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25 March 2014


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The Twisted Genius

Charles I and Norbert Salamon,

Here's another video of changing borders that starts in 486 A.D. It's easier to follow in full screen mode. And yes, Charles I, I have to admit to feeling a visceral pride in seeing the Grand Duchy of Lithuania extend from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Childish perhaps, but the feeling can't be denied.




As David points out above, Putin's speech is about looking after Russia's interests.

“Are we ready to consistently defend our national interests, or will we forever give in, retreat to who knows where?”

This is realpolitik. The system of international relations has been broken thanks to this crisis (the US bombing Syria would have caused this break at that time),so one has to be practicable to survive and that is what Russia is doing. Their intelligence services read the western newspapers and works from the think tanks, and know what policy theories are being presented to political leaders. It is even open to us as these same people bloviate on TV about surrounding Russia. Putin would have accepted an EU Ukraine (without NATO) if the government implemented the transitional agreement that was diplomatically negotiated. Once it was broken (violently) and the US says accept this fait accompli, Russia could no longer retreat.

Yes, Ukraine is poor and broke. Unfortunately they have been sold a pie in the sky dream of prosperity and it came from snake oil specialists.

In December, I was optimistic that the worse was over as diplomacy seemed to bring rational sanity in regards to the flash points of Iran and Syria. Today I join with you and Col Lang, it appears bleak with vain leaders, delirious courtiers,and sycophantic cheerleaders. In a positive vein, the professionals behind the scenes could be making progress in de-escalation. The silence from the military establishment should be seen in this light.



Yes to both.



I composed and posted this first before reading your post on the above thread about your definition of Myth.

Yes I agree with you that Putin has a Russian myth to give a basis for rebuilding a society devastated by the failed Communist and 90s Western economic experiments. That leaders are talking past each other is a grave danger.


As I suspected, the vultures (bond vigilantes) have already circled, "Ukraine Versus the Vultures"



Great post, David, as have been many of your observations about this issue, imho.

Charles Dekle

Thank you. I love timelines like this.

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