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17 February 2014


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Babak Makkinejad

If the old histories are to be believed; there were 4000 Hafiz-al Quran (Keepers of the Quran) among the soldiers of Al Ma'awiyah fighting Imam Ali.

I suppose history is repeating itself again...

Charles I

Thanks for the SN reference, never heard of it.


CP, your thoughts are very similiar if not identic with the ones by Bacevich in his 'Washington rules' - he calls the american unwillingness to engage with the rest of the world - the 'american provincionalism'. I also see similarities in your comment with the writings of Peter Scholl Latour, who's writings I am sure you know better than me. I am thankful for this post and the great comments. Keep it up - maybe the rulers or their advisors will learn and follow the good sense coming from Colonels blog. For my part, I am spreading the word..

Mark Kolmar

Fred, Col. Lang, FB Ali, others --

If the goal is to remove the threat of individual jihadis and Islamist totalitarianism generally, I simply mean that killing when it's necessary still seems like the last option, and a failure in itself. I agree with the way FB Ali distinguishes between the hardcore, and others who are mixed up in a group or cause. These bad actors would be eliminated as a threat when captured. Others could have the potential to redeem themselves in some way or deprogram, and a few might even be turned into useful assets.


Mark Kolmar

All the jihadis in Syria are hard core. pl

William R. Cumming

Secrecy News is highly regarded on both a bipartisan and non-partisan basis.

Disclosure: Steve and FAS maintain a website for me
concerning Emergency Management and its historical development in the USA in the form of original documents. For a definition of EM see my permanent website at www.vacationlanegrp.com

The FAS/FEMA link is:


My interest in EM has consumed a lifetime of effort as I believe how the world's oldest and richest democracy still existing conveys important messages to the rest of the world. BTW England experiencing several flooding now!



Are you volunteering to do the 'deprogramming' or to guard those you want to do the capturing, sorting and guarding for said deprogramming? I for one don't think that is worth a single American life.

William R. Cumming


Eisenhower and JFK started the ball rolling!

Iran and Viet Nam!

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