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06 March 2014


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Sadly I agree on the first two bits, at least until the next serious land war. Thisis all about checking boxes on OERs and has little to do with the actual mechanics of a light infantry unit.

I disagree on SF though - I think even if women are 'allowed' the reality on the ground is that those men operate on such a high op tempo/skill set that they don't have time for war poseurs, nor will they tolerate such officers. Especially not with their lives on the line.

On the other hand, you are a Colonel of Special Forces,and likely know better than me (at best a 'local auxiliary') in these matters.



I think the book author's medieval metaphor is pleasing only to those who think they will be in the new feudal aristocracy. The Principate, which the blog's host has referred too, is a better reference to what is happening in America. These folks are dangerous to the American way of life as their very ideas about a need to create a 'new world order' show they have no concern about the people who make of the human race; other than their own intellectual brothers and sisters. Don't forget what the Jacobins did to the French during their revolution.



I suppose that there are women who can do the SF life. Surely there are not many. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Like Marshall who saved the world from World War III when Bernard Baruch and his cohorts were plotting to start it.


Sir, give President Obama credit (for Gen Dempsey's appointment). that was very smart IMHO.

William R. Cumming

Are the Frackers anywhere in the Ukraine and/or Crimea?


A flash? Very fitting. The Age of the Narcissist would end in the Big Selfie. Instead of MAD there would be SAD, Self-Assured Destruction. Obama's last presidential order right before being sent to eternal vacation would be 'wait for Helle!'



Few and far between, if any. I had a platoon sergeant who was an RI back during the Clinton years and participated in an abortive attempt to open up Ranger School to females.

All but one failed the male standard PT test, and none could keep up on the ruck marches. This entire social experiment is just more liberal do gooder "We are all born equal" nonsense.



Just like the Ukraine, which is why Russia put restrictions on NGOs a while back. One aspect of the situation in Ukraine is they weren't really a nation with a cohesive state, so they were easy pickings.



There may be a few muscle bound Joan of Arc types out there. Women arrived at WP while I taught there. The PT training all had to be modified to keep them off the hospital list. pl

David Habakkuk


The attempt to subordinate the U.S. military to feminist values is quite clearly absolute and unconditional lunacy.

Actually it is not simply a matter of 'we are all born equal'. Out of this has developed a lunatic assumption that we are all fundamentally identical.

You noted the shift from the – at least not simply stupid – objective of trying to clear ‘Al Qaeda/Taliban’ out of Afghanistan, to the absurd project of trying to turn that country into Iowa.

The underlying mentality is the same as that which wants to go from an argument about the equality of women, which one may or may not dispute, to the preposterous suggestion that they can do all the things men can.

The reverse suggestion, which is equally preposterous, is that there are no things that women can do which men cannot do as well or better.

The whole mentality is ‘soft totalitarian’. It is a complete disaster.

nick b

They're trying.

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, it is just the application of the Hindu Doctrine of Atman; a universal common self that is shared among all living entities. Within that doctrine, as I am sure you know, all differences are illusionary and are part of Maya.

It is interesting that Christians have embraced it in as much as that religion posits the opposite doctrine of the uniqueness of each individual self.

Babak Makkinejad


Ambassador Peter Jenkins on EU & Ukraine



Wasn't the Emperor Valerian captured by the Shapur I? It seems the hubris of Western leaders certainly hasn't changed in 2,000 years.


Mr. Habakkuk,

Its insane to those of us that aren't drinking the egalitarian kool aid. To the Frankfurt School types who are currently pulling all the levers of power, it makes perfect sense.

I once wrote a pretty lengthy essay for a friend describing how there were certain pillars to a traditional productive society. The military is one of them, along with culture, borders, the family, and religion. What we've seen is systematic infiltration and/or destruction of each of these in order to bring about some sort of prophesied utopia that always seems to be another million corpses down the road.

What's happening to the military is disgusting, but there's a "logic" at work here, if your end goal is the disruption of Western culture and values.



My understanding was that Saint Joan was an orator more so than a combatant, but I am 100% in agreement with you that the extreme majority (let's say 99%) of women are not fit for the combat arms, and the idea that we need to break down everything to serve the possible 1% that may possibly make it is lunacy.

I saw first hand the amount of photo op, internal IO bullshit that surrounded the USMC's "Team Lioness". What a joke - send in the grunts to make sure everything is okay, leave behind a PUC (Person Under Control), and then watch as Team Lioness 'storms' a 'fortified compound' and 'captures a dangerous insurgent'.

This would be funny if there wasn't so much at stake.


We are now in uncharted territory for the first time since the Cuban crisis in my opinion. As far as my memory goes that was the last time there was what passes for a direct military confrontation between Two great powers.

Proxy wars don't count. Accidental or "by design" confrontations in international waters and airspace doesn't count. None of these involve direct existential threats to ones homeland as the threat of Soviet missiles in Cuba did or the possibility of American missiles in Ukraine does now.

He actions of successive American Administrations, starting with Bush II and now Obama demonstrate that no American Government can be trusted to adhere to any principles whatsoever. Not its own Constitution. Not international law. Not the Nuremberg principles. Not the Declaration of human rights. Not, perhaps most importantly, the Golden Rule.

What we are seeing, I believe, is a naked grab by America for power as world hegemon. To put that another way, no matter what "negotiated settlement" is proposed for Ukraine, America cannot be trusted to adhere to it, for example by not basing NATO assets or "defensive" missiles in that country. The only rational response to American pressure on Russia to disengage is going to be a resounding "Nyet!" To put that another way whenever I hear Obama, Nudelman, RIce, Powers etc. I keep hearing: "This is my last territorial demand".

The trouble with such ideas of divine authorisation is that they ignore the first rule of human behaviour: that a bad actor can make more trouble for you, than you can for him, which is the cornerstone of all forms of social organisation. Will this lesson have to be finally taught to America? What will it take, the loss of Five aircraft carriers? What will the "Varus! Give me back my legions" moment be? Where is Americas Teutoburger wald?

Unlike Americans, Russian and European peoples have direct, personal experience of warfare and I hope it reflects in their Governments and politicians thinking over the Ukraine, it obviously isn't reflected in the thinking of the war mongers: Obama, Rice. Powers and Nudelman. The American lumpenproletariat, if they think at all, still believe the BS that the apparent success of America since WWI is attributable to the perfection of its ideology instead of a happy accident of geography and circumstance. What will it take to disabuse them of this idea? Thermonuclear war and a thousand year dark age?

My advice to Ukrainian admirers of the warmongers is to buy a good bicycle and a few bottles of Scotch and carefully plan your route to the Polish border. Even then it is debatable, perhaps thermonuclear cremation on your home soil might be a more satisfying thought.


Milo was a bastard . . . once you had plotted him/them burning through one community it didn't take a lot of imagination as to how they would burn through the next, they were those kind of people . . .

Babak Makkinejad

I think that you are picking on the Great Satan rather unjustly. For it is quite clear that the Midget Satans of the European Union have also been quite complicit in bringing about what has been transpiring in that Border Country.

I do not see any dissension among Europeans leaders with a policy that flirts with nuclear war and almost certainly will lead to decades of strife in East Central Europe.

But may be all of this is just so much storm in a tea cup; I heard that Berlusconi is getting married for a thirds time.

different clue

Wasn't it the Clinton Administration which broke the promise not to advance NATO? And wasn't it the Clinton Administration which sent the "Harvard Gang" economists to Yeltsin's Russia to lead and advise the Russian government into steps and actions designed to open all Russian public assets to private looting and to destroy the Russian economy as much as possible? That is what I think I remember.

If so, then President Clinton first created the massive distrust of which you write.

David Habakkuk


In relation to the escalatory potentials of this situation, the passions liable to be aroused by the readiness of the U.S. and E.U. to identify themselves with West Ukrainian nationalists should not be underestimated.

An article by Patrick Cockburn which has just appeared in the ‘Independent’ deals with the Lviv pogrom of July 1941, to which ‘harry’ referred in a previous thread, recalling the murder of his uncle’s family. An excerpt:

‘I thought about Lviv again last week when I saw a sentence in a newspaper referring to it as “a bastion of Ukrainian nationalism”.

‘I wondered just how much the writer knew about Ukrainian nationalists in Lviv and the strong evidence that, in 1941, they had played a leading role in one of the horror stories of the Second World War.

‘This was the Lviv pogrom of 1 July 1941, when thousands of Jews were dragged from their homes, beaten and executed by either German troops or their Ukrainian helpers. Ukrainian politicians and historians have denied complicity, but surviving Jewish victims, other witnesses and contemporary photographs prove that Ukrainian militiamen and mobs of supporters carried out the pogrom, though the Germans oversaw it and committed many of the murders.’

Drawing on a study by the Canadian-Ukrainian historian Professor John-Paul Himka, Cockburn notes that the pogrom:
‘was primarily carried out by the militia of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) acting under German auspices. It happened quickly after the German occupation because the OUN wanted to show “the Germans that it shared their anti-Jewish perspectives and that it was worthy to be entrusted with the formation of a Ukrainian state”.

(See http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/to-see-what-ukraines-future-may-be-just-look-at-lvivs-shameful-past-9178968.html )

Actually it was not simply Jews who were murdered. The purge of the Polish ruling elite in the area initiated by Stalin was carried on by the Germans and their Ukrainian allies. Among the transcripts of the bugged conversations among captured German generals recorded at Trent Park, one finds the following explanation by General Rothkirch to General von Choltitz:

‘Of course masses of people were shot at Lvov. Thousands of them! First the Jews, then Poles who were also shot in thousands, non-Jews, the whole aristocracy and great landed proprietors and masses of students.’

As Cockburn notes, one cannot simply assume that the present generation of Ukrainian nationalists are ideological descendants of pro-Nazi Ukrainians. The truth actually appears to be that many aren’t, but some, and in particular some of the most active and influential, may well be.

In any case, it might perhaps be advisable if people like Victorian Nudelman/Nuland, and Mr and Mrs Sikorski looked a little more closely at who some of their little friends are.

Similarly, before Hilary Clinton compared Putin to Hitler she might perhaps have reflected on the fact that he was born in what was then Leningrad eight years after the end of the siege, and that his older brother died as a child of diptheria in the siege.


the events in Ukraine "constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."
If only there were words "the events on Wall Street" followed by a decree to freeze assets of the principal Wall Street' fraudsters

Babak Makkinejad

They also destroyed pensions as well as private savings - USSR had a very very large private savings in the banks.

William R. Cumming

As to women in the military first ban wearing of skirts when on duty even ceremonial or otherwise. Being a loader in SP-artillery a very tough job physically!

ALL: What does the Ukraine actually have in the way of Armed Forces?

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