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28 March 2014


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William R. Cumming




Interesting; however, in your opinion is there anything that can be done about it now?

Not to change the subject of the thread but did anyone else see these reports? Think these have any substance or are they just trial balloons being floated by Bibi's people?



No, round up the actual criminals and their coconspirators who endanger the Republic.



Yes. Americans can stop sacrificing their own interests for a little country that cares nothing for ours. pl

Jose L Campos

I remember distinctly NPR giving the news that 600 units of something had been missing from a nuclear deposit, I believe it was a naval outfit. I remember this distinctly because there was no follow up. If the jewels of some society matron had been stolen the papers would have covered the theft for days and days. In this most important case nothing.
Some time later, months? years? there was a blinding flash of light in the South Atlantic. The fact was reported and no follow up. I put these two reports together and figured that those that had stolen the nuclear material had created a weapon that was detonated in the southern Atlantic. Again no follow up.
In this manner the truth is told but it is simultaneously hidden.

William R. Cumming

Fred! The only thing still unknown about the Israeli theft was whether it was a "theft"?

William R. Cumming

Jose! The events you mention are closely related IMO!


Grant F. Smith, head of IRMEP, has done some excellent research into these deliberately suppressed scandals.


People like him are (A)IPAC's worst nightmare.



You have suggested previously that this and other transfers were really US covert transfers government to government. This is simply untrue. Governments of a certain size and capability do not function that way. If one or more US administrations wished to support Israeli development of nuclear weapons the president would have approved a classified "finding" under the National Security Acts to that end. The CIA would then as the executive agent under the law have arranged the transfer of materials and/or technology directly from US government controlled stacks and knowledge under the control of the US National labs and US government controlled industrial installations like Hanford and Oak Ridge. There would be no need or desirability In skulking around using shell companies organized by Zionist Americans and Israeli clandestine agents. The mere fact that the latter is what happened insures that the US government did not approve. That makes these transfers to be crimes under federal law. An example of how this normally works was the manner in which US materiel was transferred to Iran in the Iran-Contra Affair. In that case the CIA came to DoD with the "finding" in hand and a committee in DoD of which I was a member arranged the transfers out of DoD stocks. the actual transfer was made using CIA proprietary aircraft in a neutral country. pl

William R. Cumming

Thanks PL for the background info! N.B. In the US government neither DoD nor CIA controls the stockpiles of fissile material and that is by law.



"neither DoD nor CIA controls the stockpiles of fissile material and that is by law." Irrelevant. CIA would have received custody of the material under the authority of the "finding" from whomever. If there is a law that insures that such a transfer cannot be legally made under that authority then that is further proof that the transfers that took place were illegal. pl


I have read several places that John Kennedy was adamantly against Israel being allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

Anyone know if this was true?


That is not correct.



Here is a letter JFK sent to PM Ben Gurion. JFK did not want Israel to develop nuclear weapons because he was afraid of proliferation and he wanted to send inspectors to Dimona. The tone of the letter was civil but JFK was angry at Israel for wanting to pursue nuclear weapons.


William R. Cumming

Based on the info I have this is accurate!

William R. Cumming

Perhaps you misunderstand me! I believe the transfers were illegal! But the US government and its officialdom has and will conduct illegal activities from time to time. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

When I retired in October 1999 over 26,000 Bivens type cases were in federal courts for US officials violating the Constitutional rights of US citizens. Bivens was a case where 6 ATF agents broke down the door and beat up a suspect. Whatever the legal merits of that event they had the wrong address.


People like him are a treasure, but need to keep their eyes peeled. The people he is unmasking can't be happy about what he publishes.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Optimax.

robt willmann

IRMEP, the Institute for Research Middle East Policy, held a conference back on 7 March 2014 to Reassess the U.S.-Israel Special Relationship. Surprisingly, it was broadcast live by the C-Span television network, but unfortunately on C-Span 3, which I don't think has the audience of C-Span 1 or 2. It has been re-broadcast on C-Span, but only once on C-Span 1 and the rest of the time on C-Span 3.

You can watch the whole conference on a computer on the C-Span video archive, and can listen to the audio from the conference website or download the audio to listen to elsewhere, including while driving. You can get to that information most easily at the conference web page, at which you can click and link to the C-Span video and listen to or download the audio files--


There were six panels of speakers, including some who formerly worked for the U.S. Government: Paul Pillar and several others, among them M.E. "Spike" Bowman, who had a career in the Navy, mainly in Naval Intelligence, and then at the FBI. Bowman said he worked on every major espionage case from 1979-2009, including on Jonathan Pollard, and he was the primary author of the affidavit that resulted in the judge giving Pollard a life sentence.

Given the experience of the speakers, it is a worthwhile program to listen to, and since the audio is available and can be downloaded, listening is easy.

William R. Cumming

robt willman! Thanks for this important link!

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