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20 March 2014


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patrick lang


Having escaped for now the calamity of nuclear war, we should offer human sacrifice on the mall to appease the wrath of Ares and father Zeus. Nominations? pl

Charles I



America could without loss and further ado sacrifice in descending order Nuland, the Kagans, Kristol, McCain, Biden, Kerry and, while at it, the whole bunch of neocon lunatics.

Simply because it was their original intent and idea to sacrifice Ukrainians, Russians and lord knows who else on the altar of their outsized egos and, naturally, their outsized ideas of more or less benevolent American Overlordship over the places where these people happen to live.

I will, on the occasion, break fast and have one of my best scotch tonight. The toast will be: To sanity!


My bet is that Europe will not take any "painful" sanctions if things say as they are. Crimea is special, we get it. Laurent Fabius explicitly acknowledged that the delivery of French warships to Russia was merely "suspended" rather than "cancelled".

If Putin goes crazy and invades Eastern Ukraine, then drastic economic retorsion is very likely to happen, partly to defend our new BFF in Kiev, and partly out of sheer fear for our own (there were unhelpful noises in Moscow about Baltic countries recently).

But... he won't! So the "crisis" phase is essentially over. Champagne!


So having escaped killing lots of people, we should now kill some people to celebrate? There is a lacuna there that escapes my decrepit mental processes.
Although, as Stalin is purported to have said: "no man, no problem."
It is funny how progressive and socialist nations find it necessary to kill many or their own and others to enforce their ideals. And yet no matter how much the killing, their ideals just never take. I guess the only acceptable answer is to kill even more. If the Ukrainian Holdomor was not enough, bring on the Stalin purges and murders, if that was insufficient bring on Mao and the great leaps, if that is still to statistically unsatisfying, bring on Pol Pot and genocide.
War can temporarily defuse issues. The Civil war defused the tariff issues that the north wanted to impose, WWII defused the world wide depression.

Medicine Man

Col.: Kristol, Krauthammer, the Kagans, basically all of the unreconstructed Neocons; the fact that there were no consequences to any of these people after Iraq may yet cost us all dearly.

Like confusedponderer I may sacrifice a bottle of JD to my liver after this mess.



I am not a pacifist like you. I would placate the ancestral gods with the blood of those who almost destroyed us. pl


Can we start by burning Kerry's wig?

Seriously, though, the nonchalance with which this statement is issued makes me wonder if the strategy isn't to lure Putin into an occupation of the Ukraine; to swallow a poison pill of sorts in retribution for meddling with the plans for Syria. The Ukraine was good for Russia so long as it was "off the books" but in its loose control. If Putin puts it on the books and absorbs its costs and cash flow and is now responsible for policing it fulltime, it will be a major burden, not to mention al Qaeda is fond of the Tatars and al Qaeda now works for the U.S. as is witnessed in Syria.

And Biden…I don't even listen to him anymore and I have to believe the Russians think he's a clown and laugh at him. Even with a sock in his mouth he'd be intolerable. What a perfect pick for VP. What is it with VPs?


I nominate Bill Kristol. From an item at TalkingPointsMemo this week:

...The forever-bellicose Kristol writes in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard that all this talk of the country's "war-weariness" is nothing more than "an excuse to avoid maintaining our defenses or shouldering our responsibilities."

"...Will no brave leader step forward to honorably awaken us from our unworthy sleep?" he writes.


You can't make this stuff up.

David Habakkuk


‘War can temporarily defuse issues.’

Not uncommonly, war can definitively settle issues. Sometimes this unambiguously for the better, sometimes unambiguously for the worst, sometimes it is difficult if not indeed impossible, to reach any conclusion.

The defeat of Hitler is I think a clear case of an issue well settled by war. But the intellectual, and moral, shallowness of contemporary American, and British, elites is revealed in the way that they obsessively portray their adversary of the moment as the new Hitler.

In so doing, they both trivialise some of their own people’s most important historical achievements, and make it virtually inevitable that they will make one egregious foreign policy blunder after another.

Sooner or later, these blunders may lead us into catastrophe. In relation to Ukraine, I have been relatively sanguine about the short-term possibilities of escalation to apocalypse involved in the current situation. Looking longer term, however, the prospect seems to me much bleaker.

I would have thought that it ought to be clear to anyone reading Putin’s speech that he was endeavouring to bring out the special nature of the Crimean situation. Quite patently, he was seeking to explain that his readiness to reabsorb the peninsula into Russia did not mean he was all agog to send tanks into the remainder of Ukraine, let alone the Baltics, Georgia, Poland, Germany, France etc etc.

However, it seems clear that Western establishments simply cannot grasp what he is trying to say, and attribute to him ‘revisionist’ aspirations that he quite patently does not have.

It is also in my view now reasonably clear that underlying the current crisis is the fact that there are important sections of U.S. elites who do quite genuinely aspire to something that might be called ‘world domination’. Moreover, important sections of European elites are happy to collude with them – with the British being particularly salient offenders, perhaps due to the difficulty of shaking off ‘Connie Sachs syndrome.’

Such aspirations seem liable to end, sooner or later, in apocalyptic conflagration.

Some sense of danger needs to be reintroduced into American, and British, political arguments. Something has to be done to stop the apparently pervasive assumption that failure, in those in high office, has no consequences.


Cass Sunstein, and Samantha Powers in addition to those other R2P idiots mentioned.

Oh and Sen Juan McCain as well.


"...'Will no brave leader step forward to honorably awaken us from our unworthy sleep' he writes."

`readerOfTeaLeaves quoting Kristol

Kristol's an ass and metaphors, whilst a love them, don't always work as intended. You never know what you're going to get when you wake someone up. My wife and children are prime examples. They're Col. Kurtz's kind of soldiers when you try to wake them up in the morning. Vaccinated arms are just a warm up. I wrote about waking the wife up a while back. Here's what I said:

"The bedroom was a tomb, cold and dark, and the sleep machine filled it with the sound of bacteria hard at work amplified a million times. You do not jar my wife awake. She must be gently roused with a slight wiggle of the toe, and a languid “it’s time to get up.” If you are abrupt with her in any way, you’ll pay dearly for your transgression. Think Lorena Bobbitt on Angel Dust (PCP). Over the years, I perfected a method of rousing her without losing my penis and I employed that tried and true method before exiting the room."

If Kristol values his penis, assuming he has one and its workable, he might want to be careful about waking people up.


The ancestral gods have their own devices.

The most destructive of The Furies is Gelomene** (she who ridicules); leave it to her.

** spelled variously


"we should offer human sacrifice on the mall to appease the wrath of Ares and father Zeus. Nominations? pl "

congress (perhaps with some exceptions), and the major lobbyist in DC. then we can fix some of the internal issues too! like having a real and accountable government.



After the neocon hierarchy and their press mouthpieces and retweeters make sure to include the PhD political scientist professors who indoctrinate the ideology. Oh, and don’t forget to invite Jane Fonda.


Here here. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you.



"The Civil war defused the tariff issues that the north wanted to impose..."

Are you serious? Obama's hero Lincoln didn't try for a political solution to a tariff issue, he started a war - one war killed close to 10% of the male population of the Republic if not more. It destroyed the economies of all the Southern states and most of the infrastructure as well. What a way to solve a ‘tariff’ issue. Of course the Russian Federation has 10,000 nuclear weapons and we have 14,000. A war would kill most of us in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know about you but I don’t give a damn about the Ukrainians nor do I feel I have any moral obligation to free them, democratize them or fix their corrupt economic system. Let all those neocons and assorted do-gooders feel free to move over there and spend their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to help create a government of, by and for Ukrainians (and the Estonians, Latvians and – no offense to TTG – the Lithuanians too).

Babak Makkinejad

You wrote:

" that there are important sections of U.S. elites who do quite genuinely aspire to something that might be called ‘world domination’. Moreover, important sections of European elites are happy to collude with them – with the British being particularly salient offenders"

Yes Mr. Habakkuk: the Iranian Government calls it "the Global Arrogance".


A false assumption: that anyone in the WH plays a deep game.


@ toto
"If Putin goes crazy and invades Eastern Ukraine, ..."

I doubt he will need to. I suspect the vast majority of Ukrainians who aren't fascists are waking up to the neo-Nazi horror our neo's have foisted upon them. I hope that there is truth in reports that the Ukrainian army is working to intercept arms shipments to the 'national guard', the new Pravy Sektor/Svoboda Waffen SS. As soon as enough anarchy and fear set in, patriotic elements of the Ukrainian army can strike, rounding up neo-Nazi leadership, establishing an interim government, and announcing a hard-date for free elections.

Civil war? Not if a decisive majority of the people view the current government as not only illegitimate but unable to govern the country. I can't imagine the Russians aren't trying to do what they can to facilitate such an outcome.

How much control does Yatsenyuk have over his neo-Nazi ministers? Are they going to obey his orders, relayed from foreign masters? It seems to me that there is a fundamental and irreconcilable divergence of interest there. Are the neo-Nazis smart enough to bend until Western money starts flowing in and too much Western 'prestige' is on the line for Yats' backers to change course? They have a significant bargaining chip in the not necessarily explicitly articulated threat of a reprise of the 2nd Russian Revolution.


Brennan, Clapper and Alexander are only fitting for Zeus. The others previously mentioned would be tossed back as strictly garbage by Ares.

steve g

Charles I and Tyler:

I would add the nom de guerre to
the "Senior Senator of Arizona the
uncontested Jack D.Ripper McCain",
he who has steadfastly protected the
nation and its bodily fluids from
contamination by the various proxies
of the unclean and misbegotten not soon
or ever to be remembered. Cigars
for all, Mandrake!!


Putin makes a move toward one of the Baltic states, all NATO members.
Then what?



Armageddon. pl


And let's not forget the neocon funders like Sheldon Adelson. I assume there are others...

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