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31 March 2014


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Rand Paul will be tolerated and even slyly promoted for awhile. In order to keep us provincials under the delusion,that we actually have a choice in the matter of who is the new Emperor/President.

However, in the end the controlling elites will in one way or the other destroy Paul's candidacy, and the Bush crime family's second son will miraculously emerge to claim the nomination.

Then we will have a choice between rolly poly Jeb and massively butted Hillary, both just flip sides of the same coin. After all it is late in the day in the empire, and Zion will be served.

Bill H

A bit off topic, but... I'm not saying that John Kerry losing was not altogether a bad thing, as the man is a complete dud, but as much as the Democrats loathed the Swiftboating technique used on him, they are certainly quick to use it on Chris Christie.

Republicans had better come up with about a dozen candidates in secret and make them all public at once, because "outing them" one by one is resulting in a Democratic death machine that has learned its task well.

William R. Cumming

ALL: Whatever your politics. whether your Presidential candidate's most recent experience was Congress or Statehouse the quality of their staff selections in those jobs is IMO a crucial predictor of possible [probable?] success in the Presidency.


If Bush had been impeached for serious high crimes and misdemeanors (along with Cheney so there was no danger of a Cheney presidency) we would not be stuck with the Obama disaster and honest and decent people might be contemplating a run for the highest office in the land. Obama certainly has crossed the line by promoting an even more vicious unitary executive rule-by-decree government. Some in Congress are beginning to stand up for the Constitution and a few have even dared broach the issue of impeachment. The Founders envisioned an impeachment of a president once every generation, because they were aware of the awesome powers they were giving the Executive even with the Congressional and Judicial checks and balances. They feared tyranny and dictatorship as much as they also feared the tyranny of democracy and pure majority rule. The system is the best ever conceived, but it is dependent on the men and women who hold elected office and the citizens that give them that responsibility to live up to the standards of constitutional rule. The failure to use the weapon of impeachment has been a grave failure and it leaves us in the current predicament. It is a sorry state of affairs, three years before the next presidential election, for decent and well-informed people to be writing it off as a pre-ordained contest between Jeb and Hillary. A little more impeachment and a little less family dynastic politics would be one sure fire cure for what ails our political system.


I am sure that with a bit of time even Rand Paul will discover his grandma' was Golda Meir and that Jerusalem is the capital of the western world.


I have been on the lookout for recent photos of Jeb. Figure the outward and mainfest sign of his being selected for the POTUS Otiosus pageant, will be a makeover [weight loss and a face lift].

stanley henning

Are we beginning to see the demise of America? I feel sad beyond belief at what I am seeing.

stanley henning

At least China is governed by Chinese!


likewise family dynamic: cringing wives, meek offspring, and obedient dogs.

steve g


The power of the "unitary executive" and
the subsequent abuses has proceeded at an
exponential rate since the lapsing of the
special prosecuter IMO. Of course it was
politicized more and more toward the end
of its usage think Clinton " I did not have
sex with that woman." It did perform as in-
tended during Watergate and a lesser extent
during Iran-Contra. Bush 2 used signing
statements to abrogate or minimize the impact
of legislation he was not in total agreement.
Agree Obama has made it worse with his executive
order threats. Do you think the special pros-
ecutor should be revisited or is the political
climate such it would never be re-enacted?


"Get your Xss off the Beach?"
how about
"Get your Xss out of the West Bank?"
not from the fat boy.

Charles 1

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Sir Winston Churchill, Speech in November 1942


The sorry state of judiciary is the biggest problem today. This is such a painful example: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/fighting_the_militarized_state_20140330

Judge Katherine Forrest stood courageously for the Constitution (in contrast to the servile, actually treasonous 2nd Circle), but there is very little hope that formalization into the Soviet-era-kind judiciary is going to be postponed


Funny how the television news media described the Republican Jewish Conference sponsors as major Republican power brokers and glanced over Christie's "occupied territories" gaffe.....
would have loved to hear his private meeting with Adelson.....



If you are still around for the final curtain call, your sadness will rapidly become exquisite pain of several different types.


Here we go.... http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/31/us-israel-palestinian-talks-idUSBREA2U17L20140331


The problem is that the returns on intelligent investing in American politicians are so stratospherically high. For a few billion dollars, Israel dominates Americas Middle East policy space.

We should not be surprised. Tony Judt observeed that Jewish communities have a very long history of seeking the protection of monarchs. The question then becomes, if not America, who?

William R. Cumming

Harper! Thanks for this comment! ALL should know that the "incumbency" party rules no matter party affiliation. No rocking the boat they all swim in IMO!

William R. Cumming

Stanley! Perhaps a pre-revolutionary stage? Or as I believe PL once suggested perhaps just a melting away of coherency in the American system. NOT WITH A BANG BUT A WHIMPER?

different clue

"Impeachment is off the table."
-Nancy Pelosi

Dr. K

You need to go back to Nixon. That's when the legislative branch dropped the ball.

Dr. K

That began in 1984. If you were paying attention.

Dr. K

Sorry my math was wrong. 1981 with Reagan.

r whitman

Adelson is the king of the gambler-losers. He bet 90 million dollars on Gingrich and Romney in the last election. They are now American "non-persons". Republicans and Zionists would do well to not be one of Adelsons favorites with a track record like that.


I think we should all take Rand seriously.

- Eliot

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