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02 March 2014


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Ishmael Zechariah


Thanks for the link. I had missed this one.

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, the Empire of Ashoka...



Your welcome.

Ishmael Zechariah

"Ashoka, the Mauryan Emperor, looked at the bodies strewn around the smashed city, and at the Daya River that ran red with blood. He was surveying the damage that his army had inflicted on the recalcitrant Kalinga region. About 100,000 civilians were dead, as well as 10,000 of Ashoka's soldiers.

Far from feeling the glorious rush of victory, Ashoka felt sick and saddened. He vowed that never again would he rain down death and destruction on other people..."

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

Ishmael Zechariah :

Ashoka repented.

Has the Turkish Republic repented?

I think not.

At a minimum, per Muslim Law, the Turkish state must pay compensation to the Pontic Greeks for the losses in their property and businesses and additionally blood money to the Armenians.

Per the recent change in the Laws of Spain, a further act of Turkish parliament would be to restore citizenship to the descendants of the Pontic Greeks and Armenians.

Of course, that is not going to happen.

Tow wrongs do not a right make.

Ishmael Zechairah

Dr. Makkinejad,

This provides tragicomic relief from a possibly imminent nuclear exchange between the two Great Powers, but here we go:

1-You keep shifting positions. My question had the magic word "uniformly". Once you have secured all you want, it is easy to "repent" and become a "liberal". Scipio also cried when he watched Carthage burn (again, the Aneid).

2-Has Iran "repented" per your definition and paid up to the kin of those 18 straw filled heads @ the link I posted previously?

3-Turkey, as a secular republic, does not obey Islamic law. If we have our way, it will NEVER obey the medieval nonsense called "islamic law".

4-What makes you think that we hold your idea of "right" to be the "right"? Is using 200 foreskins of your enemies to pay for a bride "right"?

You might have more leverage trying to fix Iran. The "revolutionary guard" may need some civilizing.


Ishmael Zechariah

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