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15 April 2014


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I missed nothing. You are a creationist and just don't want to admit it.


Hilarious. Evolution has been around about 160 years and in that short period of time it hasn't found every fossil necessary to prove its main thesis to people like you to your satisfaction yet your good book has been around for thousands of years and still hasn't proven one single thing nor can any of you who take it literally prove anything in it. I'd say when evolution has been around for thousands of years it will have a much better track record of proof than anything in your good book.

Have you folks found that ark yet? Oh yea, it's in a Kentucky theme park. LOL.


Conflating theory with fact: the GCP experience


Hence, the limits of psychology.

As a kid I wanted to learn what made people tick, like most young folks I suppose.

So, I began studying psychology in college. I quickly found that there was a much broader scope and deeper understanding of the human condition to be found in literature rather than the social sciences. At least for me.


Not very likely. The science of 1914 isn't laughed at today. Among other things, it powers your car and heats your home.

Real science is seldom laughed at, even in retrospect. For but one example, Newtonian mechanics has been supplanted by better idealizations, but for the vast majority of our interactions with the physical world, Newton's idealizations are perfectly accurate. And his work is a lot older than a mere century.

Science is a process and a product, and its product is a set of idealizations of how the natural world works. Those idealizations may get improved and revised over time, but that doesn't make the older versions laughable. It just makes the newer versions better, and often only slightly.

Peter Brownlee

You do not seem to understand scientific methodology and appear to be using non-scientific/religious terminology rather carelessly -- what are "tempore tantrums", please?

Peter Brownlee

As Carl Sagan said decades (!) ago, we are made of star stuff.


Supernovas are theory?

Whatever ...


Stephanie wrote:

'The Catholic Church recognizes Darwinian evolution within a theistic context.'

This is true. I went to a Catholic elementary (through 7th grade, in the 60's) and those of us in the class who transferred to public school at that point were significantly more advanced in math/science than our new public school counterpoints. About half of those who transferred (mostly for monetary reasons) and a number of those who went on to Catholic high school chose technical careers.

We studied religion in religion class and science in science class. There is nothing wrong with understanding both concepts as long as they are placed in the proper context. The problem today with the creationist types is instead of teaching their religious concepts in their homes or their own private schools they want to impose their religious concepts on public school science classes and other areas in the public sphere. They should learn to keep their religion to themselves in these areas.


Still can't define speciation and wailing on a straw man. Keep it up GCP.


No the fact that the elements of life came from supernovas.


I would say that's an amazing case of the pkt calling the kettle black. Theres already been several good points on the failings of the theory of evolution, and they should be easy to answer if evolution is so bulletproof.

Instead youre acting like someone challenged your article of faith in the high cult of Dawkins.


Nah. Just that there's serious questions about evolution that leave holes you could drive a truck through. Just admit you're a cultist about evolution broseph.


A tempore tantrum is me hitting the wrong letter on my phone, you silly cint.


By fighting the same battles you mean straw manning their opponents with CAVEMEN RIDING DINOSAURS.

Its like arguing with global warming cultists.


Okay Stephanie, answer the questions Babak posed in your own words instead of doing the passive aggressive written equivalent of rolling your eyes and declaring, like a true leftist, the science is settled and can we stop talking about this please.

Babak Makkinejad

Gould, rather than admitting that Darwinian mechanisms cannot give rise to either life or new species, coined a new phrase "Punctuated Equilibrium" to obfuscate the profound ignorance of scientific community in regards to the origin of species and origin of life.

Punctuated equilibrium, did not supply a plausible research program nor a plausible framework within which one could carry out research which would explain such things as the evolution of man or the co-evolution of plants and flying insects.

Or take cilia; only a dogmatic person would insist that such a structure could be the result of random mutations and changes.

You state they are tired of arguing the same point over and over again; that might be true but that also is part of their duty to expound on areas where human knowledge is adequate and also admit as to where it is not.

Many physicists write popularized science books on Quantum Theory, Cosmology etc. for the scientifically illiterate - rehashing the same material over and over again. But they make money and lay claim to some limited fame and never complain about having gone over the same trite material.

The creationist, like their Wahabi counterparts, no doubt wish to remain ignorant. That is a problem of protestantism but the evolutionary biologists must also refrain from feeding the rest of us fables and admit ignorance when it is warranted.

I think that Gould and his ilk were indeed carrying out an anti-religious agenda which they are loath to admit.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your detailed and meaty rebuttal of my assertions.

Alba Etie

Off topic completely - but what do you reckon will be the final deposition of the Bliven Family grazing stand off with the BLM ? And it looked liked armed militia where pointing sniper rifles from the bridge at the Federal officers down in the draw , what are we to make of that apparent threat of deadly force against Federal Officers ? . Is the Sage Brush Rebellion about to reignite out West ? Did it ever really go away ?

William R. Cumming

Stephanie! Even Professor Gould missed it. He had concluded
that human evolution ended about 50K years ago and now only about cultural evolution.

One example: Lactose intolerance. The norm! But abot 6000 years ago two cattle cultures arose. The Danes [Celts?] and the Masai in Africa, where in both cultures genetic evolution allowed adults to become lactose tolerant.



Where did those supernova's come from? Just keep repeating. "And where did that come from?"



And the supernovas came from????????

Not necessary for you to respond; I am certain
you can work out how a continued discussion
would go.

USMC 1965-1972
FBI 1972-1996


I have it on reliable source from someone high in BLM's law enforcement arm that it was the closest they came to dying (their personal opinion ). BLMs uniformed branch of rangers number something like 400, and Special Agents half that I believe. Something like 2000 plus people against that. There were snipers on both sides and it would have been a blood bath if someone had pulled a trigger.

Personally what do they expect when Obama makes law via executive fiat, a dead Border Patrol Agent lies unjustified, illegal alien criminals are beatified, BUT HEY WE GOT TO MAKE SURE THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT IS FOLLOWED NATION OF LAWS MAN!

In other words when you decide to only follow the laws you want don't be surprised when other people get the same idea.

There is a very strong sentiment that I pick up around here that favors 'my neighbor' over 'my nation'. I imagine this will give heart to other people looking to defy the FedGov.


Gould's mismeasure of man is PC good think dogma and his assertion that "human evolution ended" is pretty obviously him rolling on his side and pissing himself while exposing his belly to his academia master begging 'pwease don't hurt me".


"They should learn to keep their religion to themselves..."
Yes, please get those elected officials of ours to outlaw actually putting religious beliefs into action. Who do these people think they are, Americans or something. What other rights will you take away next?

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