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06 March 2014


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Imagination? you think it was your job to imagine subject matter for your reports? pl

Charles I

I think also the Oct Announcement by the FED that they would continue dollar auctions to the ECB, which preceded the release of the Oct and Jan FED minutes alluding to QE tapering, gave the markets a heads up when factoring in the tapering correction, which has amounted to nothing.


John H,
you said "On the other hand, the will of a handful of Ukrainian oligarchs is trumpeted as democracy"

the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on line edition has an interesting article explaining the sudden news a few days ago that the Ukrainian (Yerseniuk) government nominated two oligarchs to leading positions in the Eastern Ukraine. I recommend for readers of SST who do not read German to have it translated for them. In nutshell it says that the oligarchs have their assets spread all over Ukraine, so it is in their interest to keep Ukraine together and prevent the break-up. The tactics of Yanukovich would end up in split, was the calculation of the oligarchs and that is why they decided to stop supporting him. The main figure behind the scene seems to be Rinat Achmetov who is ethnic Tatar. The people in the ukrainian streets were not fighting for the oligarchs to take over (again, as in 2008) and there is embarrassed silence, or even some contrived comparisons to the alliance of Churchill and Roosevelt with Stalin – in order to defeat Hitler.(or in clearer language – 'opposition must ally itself in great need with an unwelcome partner' ).

nick b

Quite possible, but I think the spike in the Euro after the ECB announcement was largely the result of short covering.


Thank you, Fred...

Apparently we need to be careful with what we peruse...

Aye, we need to be wary of elitists...

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