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24 April 2014


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Special thanks to David H. for pointing to the pedigree of the source on the alleged Aegis incident. He is indeed well-respected and qualified. And in carefully re-reading the article, I am convinced that the comments on the 27 resignations, which defy logic, did not come from the General. I think that the Loren Thompson article on four ways the crisis in Ukraine could escalate into a tactical nuclear exchange or worse, is most relevant to the issues being discussed in the comments to my initial brief posting. Clearly events in eastern Ukraine from Easter Sunday onward make for greater concern about a slippery slope to a bigger conflict. Obama is pushing sanctions against opposition in Germany, Italy, Britain and elsewhere in Europe. He has some daffy idea that he can snap his fingers and magically provide Europe with an instant alternative source of energy. Under the best of circumstances, deliveries of LNG from the dubious US reserves or from other sources would require three years to put the needed infrastructure in place to convert the gas to liquid for shipment and reconvert to gas on the receiving end. Punish Russia down the line by cutting off a revenue stream? Maybe. Putin goes to China in May and there is a good chance they will sign a 30-year gas deal, including a $22 billion pipeline project, giving Russia a longterm alternative market. I doubt the Chinese will drop the negotiations at this moment due to pressure from Obama, who just is finishing an Asia tour of "allies" which the Chinese see as a containment mission.


The original article i read about the incident said the Russians completely caused the entire Aegis system to "go down." This seems so exaggerated, just like the claim all the sailors "resigned " because they were so terrified, that i feel this must be deliberate propaganda. The purpose might even be simply to sell their jamming equipment. As for Putin's actions in Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya..... that isn't proof enough that he would love to slice off pieces of pretty much all the Baltic republics. Why do you think the Baltics were in such a hurry to join NATO? They knew Russia could go back to the way it used to be in a heartbeat. Remember Ukraine bargained away the nuclear missiles it had after the dissolution of the USSR in exchange for territorial integrity. Look how those Russian promises look now. What is America supposed to do, sit on our ass and watch as Russia keeps pushing waiting for some country to push back? Poland doesn't think so. America is there by invitation. Russia was never so polite. The Poles remember what happened directly following WW2. The Russians are using precisely the same tactics as USSR used following WW2 which allowed them to take and hold all of Eastern Europe for 40 years.

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