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31 March 2014


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Marcy K

Pollard's only value as an intelligence asset was his US citizenship and security clearance at the Office of Naval Intelligence. This made it possible for him to lay his hands on classified documents, mostly concerning the USSR, and remove them from the facility so that his Israeli government handlers could photograph them before he returned them to ONI. He did not choose the documents. Some other or others in the US Government who were Israeli agents within the US government provided titles and serial numbers of documents within the classified library of ONI. Pollard's present value to the Israelis and Zionists generally is that he has become a national hero for them, a Nathan Hale like figure who chose to side with "his own people" against the goyim, in this case other Americans. There will be a massive celebration in Israel when this "hero" is returned to them. pl



IMO, Pollard should be delivered to the street in front of the Israeli embassy in DC while riding in a US Marshals' van, still handcuffed and in an orange prison jumpsuit. There the Israeli ambassador should be required to sign for the prisoner while cameras watch. This, of course, will not happen. pl




Allen Thomson


Assume that these Pollard reports are somewhat accurate but the Administration doesn't want to take the heat for actually and visibly releasing him. Then could the WH just quietly inform Israel that the government will keep out of the parole hearing next year? Apparently Pollard has been a model prisoner and could get a good-conduct release in November 2015, especially if there were no objections brought forth...

John Adamson


"Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Occupied Government (abbreviated as ZOG) is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime.[1]"

If we let him go, this Wikipedia entry deserves serious consideration. It would be the last straw.


John Minnerath

What can be said? More disgraceful behavior by unconscionable power mongers in the country we've seen for the last several years.
I fear we're digging a very deep hole.


Hi Pat,
For a time while in DIA, I had the duty of reviewing his letters from prison to ensure they did not contain classified information. They did not but the did reveal a deranged delusional state on mind. If there is any plus out of this its that Israel will need to expend some (limited) resources on his psychiatric care. And any public utterances he makes will likely prove to be embarrassing for Israel. Small consolation.


Amazing indeed!

Earlier this morning I read on NPR the following headline:

"Reports: U.S., Israel Discussing Release Of American Spy"

Initially I scratched my head. Why would the US release an American Spy. Aren't spies identified by the country they are spying for? Like Russian Spy, or Chinese Spy or, in this case Israeli Spy?

Then, Oh, it's Pollard. It's a very strange headline.

David Habakkuk


Actually, it’s not entirely off topic. The friend whom I think you mean, David Ganz, is actually not Jewish. His father, Peter Ganz, was not Jewish by religion, but an agnostic brought up as Lutheran.

He made it here in 1939, after spending six weeks in Buchenwald following Kristallnacht. As an ‘enemy alien’ he was interned on the Isle of Man, and, according to the version he gave to his children and their friends, after he was released spent the rest of the war digging trenches in the Pioneer Corps.

In 1996, the archives of transcripts of bugged conversations by senior German officers held at Trent Park were declassified – although nobody appears to have noticed this treasure trove until a German historian called Sönke Neitzel came across them at the Public Record Office five years later.

Only after Peter Ganz’s death the following year did I discover that what he told us was untrue, and only recently has a fuller picture begun to become clear to me.

Until 1943, however much they might have wanted to fight, ‘enemy aliens’ were not allowed out of the Pioneer Corps. One unforeseen benefit of this was that when the Trent Park bugging operation ran into problems due to a lack of people with the requisite fluency in colloquial German, they were able to draft in some of the brightest of the ‘enemy aliens’ – including Peter Ganz.

As I also only learned after his death, his father had distinguished himself in the Imperial German Army in the First World War. As a refugee in England, Peter Ganz married an (ethnically) English girl.

When I knew him, he was a scholar of medieval German literature – a major interpreter of German culture to successive generations of Oxford undergraduates. Approaching the official retirement age, he gave up a professorship at Oxford to go back to work in Germany.

My friend’s brother wrote a radio play based on the history of parents. Two moments I remember from it, both having to do with the German émigré trying to explain matters to his English girlfriend. In one, he talks about arriving at Buchenwald, seeing all the different Jews who were being imprisoned there, and reflecting that they had nothing in common. In another, he talks about the German word ‘Heimat’.

It may not be immediately clear why this venture in autobiography could have relevance to the current thread. So perhaps I can spell it out. Peter Ganz was an intractable and sometimes impossible man. But he kept faith with the country of his birth, Germany, and the country in which he found refuge, Britain – even to the extent of allowing his children to believe that he had spent the war digging trenches.

The contrast with Pollard, both with his personality and history, and with the attitudes of Zionists both in Israel and the United States, to him, seems to me of some interest.



The article says Pollard’s spying was “still modest by Snowden standards”.

Just what else did Snowden steal? The liberals who back BHO think Snowden is a hero, why are they silent – along with Mr. Hope and Change – on the damage Snowden did - as well as Pollard? It’s like saying Charles Manson killing spree was small by Ted Bundy’s standards.

Edward Amame

Isn't Pollard up for parole soon?


not strange if one realizes who rules at NPR


Col. Lang,

And it's not as though we haven't "seen this movie" before. In 2009, Salon's Joe Conason suggested that Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich was Israel's price for peace talks--Clinton badly wanted an agreement for his legacy. Conason writes, in part, "Following weeks of preparation by Clinton, the last round of serious peace talks opened in Taba, Egypt, on Jan. 21, 2001, the day after he signed the Rich pardon. Those negotiations eventually failed, yet they came closer to achieving a workable settlement than any before or since." http://www.salon.com/2009/01/16/holder_4/

In July 2013, Blogger Philip Weiss at Mondoweiss dismissed out of hand Conason's theory of a peace-talks quid pro quo, but provides a chilling write-up of AIPAC's reach (already well-known to regular readers of your blog) at http://mondoweiss.net/2013/07/clinton-and-israel-the-marc-rich-story.html



Not parole, time off for good behavior. pl


It's standard operating procedure for countries to try to retrieve their spies, not because of future usefulness but past services rendered and also to demonstrate that you don't leave your people twisting in the wind.

Obama isn't the first president to flirt with the idea of releasing Pollard to the Israelis. The resistance to releasing him has come from the intelligence community, not the politicians. And if the intelligence people put their collective foot down again and stymie any alleged plans to make a deal, he won't be the last president to do so.



what you say about the need to retrieve assets is true but in this case it is further strengthened by Pollard's status as a Zionist hero. pl



The people over at Commentary and National Review have not infrequently referred to NPR as National Palestinian Radio. Such is the divide.


Small change for the Ketchup Prince.
He WILL get his Nobel prize.
Are all you Obama voters REALLY surprised a this turn?


Let me correct my assumption. The Israelis didn't do their usual begging. According to the Wall St Journal, WE offered up the Pollard "incentive":

"The statement by White House press secretary Jay Carney threw a damper on 24 hours of negotiations between Messrs. Kerry and Netanyahu in which the U.S. brought a surprise offer to release the agent from his life sentence.

Two officials familiar with the negotiations said that under the arrangement Mr. Pollard, who was convicted of espionage in 1985, was to be released in mid-April "before Passover." The move was to free the former Navy intelligence officer after decades behind bars.

In return, Israel would go ahead with the prisoner release, whose delay was becoming a stumbling block. Israel also agreed to release another group of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners at its own discretion in the future, the officials said."


The whole story is worth reading.

Where does our desperation come from?



I continue to believe that McCain and the candidate member of the council of the 12 would have been worse. Obama has not kissed a lot of Zionist ass yet. We will see what he does about his. How about forming a common front with your fellow Americans, gentile and Jew against the excessive influence of this Lilliputian tribalist state? pl

FB Ali

Col Lang,

Is it possible that the continued Israeli efforts to free Pollard are to ensure that he doesn't name the senior American official who supplied him with the links to the documents that he copied?



"the former Navy intelligence officer" Pollard was never a "naval intelligence officer." The worm would not have been commissioned. He was a civil service employee of the Department of the Navy. If you do mot know the difference I assure you that there is one. pl


FB Ali

An interesting thought but I think he never knew their identities. pl


My guess is that it is retaliation for Bogie Yalon's comments a couple weeks ago. What better way to beat up Israel without getting retaliation from AIPAC.

I am sure there will be lots of Administration crocodile tears when it turns out that no deal is possible.


ask what Hillary will get. I think we have moved on to the next game.

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