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10 March 2014


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So the Saudis are learning the same lesson that the Pakistanis (another group not as clever as they think they are):
Lie down with dogs, get fleas.


This story, the story about China drawing the line in Korea, and Putin's putting the brakes on Obama's expansion/interference, to me signifies that there has been a tectonic shift in affairs. Add the tenuous U.S. economic position and enormous albatross that is the debt, and I get a feeling that the U.S.' world is about to implode. How that shakes out is anyone's guess, but I do get the sense that we are on the verge of something earth-shattering - on the lines of the fall of the Wall in 1989.



I don't understand one aspect of their policy. Surely, they MUST know they're playing with sharp tools and are liable to cut themselves in their sponsership of Jihadi groups in Lebanon, Syria Iran and their naked attempt at bribing Russians(we'll buy your hardware weapons).

Why do they need someone else to come and tell it to them? They do know their position is always precarious and they're targets by their own Sunni fringe groups. Why do this at all? They don't have an army worth the minimal discipline to hold their country together, why go after Iran/Iraq internal affairs? Isn't the army managed by Pakistani officers?

Why do this, when the simplest of activity, the elimination of key members of the royal family can bring about complete halt to SA?


"Saudi Arabia turns away from the jihadis in Syria."

The Saudis now support the "Islamic Front" in Syria which silently cooperates with Jabhat al-Nusra and other nefarious outlets.

I have yet to see that the new "Islamic Front" is any less "Jihadis" than the now Saudi banned groups.

As for Bandar. I was sure after the Russians leaked Bandar's threat to attack the Olympics in Sochi that they would find serious ways to kick the Saudis a**. I do not know how they did it but it had the desired effect.



The Saudi believe their own BS like so many in the world. pl

William R. Cumming

The Saudis rolled the dice and lost! Will the US give Bandar asylum and let him enjoy his Vail mansion?


Mr. Lang,
"Both the Russians and the Iranians have had serious discussions with King Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz on the subject of possible severe retribution for continuation of support for such groups"

I wonder if Bandar really thought he could threaten Putin, Russia, with unleashing Jihadis on the Sochi games, without consequences.

I didn't imagine the Russians to take that lightly. They must have made their point quite forcefully. I read stories how the Russians persuaded some of the Lebanese factions that kidnapping Russians was a really stupid thing to do.

They spoke softly and carried a big stick?

Apparently, probably for the sheer fun of stick wielding, speaking softly has become unfashionable in the US, certainly with Kerry and his troupe, not to mention that the Bushmen didn't like speaking softly either, alas ...

As to Bandar and his apparent fall from grace -, good, and good riddance.



From personal experience I can tell you that Bandar has a Saudi ego but on steroids. pl



We should find some excuse to put him in Gitmo. pl


b and confusedponderer,

There was a report of panic buying in Riyadh after the story of the Putin-Bandar meeting was made public, suggesting that Russia would retaliate on them if any thing happened in Sochi.



Are Saudi citizens allowed to own firearms?



Those who hold Saudi passports are not citizens (muwatineen) They are subject of the king in a country that has no civil law and no constitution. "Our law is sharia." and it is Hanbali sharia as well. So far as I know, only carefully vetted civilians are allowed firearms as well as the armed forces, police, national guard. pl



The Saudis pull back from the Sunni/Shiite Jihad is another “The World Turned Upside Down” event. Too bad the American leader won’t fire the Prince Bandar’s regime change compatriots; Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers.

As soon as it is clear that the Assad Regime survives and that Crimea is permanently annexed to Russia; the “hew and cry” about who lost Syria and Ukraine will rain down on the Democrats. This more than anything will restart the Cold War and may well destroy mankind; unless, there is a clean sweep in DC.

Thanks again for your intelligence and guts. I always feel compelled to add something to your posts; but, by comparison, I write like a retired one trick pony.


Thank you.

I was curious because I read were the Brotherhood had support in the middle classes that this recent declaration might force their hand.

I should have known better, King = subjects.

Martin Oline


Thanks for this post. It is the best news I've read in a long long time.

The beaver


He sold it in 2012 to Paulson, the Hedge Fund subprime short seller for $49M ( from the 2006 asking price of $135M)

William R. Cumming

PL! Perhaps foreknowledge of 9/11?

Alba Etie

Col Lang
Is there any evidence thus far that might suggest BHO is also backing away from the SA 's and its jihadi supporting Elites ?

Peter C

If memory serves me right Bandar and Bush enjoyed a visit at the White House on 9-12-2001 while the Pentagon smoldered. Isn't true the Saudi Consulate in D.C. is one of the largest and most opulent of the Consulates.


Good. The Saudis just realized that they, being a rational enough country, should start thinking for themselves.

Events of the past few days, where diplomats in the EU and US have been raving incoherently about Russia, after raving incoherently about Syria, after raving incoherently about Sudan (etc) may have finally helped make up their minds

FB Ali

Bandar appears to be gone, but it is not yet clear how much of a pullback this is from his policies. It is quite possible that this shift is due to some realignment in the jockeying for the succession to the throne. It may well be a significant pulling in, with a restoration to primacy of the main policy goal of the royal family, ie, preservation of their rule.

The serious (and publicly manifested) opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood indicates an attempt at a close alignment with Sisi's Egypt. This could be a pointer -- Sisi appears to be dead set against all jihadis.


One would wish the neocons got that memo, considering with whom they've habitually been rubbing shoulders with against their enemies of choice.

MEK, Beluchi Jihadis against Iran, Jihadis from the Caucasus nagainst Russia (some of those live in the US, unpestered), airplane bombers against Cuba (lives unmolested in the US), the various Jihadis against Assad and so forth.

Anybody does, as documented in the photographs taken during the travels of the mandman John McCain.

To him the probably primary problem with the Boston bombers is that they, fools that they are, didn't blow off their bombs in Russia.


My ex sister in law used to be friends with one of the Prince's daughters. He is like many in the royal family. Outwardly they claim to be pious, but their person live's are much different. He was the Ambassador for Saudi, yet his favourite drink was Johnny Walker Blue Label. Only the best if you are going to drink eh?

Their law is Shari'a but it only applies to those who dont have wasta (connections) or reshwa (money for bribes). It is more properly called a "cleptocracy" in that the ruling family fleeces the nation completely.



IMO there really is no such "beast" as the Saudi people. The inhabitants are a mélange of Beduin tribesmen, townsmen from all over the Islamic world and east coast Shia who in the main do not physically resemble the rest of the population. The state is called SAUDI Arabia for good reason. This is a family owned property and the family treat the other inhabitants with a certain amount of contempt. As I wrote earlier, Saudi passport holders do not have the franchise in any meaningful way, have no real civil rights except for those given than in sharia and are not free to be anything the regime does not want them to be. SA is a police state in which generalized surveillance is norm. it is an awful place. pl

Babak Makkinejad

There is no "nation" in Saudi Arabia - it is a very religiously heterogeneous place with non-existent social trust among the various population groups.

I think that in the Western sense of the word "nation" - a Folk - there are only a few "Nations" existing as a state in the lands of Islam - Morocco, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Senegal are those that come to my mind.

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