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16 March 2014


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Carpooling to work the driver almost took us off road at hearing her bring up separation of powers in light of what this administration has been doing.


I think the correct term is neoliberal...pretty relaxed on the social issues and completely into regulatory capture,control fraud and corporate sponsorship of government. It's all about the money. She would be turning tricks in Adams Morgan if her corporate sponsors asked her to. That being said...the push back on the CIA, while good, is a day late and a dollar short. And the hubris has to exceed that of Achilles...

John Minnerath

Sorry, can't go the "good" hypocrisy.
She's a dangerous ideologue and always has been.



"Good hypocrisy." Just trying to be nice. pl

different clue

If her offendedness in this case leads to some surveillance reign-in and control, then her hypocrisy could end up truly beneficial and not just good.

Alba Etie

I respect your opinion very much , though often we will disagree- But I join you in supporting separation of powers -full stop . What is your opinion of the black sites , torture programs that the CIA operated , or apparently may still be operating ? I believe strongly that they were/ are counterproductive and do great damage to our own institutions. We hung Japanese Generals for waterboarding after WW 2.


Precisely what Japanese Generals were hung for the crime of just water boarding?

It seems to me my old asia hand daddy, used to mention the Japanese propensity for a little more lethal ( while inherently non productive ) things like beheading.

Like me,I suspect several other people on this blog have been subject to a little bit of the water board. So what? A day or two later, I was back in Newport Beach chasing women, and driving a 911 too fast. I'm sorry to dispel your myth, but neither I nor my mates at the time suffered any consequences from The HORRIBLE, OH SO HORRIBLE WATER BOARD.

It is uncomfortable as hell, yes. But it is not even remotely like being hooked up to electric wires or having your nails and teeth pulled out. Get a life, instead of mouthing liberal talking points.



Her words deserved to be spoken long,long ago. What really matters though are her actions. And the actions of those other legislators in fighting to regain their control over the intelligence and security services. So far, there have been no actions whatsoever. I find it exceedingly hard to believe that Fienstein is a new Wellstone or Fiengold. Much less a Mike Gravel.

William R. Cumming

ALL: Congress and its members have no original classification authority but they can do and must derivatively classify from time to time. All elected members of Congress have secret level clearances without full BIs.

J.Edgar Hoover held power so long in Washington because of his files and loaning FBI to favored Memebers of Congress. Anything different today would be a surprise.



My father always stressed that he thought the executions of Homma and Yamashita for planning and waging aggressive war and atrocities against prisoners in the Philippines were unjust since neither had any direct control over what happened to allied POWs and the first charge is just revenge. Since he had served 14 years in he islands, he had a dog in that fight. Like you I thought the experience of waterboarding in training was annoying but not more than that. pl




I'm still waiting for her colleague, the Honorable Deborah Stabenow, soon to be senior senator from Michigan, to introduce and vote in support of, legislation to overturn the military commissions act of 2006.

Edward Amame

Feinstein may be a lot of things, but all along she was opposed to US torture practices during the Bush years. Unlike Obama, Feinstein's not rolling over for the CIA. She says she wants an official public accounting of our Bush-era torture program. If that's what we get, good for her.


Highlande, with respect, there is a difference between being waterboarded at a "code of conduct" course when you already know the outcome is benign and the real thing. Hope you enjoyed the 911. I spent yesterday driving a sportscar - my back told me not to do it again last night.


Col. Lang, my Father was in Manilla when the Japanese marched in and that day watched one officer beat a twelve year old Philipino boy to death for laughing at the way they marched.

Dad called the Japanese "the worlds largest tribe" and was ambivalent towards them to his death. Their treatment of prisoners derived from Bushido. The ones we captured that he interrogated in New Guinea expected the same treatment from us - or to be given Australian uniforms and weapons and made to fight on our side - which they could be required to do under Bushido.

The ones he had a hand in investigating and hanging after the war were directly responsible for ordering and organising executions of prisoners and interned civilians


Look at the weathered, angry, mean face of MS. Senator Feinstein. This is the face of person who has spent the last 60 or so years in the "SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE" in relatively low paying public service jobs. Yet some how, rather miraculously she has managed to accumulate a personal fortune in her own name of approximately $100,000,000 . US Federal Reserve certified.( the bank of" we the people", don't you believe it?)

She is no different from the Russian oligarchs, just runs her scam a little differently. Yet, the formerly cool state of California reelects this ancient scum bag over and over again. And in the red states, the red necks can't wait to vote "The Bush Crime Family" back into office.

The good ole USA is like MH 370, all is well folks, we are passing thru 33,000 feet for 35,000 feet, and getting ready to tell Ho Chi Minh Flight Control, Good Morning.


A month or so later the mistake was made to run a bunch of Navy Seals thru the same E and E course, which included the water boarding. The SEALS captured the course compound from the instructors, and spent the day water boarding the instructors. It was during Vietnam, the Navy needed SEALS more than E and E instructors, so no foul.

Yea, my 911 back, and ejection seat back departed a long time ago. I am afraid I am reduced to Silverrado pick ups and sailplanes.



So two years into President Obama's second term she's still "wanting" a public accounting of the Bush-era torture program? She is the Intelligence Committee Chair, she's had half a decade to subpoena anyone she needed to and have them testify in open session in front of the committee.

William R. Cumming

Highlander! Yes you are correct in that both Russian and USA oligarchs almost completely sympatico! Shared culture and operating style.

Edward Amame

Yes Fred. We are waiting, but not because the Senate Intel hasn't done it's job. They produced a 6,000+ page torture report in 2012 that made the CIA very unhappy and that will be made public eventually, once the WH finally finishes declassifying it.

Richard Armstrong

We call the Plutarchs of Russia gangsters and we call ours Job Creators. Theirs are reviled and ours are promoted as heroes we should all aspire to become.

Vida a la revolución!


Feinstein only expressed outrage when it began to be publicly noticed that the CIA was spying on her and her committee. Prior to that she has been a champion of the expansion of surveillance. Her concern may be about separation of powers, but it seems more that she expected to be an exception to the rules the rest of us labor under. She is right in her outrage, and it may well benefit the rest of us. But we deserve far better elected representatives, and ones that take the Constitution much more seriously.

Alba Etie

I respect your opinion and service. - I could surmise that perhaps you are somehow associated with the SERE /BUDT training since you drive around Newport Beach , Ca chasing woman. I can only guess because I have never been in the military . But I do try to keep up with current affairs. If you were interested you might want to go look over R.John Pritchard work Tokyo War Crimes Trial. There Japanese General Officers executed for water boarding after WW 2.
A nigger and more urgent question for me is whether or not the CIA operated black sites after 911 that would include electric wires & tooth extractions . The point I was hoping to make is that We the People need to see the 6600 page Pannetta Report regarding the black sites to put the allegations of torture to rest once & for all . There is good reason under Constitution to pursue the release of the report - we need robust oversight of our Executive Branch by the Senate. Maybe you heard of this Highlander its called Checks & Balances , Separation of Powers .
I would also refer you to former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan as to why torture in genral not only rots our Collective Soul , but also does nothing to further actionable intelligence for the Shooters- .

Alba Etie

Maybe Sen Rand Paul would be a different candidate for the GOP to run ,. And I would take one exception to the Bush Crime Family reference . Bush Sr actually tried to build consensus , and look after our collective Comity . In fact during the S & L Scandal he sent many of the financial fraudsters to jail . But fully agree that all the CongressCritters amass great wealth while serving . Thats exactly why the Farm Bill keeps getting passed - we are subsidizing them directly even.


Colonel Lang,

Yes Feinstein is a hypocrite and generally a ridiculous person.Howerver, as you note, for whatever reason she does seem to be coming down on the right side of the torture/drone/preservation of powers issues.
On the subject of torture. Torture is a bad thing,both for the people that experience it and the people that inflict it.
A nation or military that inflicts it loses the moral level of War;this is the highest level and ultimately trumps the next levels [mental and physical]. The carefully controlled "harsh" conditions which many of us voluntarily experienced in SERE training was not torture. It was familiarization/exposure to methods that could be used for torture. That was the whole idea! All of the methods used [slapping, shaking, sleep deprivation, exposure to heat/cold, waterboarding, etc]when used more vigorously and for more extended periods of time can be/are methods of torture. A "live fire training course" at The Basic School is actually quite realistic in many ways and is helpful in the training of young officers.It includes some simplified and controlled aspects of combat. However, as many on this Committee can testify, it was not the same as their "baptism of fire" and I have never met a combat veteran that confused the two.

USMC 1965-1972
FBI 1972-1996


Well then we disagree on what needs to be done. A report, whether 6 pages or 6,000, is just a waste of trees. Let me know when Senatory Feinstein decides John Yoo and complany need to go to jail.

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