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09 February 2014


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Alba Etie

We must also remember that "Prime Minister" Cheney often would visit the CIA to make sure that the groundwork for the Iraq misadventure was well laid .
The good news is that We the People may have been inoculated against anymore misbegotten military adventures from the misspent death & destruction in Iraq.



"...any evidence the IC now protected from other Snow"dens?

There are plenty of smart tech savy 20 somethings who 'know better' and/or have an axe to grind. It is the selection, security clearance process and then the actual supervision of such men and women that prevents these people from being hired, or retained. The IC professionals here could enlighten us on that process. But I would say no the IC is not 'protected' from other Snowdens, especially as 'protection' is an ongoing process not a one time event.


A somewhat relevant article on how ignoring intelligence the boss doesn't like is infused into every layer of our government it seems:




" how ignoring intelligence the boss doesn't like is infused into every layer ..."

You can substitute company for government as this is true in the civilian world too.


I am not optimistic. The information infrastructure of the DoD to include the IC relies on imported technology. We face the same problem with weapon system acquisitions where 80% of the functionality of modern platforms is instantiated in software residing on imported chips. The following article is long but sheds some light on the scope of the problem. A nation state adversary that manufactures programmable chips does not even need a Snowden. They just sell us the backdoors.


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