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31 March 2014


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William R. Cumming

AM! Thanks for the link! See also Lawfare.com blog!


All. Western media now omits important information such as American support for the coup in Kiev or that the Turkish tapes indicate that John Kerry dropped off an updated plan for a no fly zone over Syria this month; after the bombing campaign was rejected by UK Parliament and Americans last August. Israel and its supporters control America’s foreign policy and Governor Chris Christie.

A Clinton Bush presidential race insures that the forever wars continue and it documents that government by and for the people is dead. An elite dynasty rules. All Empires are similar, they rise and fall; except, ours has not required actual Eunuchs, yet, as it falls apart.


It was a $7B election. I doubt it was a bet - more likely an investment.


Her butt is not that big. Since when have we chosen our presidents by the size of their asses?
Is that really what is important to you?

Alba Etie

Ah yes a prescribed burn to take away the dead wood and renew our 'political ecosystem " as our Founders intended ..

different clue

The question is: does America "have" an Empire?
Or is America "is" an Empire? If America "is" an Empire then we have a problem. How to return America to a pre-Empire state?

Mark Logan

It's a bit disconcerting that Christie seems unaware "it's over." What's he going to run on? The best review his administration of NJ can now hope to attain is "hot mess".

Great Man Syndrome?


Yes, the returns are sky high:


Time for me to officially leave the democratic party. I wonder what wonderful BS the president is going to spew out in Ann Arbor Wednesday.


What's their plan? To add 4900 million from taxpayer money to those 100 million from Adelson and use it all in a montypythonesque plan to give back Alaska to Russia?



What makes you think the costs are in the billions. My guess is the low millions. The dumb asses in DC sell themselves (and us)for peanuts.


I don't know about us lacking Eunuchs.

I would say the legislative and judicial branches of the US government have more than their fair share.


@ Andrew

Perhaps he already has.



Ol Sheldon is a big pusher of the amnesty treason as well.

Can't turn your back for one second on these fools before they're trying to sell the Republic for a few more shekels.


Yeah cause Carter was such a joy to behold.

If you were paying attention instead of knee jerking RETHUGLICAN BAAAAD you'd realize the beginning of the end was Wilson. If only the preacher had stayed in Princeton.


On a more serious note, have you noticed the corporate MSM's almost suicidal adherence to the sometimes standard story lines, which are obviously far off the mark, plus their common habit of omitting key facts, if those facts don't agree with their version of the truth.

But they never the less, adhere to this common formula, even when they are losing buckets of money because of it. CNN.NYT,or the Atlanta Newspaper on a regional base come immediately to mind. All of this goes against standard capitalist theory of running a business, even a news oriented business.

Kind of makes an old propagandist like myself, wonder at this point who really owns these news organizations, and if their first goal is even making a profit.Guess, I am just an old paranoid.


But as of now - and they don't mind you watching or turning your back - they're buying the Rs and Ds for a lot of Shekels. The ritual chastising of Christie underlines the extent of their influence.

Three words: Campaign finance reform.

Alba Etie

R Whitman
Mr Adelson losing 90 million dollars on MR Gingrinch was chump change for Mr Adelson . The Macau gamblimg operation literally prints money .


You are absolutely right Nancy.

We have already had several presidents, who were huge asses.

Hillary would probably turn out to be a twofer. Although if it comes down to her are the Bush crime family….who knows?

Emperor quality control, just goes to hell at the end. What's a former republic to do?


They forego these profits in the name of public service -- and they really do service the public.


Chris Christie – pensions are “entitlement” Just like Detroit is gettting screwed in a ‘bi-partisan’ effort to eliminate obligations to those who have already fullfilled their obligation of years of work for a pension. American in New Jersey arenext, because there are millionaires to whom obligations are owed. In Detroit pensions are getting cut – so that the ‘Emergency’ financial manger, who has been appointed by the Governor to rule over the elected city council members, can ensure that oligarch billionaire Michael Illych recieves 180,000,000 in taxes for his hockey arena – because surely that tax revenue can’t pay ‘entitlements’, it is the Oligarch to whom we owe ‘obligations’, not retirees.


Medicine Man

It really is remarkable how thin skinned those donors are, isn't it? Christie used the wrong phrase -one phrase- and they jumped on his neck.


Vile people are sensitive to the truth, it exposes their self made mask.

Dr. K

I only speak about my history. Try speaking to yours.

Dr. K

I didn't realize you spoke Hebrew.

Dr. K

I think the "they"s just exposed the ignorance of Christie. He can't even beg correctly.

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