out or two is just laughable. The interest of political groups, rabbis and Pollard's wife is helpful to them. actually I testified about this kind of thing before a congressional panel in the Plame affair. Its on Utube. pl


How about we say No, no f**king way, and f**k you jack.

Our excuse? We're not freiers.
To the uninitiated: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=freier

Nancy K

He probably wouldn't have to renounce US citizenship, if he ever had it. Israeli's can have dual citizenship.

steve g

Col Lang:

Ater viewing the Youtube testimony
one could conclude our assets with
regard to any humint have been vastly
degraded as witness to all the "surprises"
and "reactionary" responses to events
of late. Congress is indeed supine and
irrelevant to all matters regarding the
rule of law and Constitution issues a
virtual doormat to the Current Occupant
whomever that may be.

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