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03 April 2014


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“some of the world's strongest fighting units…” The Roman legions destroyed the sacred band of thebes in combat. All that socialization via pederastry didn’t help the Thebens that day and lack of socialization via pederastry didn’t hinder the legionaires combat abilities. The US army doesn’t exist to socialize via pederastry or to promote diversity however defined.


Are you high? Human civilization has been one long saga of my tribe versus your tribe. This forced multi cult nonsense is artificial and I.poised from above by our "elites", and will end in bloodshed in my lifetime, if not the Colonel's.


Did I have to serve to understand men?


The median household income in the US is approximately $50,000. Perhaps $44,000 is not enough if one has a family, but it is not that far below the median.

And if $44,000 is considered poverty level, much of the nation lives in poverty.

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