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18 April 2014


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The US spies on the phone conversations and emails,AIPAC has undue influence on our Congress and there is war on the middle-class were all considered conspiracy theories until the news reports that all are true. Still, the American people for the most part go back to sleep and dream of winning Dancing with Idols.


Unfortunately this news will bounce of the thick skulls of our Congressmen like marshmellows of an Easter Island head. They will continue to make speeches about there being no daylight between our interests and Israel's, how they are our best friend. Like high-class whores they're paid well for being used.



Just who do propose would make such a public examination?

I bet those of old standbys of Journalistic excellence. The Washington Post, and NY Times will hop right on it.

Larry Kart

FWIW, the JUF (Jewish United Fund) in the Chicago area said on April 19 that the leaflets are forgeries that were distributed by provocateurs in an attempt to make one side look more fascist than the other. A "false flag" operation of sorts. But again the JUF in my area is pouring cold water on the would-be flames, not fanning them.

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