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25 April 2014


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Charles I

One of my strongest childhood memories is being up late as an 8 or 9 year old watching tv news at night, must of been around 1967 or 68. A white soldier was standing waist deep in a flooded crater, had a Asian man by the hair, kept forcing him under the water and then screaming at him over and over again.

I grew up to be a big burly crazy guy, fairly antisocial, but not violent at all, and my default reactive sympathies are still almost always with the entity on the receiving end. Mostly because I was at the bottom of sibling order in a sick family, but this image I can feel it, see it still.


The lunatics-in-power cannot wait for another massive slaughter of human beings:


Brutal but true:

"Washington is demanding that the Russian government pull the rug out from under the protesting populations in eastern and southern Ukraine and force the Russian populations in Ukraine to submit to Washington’s stooges in Kiev. Washington also demands that Russia renege on the reunification with Crimea and hand Crimea over to Washington so that the original plan of evicting Russia from its Black Sea naval base can go forward.
In other words, Washington’s demand is that Russia put Humpty Dumpty back together again and hand him over to Washington:"



It might have been possible for the West and Russia to work together to fix Ukraine. Putin seemed to be open to that. But the EU decided to get cute and issue a them-or-us ultimatum to Yanukovych. There was always going to be tension but the present mess was entirely avoidable.

Thank you for that link. As Meade wrote, it took some time for Grant to figure out that Lee wasn't Braxton Bragg....

Charels Dekle

Col Lang,
Thank you for MII. I used to perform an oversight function for MDAPs. When a program manager would spin their very best power point presentation for us, I used the term Faith Based Engineering or FBE. An excellent example was the Future Combat System. I think that I like MII better.


Spread the word. pl


There is a link to interviews with a person named Tsygichko that are very interesting. He seems to have been simultaneously an outcast and in demand. The funniest part (it is pretty bleak) is that early in his career he was pressured to rescind some analysis, and decided he could afford to refuse because he already had received his doctorate. LOL. A more consequential gem is that Soviet planning held 7 psi overpressure as lethal, and this was supposedly based on Nazi data gathered on dogs; while the US used 40 psi. A recurring theme is the completely unhinged-from-reality nature of their planning. Also they were not targeting US silos, as their own testing had indicated that they were so vulnerable at US spacings, that obviously they were for first use and would be empty.

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